How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video: Step by Step 2024 Guide

by Jack Kurosaki

The process of making invitations for weddings has changed over time. Previously, it was all about aesthetically designed invitation cards. Today, with technology taking over the world, the game has changed. Now, more and more people are resorting to beautifully edited videos, specially designed for events, to invite their guests. Why? Because it allows so much space for creativity! Imagine all the things that you can incorporate into a video. This includes pictures, filters, music, text, and RSVP templates!

Visit this site here for creating outstanding wedding invitations using simple-to-use RSVP templates. Not to mention, all the emotions that you put into a video and send across to your loved ones. An invitation card could never hold so much without costing a fortune. Moreover, since everyone has an email ID today, sending these video invitations is so much easier. Also, apps like WhatsApp that help you stay connected with your kith and kin, have an extensive interface that helps you share bulky videos too.

Apart from the charming layout, a video invitation saves paper and its subsequent wastage. Why not make your wedding more special while saving the environment! If you have an important ceremony coming up, you must give these videos a try and experience the miracle of technology first hand. In order to have the perfect invitation video, you will have to follow a few steps in order to understand how to make a perfect invitation video

How to make an invitation video?


To begin with, there are plenty of wedding video invitation makers that you can use to make a perfect invitation video for your special day. You can choose anyone you like. And the best part? You do not even need to download most of them! They are online editors and can be used by simply signing up. Nonetheless, the whole process of compiling a video can be a little tough if it’s your first time. Hence, to make things a little easier on you, here is a guide that will help you get started and make a video that will leave your guests in awe.

1. Select your photos and add them to the software or application:


Pre-wedding photoshoots are the hottest trend in the wedding world right now. These days, weddings are incomplete without the couple posing together before their D-Day for some great pictures that show their bond. Nonetheless, it is a different job altogether to curate these pictures. Hence, choose the best few of the lot with your partner before you sit back to edit. To give you some tips regarding this choice, go for a sequence of pictures that match the ceremony’s vibe. For example, if you are looking to have a fun-filled day with lots of humor and fun, choose pictures that will uphold this vibe. Then, let your images tell a story about you two. A marriage is a union between people who love each other. Tell your guests how it all started and ended, with the beautiful ceremony pictures.

2. Add some music for the feels:

Choose your music next. You could go with a soothing instrumental piece for your video or some happy tunes depending on your ceremony’s aesthetics. More importantly, the music should enhance the pictures you have added, accentuating your story, and making it come alive with each playing chord. Music, in such videos, plays a major role, and you must be particular of what songs you are using. For example, if your wedding theme consists of bright colors like red, yellow, blue, orange, you might want to use happy tunes- maybe a violin duet or a fast piano instrumental. On the other hand, if the ceremony’s theme is white and ivory, you will want to use something a little slower, a little more romantic, and perhaps, something soft and deep.

3. Add some filters for the aesthetics:


Although your pre-wedding shoots will give you beautiful pictures, they might need some simple touch-ups to match the aura of your party. To give you a heads up, there are many video making software and applications, like InVideo, that gives you access to such filters. Choose them wisely to match your ceremony, and you are good to go! For example, if you have a vintage theme for your wedding, you might want to add some light pink retro filter to your video as one picture transitions to another or a text pops up for the viewers.

4. Plug in a nice string of text:

No invitation, or story, is complete without a message. Your video is no different. Since it is your wedding, you might have a ton of things to tell your partner and your guests. Put them all into the video. Write from your heart and pen down how you feel about your spouse, about the ceremony, and about the life that lies ahead of you two. Also, mention how much it would mean to both of you if your guests attend the celebration of your union and give you their blessings for a prosperous and happy married life.

5. Put in an outro inviting everyone cordially:


Last but not least, put in an outro made with simple RSVP video templates so that your guests can reply to whether they will be attending the ceremony and if they will have someone accompanying them. Make sure to put it in a warm, welcoming way to ensure your guests feel comfortable with the message. Make your outro light and emotional while also making it cordial. Hire a writer or simply think of a nice, catchy, probably witty too, on-line to put into the outro and watch it create magic!

If you have been traveling before this life decision, you can enrich your wedding invitation video with beautiful photos from your journeys. Also, it is useful to add some text lines to each photo. It is not necessary to put too many details otherwise you’ll turn your video into a travel blog. Still, you can check this to get inspiration on what you can write about your travels and apply it to your invitation video.


A wedding, like another major ceremony, is a special day for you, your partner, and your families. And making it perfect is a tough job. Start with the invitation- the most crucial part of a wedding, and take baby steps while preparing for the best day of both your lives. Explore more things to put in your wedding invitation video and glam it up according to your taste. And you are ready to walk down the aisle!

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