Videography Package Options

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Wedding Videographer Cost 2024

Wedding Videographer Cost 2024

Videography Package Options

Once you’ve made the decision to have your special day captured eternally on video, the next step is to choose which package is right for you. Of course, a few factors will influence your decision — namely your budget, your personal taste and preferences, and your expectations of what a wedding video should be.

On average in 2024, wedding videos will cost anywhere between $2500 and $4000 on up (the general rule of thumb is 10-15% of your total wedding budget), but can vary widely depending on what part of the country you live in and whether you’re in a cosmopolitan city environment or a rural environment. The range of expertise and quality can vary drastically as well, which is why it’s very important to do your homework ahead of time (referrals, interviews, recording viewings, etc.).

While each videographer has his/her own packages, with their own unique names for each, the following is a general sampling of the most common packages available, as well as sample pricing based on geography. Check them out to discover which is right for you, and get an idea of what the work may cost based upon where in the country you live. Read below the wedding videography package options:


The One-Camera Basic Package

The most affordable option that most videographer’s offer, the basic or starter package usually includes one camera and basic editing. A basic package is perfect for couples on a budget that want to professionally capture their big day, but don’t necessarily have tons of money — or don’t want to spend tons of money — to do so.


The One-Camera Ceremony-Only Package

Another good option for couples that want a “Live” memento of their wedding, but don’t have a huge budget, is a ceremony-only package. As the name implies, the videographer only shoots the ceremony (reception not included) and usually includes just one camera as well.

Think of how nice it’ll be to replay your vows when you get into your first lover’s quarrel. If you are interested only in having your ceremony filmed, but want total coverage, most videographers are flexible and can accommodate you, so inquire about two-camera coverage instead (note that each additional camera will cost you more).


The Classic One-Camera Package

One of the most popular packages, the classic one-camera package includes one camera at the church and one camera at the reception, and a fully edited recording, including an opening montage set to music.


The Classic Two-Camera Package

For couples that don’t want to miss out of anything, two-camera coverage is recommended. This enables the videographers to capture not only the main events and the stars (you!), but also your guests’ candid reactions to what’s happening (often makes for the tear-jerking parts of the video).


The Three-Camera Package

For couples that demand the very best, three-camera coverage is often available as well. Note that each additional camera will cost you more, as will additional editing and add-ons.

There are always several add-on and a’ la carte options as well, such as additional digital HQ pictures. And, with technology advancing more and more each day, many artistic capabilities that were once reserved only for Hollywood’s elite are now readily available to the marrying masses.

Be sure to inquire about them when you interview videographers to see which are right for you!


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