Where to Use Monograms at Your Wedding Venue

by Jack Kurosaki

Monograms are a timeless way to add a personal touch to your wedding decor. They are a classic design element that can be incorporated into almost any aspect of your special day. Whether you’re going for a traditional or modern aesthetic, monograms can be customized to suit your style and preferences. 

In addition to the wedding invitations, bouquets, cakes, and veils mentioned earlier, monograms can be used in a variety of other ways throughout your wedding venue. For example, you might consider using them on the seating chart, menus, or favors for your guests. You could also use them to personalize your wedding ceremony backdrop, reception table settings, or even your dance floor.

They are unique to you as a couple and serve as a great piece of design, and they can be used on a wide range of items, such as wedding invitations, bouquets, wedding cakes and even veils.

There are also plenty of places you can use it around a wedding venue such as The Parlour at Blagdon, a picturesque wedding venue in Newcastle. So how can you utilise a monogram at your wedding venue?

Welcome and Directional Signs

The best way to welcome guests to your wedding is by a nice welcome sign, especially if you’re unable to greet guests immediately as they arrive. Additionally, if you want to easily guide your guests to the correct part of the venue, then you may also want to have some directional signs created.

As your monogram is your event logo, you can elevate the design of your signage and make your welcome message extra special by including your monogram on your signs.

Seating Plans

Usually displayed at the entrance to your function room, the seating plan serves as an important piece of information for guests at a wedding breakfast. So with it having a prominent place, why not make it decorative with your monogram?

Table Centrepieces

When you have all your guests seated, you’ll want to turn their attention to your table centrepieces, which could be a bouquet of flowers, candles or vases. You can adorn these with your monogram, or you can have custom sculptures created from your monogram design.

Napkins and Name Cards

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On the table, there are many items you can customise with your monogram. As guests will be eating, then it’s highly likely napkins will be required, and adding your monogram to them will add another personal touch to your wedding.

To help guests find their seats, then name cards are recommended, and you can easily have them printed to include your wedding monogram.

Goodie Bags

If you’re giving small gifts away to your guests on the day, then nothing says luxury more than a monogrammed goodie bag. It means that your guests will depart with something truly unique that they can have to remember your special wedding day. And as well as the bag itself, the items inside can be monogrammed too, including stickers and custom chocolates.


One way to make your monogram really shine is by incorporating lighting into your monogram presentation. You can light up the dance floor or the side of a building with your monogram by using lighting. It’s easier to do than you might think, too, as all you require is a lighting source and a custom-printed gobo. A gobo is the object that goes in front of the light to block parts out, and they can easily be made featuring your monogram to create a stunning lighting effect.

Room Decorations


There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to decorating items and objects with your unique wedding monogram. The inclusions can be big and bold, or small and subtle. At a wedding there are a large amount of room decorations that are included, including altar decorations, aisle runners and large wall decorations. If you have big plans for the use of your wedding monogram, you can work with your wedding venue to turn your ideas into reality.    

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