Calla Lily Flower

Calla Lily Flower

Calla Lily Flower, as many other special wedding flowers, is an exotic flower, very sensual, graceful and suggestive. These flowers grow very easily in the garden and caring for them can be very easy.


Native in South Africa, Calla Lilies may represent a perfect choice for your Wedding Bouquet. Callas always provide a grandiose effect with their rich, generous colors and their magnificent trumpet-shaped flowers surrounding with a beautiful nuance of the yellow finger-like stalk.
There are many variations in flowers available in this world but there are only a few flowers who make an impressive impression and that is Calla Lily Flowers. In our earlier days, people use to hesitate for showing care or conveying feelings and rather felt awkward in talking the same; since those days flowers have made things easier in conveying the message.

Calla Lily Meaning

Each flower has a different meaning to it; Calla Lily was famous amongst them and popular because it was basically used to express love/lust a desire for somebody special. With the passing of time, Calla Lily became the significance of purity and faith, it was observed that Calla Lily was majorly used for wedding purpose but nowadays it has become a part of every celebration/occasion.
They have some special feeling attached because of the occasion they are being used. Calla Lilies are in great demand mainly in wedding celebrations. With Calla Lily, the celebration looks so beautiful and charming. Calla Lily is known as a flower of celebration.

Calla Lily Care

Caring for the Calla Lilies may be different than caring for the more colorful sisters, the hybrid calla lilies. For example, White Calla Lilies are semi-quality, and their rhizomes thirst for watering holes.

The other advantages of the White Calla Lilies are:

  • Blossom just 8 weeks after it was planted.
  • Have a very beautiful arrow-shaped foliage.
  • It offers a generous beautiful color range.


Calla Lily vs. Mini Calla Lily

There are two types of Calla Lily one is standard and the other is mini. Usually, it is used for wedding bouquets and other related things. It makes a perfect accessory for wedding arrangements as well as corsages. Having Mini Calla Lily in any wedding arrangement will portray a classic style statement. Not only limited to wedding things Mini Calla Lily has been widely used for pre-wedding ceremonies like bridal showers, post-lunch/dinner parties, rehearsal parties, etc. Before considering any other options you should look out for Calla Lily it just serves the purpose as no other flower arrangement does.

Mini Calla Lily Colors

The Mini Calla Lily can be coupled with rose flowers or can say they look terrific when coupled to the arrangement. Mini Calla Lily is available in colors like pink, white, red, yellow, purple; you can find a good variety of attractive colors and make your occasion feel lively. A local florist can be a good help to this but with it, you can come out with lots of creativity hiring a professional would be a great idea. The not whole arrangement of Mini Calla Lily but just the bouquets will make an impression or using them as a table centerpiece.

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Talking of bouquets, during weddings, the bride would generally like to prefer a traditional bouquet and none other than white Mini Calla Lily would be able to make an impression, which we are finding in bouquets. There’s new to this however an upcoming trend with it- a classic touch to your wedding. Brides are going for more vibrant colors in this flower such as yellow, burgundy. It depends upon the season of a celebration whether it’s summertime or winter or an autumn one, the color combination is generally decided upon seeing the same.
There are many uses to this flower and have no limitations to its creativeness when applied. They can be grown in one’s garden or backyard. Where ever they are used they simply look chic and superb and adds an aura to the occasion.

There are a lot of kinds of Calla Lilies:

Calla Lily “Treasure”



Known as one of the most beautiful wedding flowers of all time, when Calla Lily Treasure is fully open, it is fair to say that it deserves the nickname “The Magnificent Beauty”, which was the meaning of it in the “Victorian Language of Flowers”.

 Calla Lily “Captain Safari”



This beautiful flower provides a stunning bi-color beauty with a bright nuance of orange which is perfect blending with golden-yellow, atop elegant, mid-green, arrow-shaped. Your wedding bouquet will be just “Wow!”.

Calla Lily “Mozart”



Like Mozart himself, Calla Lily Mozart can add gratitude and elegance to your Wedding Bouquet. Since the Art and also Beauty represents an individual perception, it’s reasonable to say that each Calla Lily has its own charm. It has a lovely peach color which blends with a sublime nuance of salmon-pink.

Calla Picasso



Calla Lily Picasso is the artist of any Wedding bouquet. The rosy purple color combined with a beautiful cream-yellow will make your Wedding Bouquet looks like a superstar.


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