5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

by K M

Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Your wedding day will probably remain your happiest and most memorable one. It is therefore understandable that you will go any lengths to make it perfect. Nonetheless, remember that you are only trying to make it perfect, so don’t overdo it, especially when shopping for a wedding dress.

Shopping for a Wedding Dress

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

By avoiding the following five common mistakes most people make, you are on a sure path to making your day memorable in a good way.


#1 Avoid entourage

In order to make an informed choice about the best wedding dress that’s not only gorgeous but one that is also fashionable, you need a second opinion on your dress choice. But this doesn’t mean bringing an entourage to the bridal store.

The last thing you need when making this critical decision is ever one of your companions falling for different dresses. They will confuse and wear you out. Plus you might be forced to settle for something you don’t like simply because you don’t want to disappoint your peers.


#2 Avoid shopping in advance

Last-minute decisions aren’t often well-thought and end up being quite costly, and the case is not any different when it comes to weddings. This is the reason people like shopping for bridal gowns in advance. But shopping for a gown 12 months before the big day isn’t reasonable, as you are likely to either gain or lose weight in the course of this time.


#3 Ensure it fits your current shape

This might be unpopular, but when shopping for a bridal dress, settle with your current size. Or at least what your professional bridal store designer believes fits you best. After all, he is more qualified to handle such matters. Don’t fixate on getting a dress a few inches slimmer as you plan on losing weight before your big day. What if you don’t?


#4 Don’t try 100+ dresses

Given a chance, most people most will try each dress in line. In their eyes, everything looks good, in fashion, aligned to their wedding days color themes and even magically fits their size. These are just signs of overexcitement, and they only bring forth confusion. How do you avoid this?

By walking into the wedding dress store with a sober mind and settling for just a set of the few dresses you like. For instance, settle on about five and no more than ten dresses, try them on to find the right match.


#5 Don’t be swayed by the discounts

No matter how steep or enticing they may get, avoid being lured into buying a gown just because it is heavily discounted. In most cases, the discounted dresses are either samples or others that just don’t move. Some of these have been in the store for ages and tried on by hundreds of would-be buyers.

If you look keenly, you will notice that such dresses are either torn, stained or look used. So by settling on such a wedding gown be sure you are just buying a sample or worse still, everyone else’s reject.


Bottom line

The biggest threat to choosing the right bridal dress is the confusion that’s birthed by overexcitement either from within or from your peers.

Therefore, when shopping for a gown walk into the store with a sober mind, a maximum of two companions, and only try on a limited set of dresses that you all like most.

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