Coral Wedding Flowers Ideas

Coral Wedding Flowers Ideas

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While traveling in America you would have noticed the beautiful coral colored flowers which grow extensively in various residential homes.  A popular variety of coral colored flowers are the ones known as coral bells. Heuchera the Latin names of these coral flowers are best identified by their warm colors of pink, red and white.

These beautiful Coral Flowers in the US derive their name from the slim bell shape they enjoy and look very dainty in nature. An expert gardener would explain the fact that once they are growing in your garden they continue to grow for years without any hassle. However certain factors have to be considered and these have been discussed below.

Do these flowers need any specific climate conditions?

The Heuchera genus contains many subspecies of flowers and all of them grow well in the climatic conditions of the United States. The Department of Agriculture in the US has maintained that it can grow in USDA zones of 3 to 8. H.Maxima species grows in the rocky terrain of the Channel Islands in California. While coral bells extensively grow in areas of New Mexico and Arizona.  Alpine Heuchera grows in much cooler climates than it’s other species.

What are its basic growing guidelines?

Coral Wedding Flowers
Coral Wedding Flowers


These Coral Flowers were very popular among Native Americans due to its medicinal properties and several species of Heuchera were used to treat inflammation areas in the skin and also relieve pain symptoms.

If you are planning to grow them in your garden then you would need to consider a few factors:

• The plant of these coral colored flowers requires abundant sunshine for a few hours daily. It is best to plant them in your garden areas where there is abundant sunshine even during summer times.

• These flowers adapt to different soil conditions. However, if you are planning to grow them extensively in your garden then you would need to use fertile soil which drains fast. The pH factor of the soil should not be more than 6.2 and less than 5.8.

• If you are a beginner at gardening when planting these coral bells you would need help from experts regarding how often they need to be watered. An expert would explain that coral bells grow even in drought conditions but they would need to be watered once a week regularly, provided the area has not received any natural rains.

• Fertilizers play an important role in keeping your plants healthy. Thus when growing coral bells you would need to apply fertilizers just before the spring season. You can use blooming-fertilizers which are sprinkled in the ratio of half a pound of fertilizer for every 100 square feet garden area. The fertilizer must be applied when the soil is wet.

• An expert gardener would caution you over the fact that coral bells cultivation tends to decrease once they have been grown for 3 to 4 years. This problem can be solved by transplanting old roots and growing them again with regular care. Here the old roots which are healthy have to be divided and planted again.

• If you want to grow healthy coral bells plant you have to understand guidelines regarding planting them. It is always best to plant coral bells during early spring and fall climates when the temperature is cooler.

• Also when planting coral bells you would need to keep a distance of 2 feet apart from each other. This would help the plant to grow well.

Do they need special care during winter?

Most areas in the US have good winter climatic conditions. Thus during the winter season, you need to follow certain guidelines which are:

• Fertilizers encourage growth in coral bells plants. Thus it is best not to use them during the winter period.

• The coral bells plant can be trimmed off a little so that they would start growing back again during the spring season.

• These plants need to be watered well before the winter frost sets in. The soil should also be soaked one inch in water.

• Do not water the plants once the ground is covered with snow.


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