How Much to Tip Wedding Vendors

by K M

How Much to Tip Wedding Vendors – Tips on Wedding Tipping


Congratulations—you have set a budget, and so far, have stuck to it! Do you have a nagging feeling that you’ve left out something? You have set aside money for hair and beauty services…check. Limousine service…check. DJ and/or musicians…check. What is missing in your budget may be the estimated tip amounts for these vendors and others who do an exemplary job.

Etiquette demands a reward for many services. The rule of thumb is that you tip for any service that you would most likely tip for at any time, and in an amount comparable to the quality of service. Find out from your vendor if they include a tip in their price. This should be especially considered with the wait and bartending staff.

It will be much easier if your tips are calculated and prepared in labeled envelopes ahead of time. Tips may be delivered just before the vendor leaves or at the end of the party by a designated person, i.e. best man, the father, or friend of the family. In general, 10% to 15% of the bill is adequate. In most cases, the tip to an employee of a company should be given in a separate envelope directly to them.

Vendors to tip

  • DJ – For exceptional service, $100 to $300
  • Bartenders – Ten percent of approximate liquor bill to the head bartender (designate that it is to be divided among bartenders or envelopes for each bartender)
  • Beauty and Hair Services – As you normally would tip
  • Limousine Drivers – Ten percent to 15% given at the end of his or her service
  • Wait Staff – Ask to see if the tip is in the contract. Tip about 15% of the total catering bill
  • Parking Attendants – You may post a sign for guests if you are taking care of the tip, which should be fifty cents to a dollar per car

Optional tipping

  • Your wedding planner/coordinator may have been the saint who made it all happen and deserve another 10% above the bill.
  • If your vendor is the owner of the company, tipping is considered to be optional and based on exemplary service. If your vendor is an employee of the company, the tip is especially appreciated.
  • For ceremony musicians or choir, five dollars per person per hour is adequate. Put the tip in one envelope for the director, and designate that it is to be divided.
  • The banquet or room manager who managed the venue staff may also deserve a tip. Consider any vendor from the photographer to the church altar server who you think deserves extra appreciation.

It’s a great idea to add tips to your budget from the start. It isn’t too late if you forgot! Adjust your budget now, so you’re not surprised later.

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