9 Funny Face Mask Ideas to Wear on Your Wedding Day

by Jack Kurosaki

You and your partner have likely been stressing over the details of your big day for months now, and getting married during a pandemic makes it an even bigger challenge. From deciding on the venue to tasting the menu, to choosing matching women’s and men’s wedding bands from Manly Bands, there are endless tasks to undertake to create the wedding of your dreams.

But your wedding is a day of celebration, and there’s no better way to enjoy your big day than to throw some humor into the mix to keep things lighthearted and fun. While you’ve been serious about planning the marriage ceremony and your vows are no laughing matter, you, your partner, and guests all deserve a fun-filled day full of joy and laughter. Beyond the hilarious stories your best man is sure to share during your reception, you can keep the laughs going all day long with these nine funny face mask ideas to wear on your wedding day.

1. Game Over Mask

Source: spreadshirt.com

Of course, you and your partner are happy to finally tie the knot, but it doesn’t mean you can’t poke a little fun! You can sport a “game over” face mask that all your gamer friends will immediately pick up on, signaling the end of your bachelor days and letting your partner know you are forever theirs.

2. Arcade Game Mask

You can have even more fun with gaming references by buying his and hers face masks that pay homage to the classic Pac-Man arcade game. Instead of an image of Pac-Man eating a row of tiny dots, you can wear a mask of Pac-Man eating little hearts and get one of a Miss Pac-Man with a bow on her head beside a row of tiny hearts for your partner. This cute pair of masks is sure to put a smile on your bride’s and guests’ faces.

3. Sweating for My Wedding Mask

Source: teepublic.com

If you’ve been working out to look your best on your big day, this mask idea can double as a workout mask and comic relief for you and your partner. Buying or designing a custom mask that says “sweating for my wedding” is a perfect face mask to both sport in the gym while you’re working up a sweat and to help laugh off the nerves you might be feeling before you both say “I do” to “forever together.”

4. Under New Management Mask

Does your partner wear the pants in your relationship and everyone knows it? Make a crack about your lover’s management role with hilarious his and hers “under new management” face masks. You can play with the design by including an icon that includes you bowing down to your bride, sporting the old ball and chain, or simply walking arm-in-arm down the aisle. Anyone who knows your relationship dynamics will get a good chuckle! At least you had a say in your cool men’s wedding band, right?

5. Eat, Drink, and Stay Married Mask

Source: teepublic.com

We all know the adage “eat, drink, and be merry,” but how about “eat, drink, and stay married?” If food or drinks are the way to your lover’s heart, they will appreciate these funny matching masks.

Funny Masks for Your Guests

Even if you politely requested that your wedding guests wear masks to your ceremony and reception in your wedding invites, a great way to ensure everyone’s safety and a good time is to provide face masks for your guests. These masks can double as a thoughtful gesture to keep everyone safe and as a wedding favor for them to remember your big day! Plus, if any of your guests forget or lose their mask, you’ll have plenty to go around and help everyone stay safe.

6. Wedding Party Masks

Source: kevyndixonphoto.com

Your wedding party includes some of your nearest and dearest family and friends. They’ve helped you plan and celebrate your engagement with your bachelor party, wedding shower, and more and likely have been dealing with some stresses from the pandemic, too. You can help them relax and have some laughs on your special day by giving them custom masks that highlight their important role in your wedding.

For instance, you can give your ring bearer a custom mask that says “Yup, I’m the ring dude” or give your golf-loving best man a punny mask that says “The best man by par.” Whatever their role in the wedding, recognizing it with a witty mask can help them feel appreciated and give a merry laugh to everyone around them.

7. Lips and Mustache Masks

One downside to wearing face masks is that we don’t get to see or display full beards, fancy mustaches, or that bright red lipstick we’ve been saving for a special occasion. The solution? Wear your go-to look on your mask! You can have fun with his and hers masks by giving your guests an array of facial hair and lipstick options to wear instead of the real deal under their masks.

8. Spread Love, Not Germs Mask

Source: bonfire.com

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love, so providing your guests masks with a message of “Spread love, not germs” can serve as a lighthearted reminder that you appreciate them putting safety first.

9. Smiling for the Newlyweds Mask

Even though you can’t see your guests’ smiles under their masks, you can be sure they’re grinning from ear-to-ear for you and your partner. You can have a little fun with your guests by spelling it out for them on masks that read “Smiling for the newlyweds!” You can even customize the masks to include your names and the date of your wedding so they can look back on it and remember wearing masks wasn’t all bad.

The Final Word

While planning a wedding in a pandemic can be stressful, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on your big day. Buying or creating custom face masks for you and your partner, wedding party, and guests can help spread cheer instead of germs and make your day one to remember.

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