Things To Consider Before Setting A Wedding Budget

by Barbara Sherman

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for couples. So naturally, everyone wants to have the best and happiest moments during weddings. However, planning for a wedding is attached to overwhelming expenses. Even with an intimate celebration, some charges still need to be settled, which can also be expensive for some.

Your budget determines how grand or intimate your wedding can be. This includes more than just the wedding ring, gowns, venue, and food. There are also miscellaneous expenses that may surprise you once the wedding date is approaching.

A compilation or checklist of wedding expenses that you should consider including in your wedding budget can help you start preparing. Here are some of the things you need to consider.



Your wedding venue will take almost 40% of your wedding budget. This is because you will not only pay for the area, but you also need to rent tables, chairs, and linens. If you decide to have a separate venue for your reception, expect to spend more on the venue.

The trend that people follow these days is the ceremony and reception share the same venue. This can be more affordable and may keep the costs lower. But religious couples still choose to have the ceremony in the church and book a restaurant or a space where they can have the reception.

If you are planning to be wed in a church, expect to spend for the ceremony, admin fee, church donation, marriage certificate, and wedding singers, if there are any. If you plan to have the ceremony and reception in one place, you need to pay for the officiator, venue fee, and place settings. Some venues may also require wedding insurance.

You may also ask the venue if they can provide music and entertainment for a minimal fee.

Food and Drinks


Consider allocating 25% of your budget to catering services. You wouldn’t want to keep your guests hungry and thirsty. It is important to keep them full and have plenty of drink. In addition to that, you should also allocate a budget for alcohol. Drinking always plays a part in the life of the party.

You can save money on alcoholic drinks if you choose to serve beer and wine. Before including this on your checklist, identify your number of guests that are drinkers. You can have a few wines or champagnes served if there’s not much.

The meal that you would like to serve at your reception will influence your budget for catering. You may opt for a buffet-style serving or a plated meal. As long as the foods served can make your guests full, there is no problem with whatever you choose.

As for wedding cakes, you may ask the catering service if they can include this on their package. Desserts may also be included along with the cake.

Wedding Ring


The cost of wedding rings may vary on the design and diamonds. You can discuss with your partner how you would like your wedding rings to look like. It is a lifelong token of love, so it is important to design it the way you both want.

Some couples buy wedding rings practically. Now that there are online shops where you can buy wedding accessories. It is much more affordable than going to a jewelry store. Fortunately, some shops give discounts if both rings are purchased from them.

Photography, Videography, and Memorabilia

Capturing your wedding memories is a must-have. This is the only way where you can look back on the happenings during your wedding. Setting aside a good budget for your wedding photos and video is always worth it.

Some photographers offer engagement shoots, wedding day videos and photos, prints, and even wedding albums. Just look for the best offer that includes these services. When these are printed, you can have the best photo of your partner painted by a professional at This is excellent wedding memorabilia that you can hang on your future home.

Gowns and Suits

For brides, looking the best on their special day is important, no matter how much they spend on their gowns and makeup. But take note that the gown may take a chunk of your wedding budget. The cost may include alterations, a custom design, and a special fabric.

In addition to that, you also need to set aside a budget for your entourage’s gowns and suits. Though this is not required, making all the accents and shades look similar is sometimes preferred by couples.

As for the groom, suits can easily be bought from a department store if you are on a budget. Again, there are different styles and designs that you can choose from, including neckties or bowties.

Decorations and Flowers


These will take a little of your budget. However, flowers and decorations will be included during the ceremony and reception. The good thing is that there are wedding-ready venues without adding too many decorations.

If you’re creative enough and have a small celebration, you can do this on your own before the wedding day. There are ways to preserve the flowers, which will greatly reduce your wedding costs.

Perfect Budget For Your Wedding

It is important to consider all of the associated costs when planning a wedding. Photography, videography, and even painting your wedding photos can add to the overall budget. By taking the time to plan and set a realistic budget, couples can avoid unwelcome surprises down the road. Have you considered hiring a professional artist to paint your wedding photos? Memorialize Art can help make your special day last forever.

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