How Social Sharing Features of a Photo Booth Help in Branding

by Maki Sharda

Photo booths are becoming all-the-rage at many events, but they can serve more of a purpose than simply providing a fun activity at high school proms or weddings. Photo booth technology has come a long way, and with it, the uses of photo booths have expanded. Businesses have started to provide them at trade shows and corporate events, and some people even have them in their homes for use on social media.

If you’re looking to brand yourself as an individual or a business, a selfie booth might be a good tool in your marketing toolbox. A social media presence is a crucial part of business growth these days, and you should look for any opportunity to promote your business online through photo, video, and other rich content to engage prospective customers. Whether you’re buying one for use in your home or renting one for a professional event, the social sharing features of photo booths can be a big help in this branding strategy.

How to brand yourself with a photo booth


Social sharing refers to sending pictures straight to a social media feed. In the case of photo booths, this contrasts with traditional booths that print hard copies of pictures on the spot. Social sharing is becoming more common in photo booth software as people move away from hard copies of photos and more towards social media posting. Let’s take a look at how social sharing with photo booths can help in branding.

Look for branding packages for your events


If you’re renting a photo booth for an event, you should ask your rental company if they offer any branding packages. Branding packages are a great asset at events like trade shows as an offering in addition to a company booth. Branding packages usually offer the option to put business names or logos in various places, such as on the equipment itself or on the backdrops that users stand in front of. Some branding packages will also do things like printing the company logo on each photo.

Branded equipment and photos are a good way to get your business name out there. Plus, if people take a branded photo home with them, it will make your company memorable. As for social sharing, you may want to take photos with employees or customers and post them on your company’s social media feeds to highlight a successful event or show your appreciation for a big client. These are all good ways to highlight your business in the social media age.

Show off your company culture


An important part of showing off your business is highlighting the people who work there. In this day and age, most business interactions happen online, but customers still like to have a face of a business to connect with. It’s a good branding strategy to feature employee accomplishments and testimonials to offer a personal quality to your online presence. Social sharing features in photo booths make this easier than ever before. There is nothing better to display a positive company culture than to share pictures of your employees and partners having a good time.

If you incorporate an open-air photo booth at your next corporate mixer or holiday party, you can instantly share team photos on your business social media profiles. Open-air booths are great for large group photos, and social sharing lets you post them straight to social media or send them to employees’ phones or emails.

You can use green screen technology to put your company name or logo on the backdrop and have everybody squeeze in for a perfect photo for holiday newsletters, social media, or your company website. You can even make animated GIFs or slow-motion capture reels to keep your prospective customers engaged.

Get that perfect selfie


For the bloggers, influencers, and designers out there, taking the perfect selfie can be a challenging but necessary part of your business. If you post pictures to review or promote clothing, makeup, haircare, or the like, a good photo is your currency. For this purpose, you might consider a selfie mirror purchase for personal use in your branding strategy.

Selfie mirrors differ from other photo booths in that they are all about social sharing. That is, most don’t come with a printer included. They are also smaller than traditional booths, so they are easy to fit in your bedroom or bathroom. Some are the size of a full-length mirror, while others are as small as an Ipad.

A good selfie mirror will make it easier to get a flattering shot and send it straight to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you promote yourself. Some software also comes with features like airbrushing and other editing capabilities to help you feel good about your posts.


Social sharing of photos is one of the best ways to brand an individual or business, and photo booths can help in this pursuit. Consider open-air booths for fun group photos at corporate retreats, selfie mirrors for social media influencers, or branding packages to get your logo on any photos taken at your next event. No matter what the method, photo booth social sharing makes it possible to show off your strengths as a business.

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Have you recently bought or rented a photo booth? Do you use social sharing to brand your business? Feel free to follow up with any tips or questions!

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