A Guide to Green Flags in Relationship

by Maki Sharda

Having a good partner is no less than a blessing in one’s life. Finding a pleasing company is important for a peaceful life. In this networking age, we have a number of free online dating sites which provide you with a number of options. However, before you develop a great attachment towards someone, make sure you observe the following relationship “green flag” that will guide you toward what you want.

You may belong to any culture, religion, or caste and you will be able to find your perfect match using websites ( like Christian dating websites, Asian dating websites, etc.) or apps that are designed for this purpose. Take your time and figure out what you’re getting into. The following green flags will help you decide if you are going toward a sound relationship that is worthy of your love and time.

1. You can be Yourself

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If you’re in a healthy relationship, you don’t have to act like someone else. You feel free to speak your mind without any fear of judgement or derision. You must build a genuine understanding with one another so that you don’t feel like you’re performing in a way that is not authentic to yourself.

2. You Feel Respected

Respect is one of the essential signs of a sound relationship because you both value each other’s feelings and opinions. In a healthy relationship, you can feel your boundaries and private space are being respected by your partner. Your partner is not rushing you into anything that you’re not ready for, emotionally or physically.

3. Support Each Other’s Goals

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You both not only share with each other your goals and dreams, but you do respect and care about them. You both will try to help each other in accomplishing the target goals. You not only physically help out each other but give emotional support by encouraging and appreciating each other.

4. You Make Decisions Together

Consulting each other before taking any decision is a healthy sign of a relationship. You make decisions after getting into discussion and listening to each other’s opinions. You make decisions about your future, work, family, etc., together as a team.

5. Consistent Intimacy Towards Each Other

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Intimacy is not only about making love but doing little things like holding hands while walking, giving each other a goodbye kiss, sharing kisses at random moments, etc. which matters a lot.

6. Trust Each Other

You can’t find peace in a relationship that lacks trust. Trust is the main foundation of any long-lasting and healthy relationship. You don’t hide things from each other and maintain an open and honest relationship. Having a trustworthy partner keeps your mind relaxed toward each other.

7. You Have Fun Together

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Enjoying each other’s presence, laughing together, and feeling happy around each other are green flags that are necessary for a healthy and sound relationship.

8. Apologize and Forgive

Misunderstandings, mistakes, and fights are all part of the relationship. The thing that matters is whether you accept your mistake or not. If you do, you can grow a strong relationship. You must solve your conflicts fast which for sure impacts the success of the relationship.

9. They Pay Attention

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Getting attention from your partner makes you feel good and confident. Pay attention to your partner’s needs, problems, likes, and dislikes, health, etc. Listen to each other with attention and focus.

10. Feel Safe and Secure

You can’t feel comfortable unless and until you feel safe around that person. You both must feel a sense of emotional and physical stability, you can be yourself, and you don’t feel hesitant while sharing anything.


Look for positive points in your relationship. If you observe “green flags” in your relationship, you can go ahead toward a long and healthy relationship.

Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

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In the last few years, the number of registered people on online dating sites is significantly raised. Since online dating is going mainstream, especially with this pandemic situation and measures, we can freely say that this is a new way of finding your soulmate. If you are single, you should definitely consider finding the love of your life through the dating app because there are so many benefits of considering it. There are so many different dating apps, so you can start with one of the most popular ones – instasingle.

It is easy to get started

Starting with online dating is so easy, you just need a device and internet connection. The next step is to create your profile and add information about you, what are your hobbies, your age, what are you looking for, etc. After that, the fun part begins. Many people will cross over the app and you can swipe right or left whether you are interested in someone or not.

This is an incredibly flexible and convenient way to find a person. You can check other people anywhere and anytime and consider this as a game. You can choose which person you want to connect with and start the conversation with him or her.

Also, you have complete freedom to block anyone you do not like.

It is more comfortable to start a conversation online with a stranger than in real life

The truth is that many people do not feel comfortable talking to strangers. In fact, they usually feel embarrassed and not confident enough to approach someone they like and start a conversation. They are always thinking about many factors, whether this person is single, what should you say, how the person will react in public, etc. We have good news for you since you do not have to ask yourself all of these questions while using a dating app. You are sure that the other person is there for the same goal as you are – to find love. Therefore, you can be relaxed and comfortable, without feeling any tense of approaching someone or having a first date.

However, one more huge benefit of online dating is the fact that you can get to know the person a lot before you meet him or her. You are going to interact through messages, so you can understand better the person’s personality and interests.

After finding out these two important factors, you can either pass to looking another person or continue speaking with that one if the personality is compatible.

Honest interactions

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One of the many benefits of online dating is that every conversation starts with honestly. Everyone is looking for something particular in another person, so they are going straight to the point and choosing only those with the same interests.

Everyone will see what are your basic information, your lifestyle, and decide whether they want to interact with you. There are no lies in order to be polite, nice, and to please the other person. In fact, no one will lose their time since the honest information will be revealed at the start.

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