Not Your Average Wedding Cakes

by K M

Not Your Average Wedding Cakes

Right up there with the bride’s dress, one of the main tiers of any traditional wedding is the cake. As times change and chefs get more creative, wedding cakes have begun to take many non-traditional forms. It’s not uncommon to see a sports-themed cake or even a decadent dessert dedicated to the couple’s alma mater. Some wedding cakes even look more like art than edible delights.

But what about those couples who are missing that sweet tooth so many of us know so well?

It may be hard to imagine, but there are some people who just don’t like the thought, taste, or texture of the cake. While skipping it entirely is always an option, before you risk giving your grandmother a coronary by simply bypassing a staple of so many weddings, think about your other choices. You don’t have to serve the cake at your wedding if you don’t want to, but consider serving an equally satisfying treat in its place.


“But It’s Still a Cake!”

If you’re worried about your elderly guests frowning on your alleged disrespect for a good old wedding cake, be sure to substitute the traditional dessert with any edible delight that contains the word “cake.” This way, when your childish Uncle Jimmy starts whining about looking forward to the wedding cake for all these months, you can set him straight with, “But Uncle Jimmy, it is a cake!

You might be surprised at how many delicious cake variations get overshadowed by people’s need to have a “traditional” wedding cake at their reception.

If you’re having a carnival-themed wedding—or perhaps you lovebirds simply share an affinity for all kinds of fair foods—don’t nix the idea of serving a funnel cake. Talk to your local bakers about creating one that’s slightly more elaborate than what you and your fiancé devoured together on your first date. Don’t forget to brainstorm toppings, too (and don’t even think about getting by without a side of powdered sugar).

Did the two of you have your first date at the local ice cream shop? Celebrate your love with a nod to its beginning by serving an ice cream cake at your reception. Not only will this please almost every guest in attendance (who doesn’t like ice cream?), but your cake will be perfectly primed to spend a year in the freezer until your first anniversary.

Maybe the two of you aren’t exactly a dessert couple. Would you consider yourselves more in line with the breakfast club?

In that case, forgo the white cake for a delicious display of pancakes. The tower can be as tall as you’d like it to be; no matter the shape nor the amount, there’s no denying that a pile of pancakes certainly stands in like a cake all its own. Even if you’d prefer to keep it plain, consider arranging a small buffet of fruits and treats for guests to embellish their own stacks. And make sure you set out some syrup!


Caked-Shaped Savories

There is no rule that you have to serve the cake at your wedding, just as there is no rule that you have to even serve dessert. If there isn’t a sweet bone in your body, don’t hesitate to substitute the tradition of cutting the cake with cutting something a bit more savory.

If your favorite food doesn’t come in a cake form, don’t be afraid to change that. With the world of Pinterest and the immense amount of cooking shows at our fingertips, you might be surprised at the culinary creations you have yet to discover.

Got a craving for cheese that just won’t quit? Try to refrain from grimacing when your drunk brother makes an immature crack at cutting the cheese and actually slice open a cheese wheel in lieu of a cake. You’ve seen those $500 gourmet wheels at the grocery store. There are a time and a place for them, and your wedding is it.

Looking for something a bit more filling than cheese and crackers? Try your hand at 2018’s tastiest trend, a pizza cake. With variations of recipes falling close to the ease of making a single pie, even the most amateur chefs can master this multi-layered pizza monster with just a little practice. If you do plan to tackle it, don’t forget to make a few attempts well before the big day, in the off-chance your pizza skills aren’t as up to par as you’d hoped.

When it comes to your wedding, don’t be afraid to dream big. If your caterer tells you it’s physically impossible to bake a cake in the shape of Boston’s City Hall, keep brainstorming and chances are you’ll be able to come up with some satisfying form of your dream dessert vision. From cupcakes that look like corn on the cob to a cake-shaped hamburger, the limits of your own wedding, whether sweet or savory, are nearly nonexistent. Toss tradition out the door and test them.

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