Tips for Picking The Perfect Wedding Videographer

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Wedding Videographer Near Me

Wedding Videographer Near Me

Selecting a Videographer for Your Wedding Day

Picking a the Wedding Videographer in 2024 is not a big deal anymore. You can start to watch a few wedding videos on Youtube, in order to make an idea about the way your Wedding Day will be recorded.

There are various types and qualities of wedding videos, along with a wide range of prices. Your personal preference and your budget will determine the type of video perfect for you. Be sure to check rules and regulations your ceremony site may have with regard to videography.

Straight-shot Footage

This type of video is shot with only one camera and starts at the beginning of your ceremony and runs straight through to the end of the reception with no interruptions or editing. Since there is no editing, and only one camera, it is the least expensive option.


Nostalgic Format

This type of video can be as long and as nostalgic as you’d like to make it. Usually starts by showing photographs of the couple as children, then progresses to photos of romantic, fun times they have shared together, followed by scenes from the ceremony and reception. This format needs to be post-edited and requires more editing time. Therefore, it will generally be more expensive.


Wedding Documentary Format

This type of video documents the day. The segments of the day’s events tell a story similar to the way the events occurred on your special day. It may start with shots of the bride and groom getting ready, then progresses through the ceremony and reception, capturing spontaneous moments and interviews with family and friends, then ends as the bride and groom leave the reception.

This video format is the most popular and most commonly used, and can vary in price, according to the quality of the equipment and editing.

To find a good videographer, you may want to consider the following:

Recommendations from Friends

View the video recordings of friends who have recently been married. If you are impressed with the quality of the recording, then get the name and number of that videographer.

Wedding Photographers

Your wedding photographer can be one of the best sources, since photographers and videographers have to work together at weddings all the time.

Bridal Fairs

Bridal fairs or local bridal shows are a great place to meet and see samples of videographers’ work. Get cards and information about the ones that impressed you most; then follow up with a more in-depth interview.

Ceremony Site Coordinators

Since many of the ceremony site coordinators go over the rules and regulations with the videographer and are there the day of the wedding to view his work, they can often be a good source.

These are a few things to look for when viewing a sample recording of a videographer you’re considering:

  • All the equipment used must be the most up-to-date, high-quality, professional video equipment, including the editing and dubbing machine.
  • Experienced videographers will look for spontaneous and natural reactions to record, while maintaining a formal approach to the ceremony.
  • The segments of events in the video should tell a story, detailing the way the events occurred on your wedding day.
  • Look for good, steady use of the camera, clear sound, good color and a sharp picture.
  • And when interviewing videographers, be sure to ask these questions:
  • Ask about the quality of the equipment and recording tapes they use. Is it updated, high-quality, professional video equipment, including editing and dubbing machines?
  • How many cameras do they use to shoot the wedding?
  • Do they use a wireless microphone ( Lavalier ), to capture the best audio? ( The Boom Microphone is an advantage, but it require an extra operator ).
  • What type of editing do they do? Is it post-edited or in-camera edited?
  • What is their fee? Is it an hourly charge or flat fee for shooting the wedding and reception?
  • How many hours of coverage are provided?
  • Are editing, titles and music included in the quoted price?
  • Is the unedited master recording available to purchase?
  • What is the cost of additional recordings?
  • When will I receive my final recording?
  • Are there any additional charges for mileage between wedding and reception?
  • Are there any other charges that might be extra?
  • Will they have back-up equipment in the event of a problem?
  • Do they need any special lighting or electrical outlets?
  • Are they familiar with your ceremony and reception locations?
  • Have they shot a wedding in the location before?
  • Will they meet you at the ceremony site ahead of time to go over the best shooting angles?
  • Ask to see an actual video done by the person shooting your wedding.

Sometimes large video companies show you samples done by the owner, then send someone less experienced to shoot your wedding.

Ask to get a contract detailing exactly the type of video coverage you’re expecting, number of cameras, amount and type of editing, titles and music included in the price, name of camera persons, the date, time, location and appropriate dress to be worn.


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Wedding Videographer Near Me

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