A Complete Guide to Wedding Invitation

by Maki Sharda

The selection and purchase of wedding invitations is the first job of the wedding preparation of a new couple. It is not an easy job as modern couples are pickier about finding the best wedding cards for impressing their guests. However, reputed wedding card makers try to ease their efforts of choosing the most suitable wedding invitation for sending to their enlisted wedding guests.

Average Cost of Wedding Invitations

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Common wedding cards with simple designs do not cost more than Rs 250. However, the inclusion of complicated designs or preference of box-style envelopes will increase the price of wedding invitations. Generally, box-style wedding cards start with the cost of Rs 700 and it may be more depending on the materials used. Wedding cards makers, offer more reasonable rates of customizing wedding invitations according to the preferred categories of customers. The cost of each wedding card is quoted against its template, to help customers choose the ones within their budget.

What Information to Include

The names of the bride and groom will be written in bold letters on the wedding invitation letter, along with the names of their parents and their home cities. The scheduled wedding date and time should be mentioned and the dates of some pre and post-wedding rituals can be included as well. The postal address of the wedding venue should be mentioned with directions for reaching that place easily.

Who’s hosting

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According to Indian traditions, the eldest member of the family of the bride or groom should be mentioned as the host of the wedding celebration. The wedding invitation letter is usually signed in the name of this eldest member, preferably the grandparents of the bride or groom.

The request to come to the wedding

The primary goal of sending wedding invitations is to ask friends and relatives of the new couple to join the wedding celebration. Thus, they should be humbly requested in the wedding invitation letter to attend the wedding ceremony and bless the bride and groom for a happy marital life. the tone used in the letter should express the earnest desire of the wedding couple to see all the invited guests.

Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding Events

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Several pre-wedding and post-wedding functions occur in every Indian marriage. Thus, guests should be asked to join the Mehendi and Sangeet celebrations at the bride’s place before the wedding. Similarly, they are also requested to join the wedding reception party thrown by the groom’s family after the wedding. The dates and times of these events should be mentioned in the wedding card.

The names of the couple

The names of the bride and groom should be written in larger font size than the rest of the words in the wedding invitation letter. These two names should be written in bold letters and preferably in different colored inks, making them more prominent among other words of the letter.

The date and time

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The scheduled wedding date and the specific time of the wedding ceremony should be written separately at the side or below the wedding invitation letter. It is preferable to use the ink of a dark shade, in contrast to the chosen background color of the wedding invitation.

Add Extra Time for Destination Weddings

In the case of the destination weddings, a couple of days should be added to the number of days designated for wedding celebrations. Thus, wedding guests will be able to explore the place and enjoy a short vacation there, apart from attending all the wedding functions.

The location

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The location of the wedding should be mentioned clearly in the wedding card, along with the directions for reaching the wedding venue. It is better to add a prominent landmark of that place so that wedding guests can easily find out the venue.

Reception information

The scheduled date, time, and venue of the wedding reception should be mentioned in the wedding invitation letter. Though it is a post-wedding ceremony, it is better to include this information in the wedding card, to save the hassle of sending another invitation.

Dress code

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Normally, Indian guests are expected to wear traditional dresses at an Indian wedding. Women can wear saris, lehengas, or salwar kameez of vibrant colors while men can choose kurta pajama or dhoti for a wedding. However, many people also prefer to wear western dresses now for their convenience. If any dress code is to be maintained according to the wedding theme, it should be mentioned clearly in the wedding invitation.

Separate RSVP card

An RSVP card means “Please reply”, requesting a reply from the invited person. Thus, it is better to send a separate RSVP card with the wedding invitation, on which receivers can mention their responses whether they will be attending the wedding ceremony or not. So, the new couples can get an idea of the number of guests attending their wedding, which is important for making all related arrangements for them.

Wedding Thank You Cards

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Generally, Wedding Thank You cards are sent within 3 months of the wedding ceremony, to thank the wedding guests for joining the celebration and blessing the new couple. However, it is better to buy these cards together with the ordered wedding cards, which can be sent later as per the convenience of the married couple.

Order extra invites

It is better to place an order for some extra wedding cards than the number of enlisted wedding guests. Some cards can be spoiled while writing the names and addresses of receivers. There may be chances of other mishaps, like misplacing some cards. Hence, the provision of extra invites helps new couples from facing such embarrassing situations.

All these above-mentioned guidelines will help new couples to get their desired wedding invitations from reputed card makers, like Parekh Cards. However, they should choose the designs of their wedding cards from the catalogs displayed on the websites of these wedding card makers. They may also customize their chosen cards, by changing the background color or adding new patterns.

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