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by K M

Planning a Wedding Checklists

Planning a wedding can at times be one of the most exciting things you have ever done and equally, it can also be one of the most stressful. Most of us aren’t used to organizing such a large event attended by in some cases over a hundred people. This is why it is very important to have a wedding planning checklist that you diligently follow, ensuring the whole process of planning a wedding doesn’t become too much for you to handle.

It can come in many forms and many couples resort to computer software or online help to guide themselves successfully towards having the happiest day of their lives!

Planning a Wedding Checklists: 1 year to go …

Planning a wedding traditionally starts over a year beforehand, with initial discussions between the bride and bridegroom as to how much they are going to spend and what style of wedding they envisage having. Top of the checklist duties will be to book a ceremony location and reception site, this will obviously largely be dependant on the budget you have allocated. At this time it can be very beneficial to meet both sets of parents to convey your ideas and thoughts, you never know they may have a few good suggestions!

Planning a Wedding Checklists: 9 months to go and counting! …

Most couples state that it can be particularly difficult working out the number of guests they would like to attend, this is where planning a wedding really starts to test a marriage before it has even begun! It is recommended that with nine months to go you should have a preliminary list that in general you and your parents are happy with. About this time you should be able to check the choice of caterer off your checklist, though make sure you have been to a tasting though.

I can’t believe there are only 6 months to the Big Day …

A major part of planning a wedding is booking the honeymoon. Sometimes the groom is left to book this by himself, in which case it is essential that he understands whether his bride to be is looking for a fun, active, romantic or relaxing honeymoon – or maybe a mixture. Once the groom has ticked this off the checklist he usually finds himself worrying about his speech for the next six months!

Help I’m getting married in 4 months …

Planning a wedding should be fun but sometimes it can be hard keeping to the budget, particularly with four months to go when you are choosing your wedding rings, buying the wedding dress and putting deposits down for the professional photographer and videographer. Your wedding should be affordable so as you are not paying for it several years into marriage, the most important thing is that you thoroughly enjoy the day and don’t continuously worry about the wedding cost. The checklist should also act as a guide to how much you’re spending, if you are setting up home together you will need all the money you can save for later in life!

A good tip when planning a wedding is to have the gift registry, wedding invitations, wedding day transportation, wedding cake and favors also arranged at least four months prior to the big day. These are major items that need to be marked off your checklist allowing you enough time to concentrate on matters such as sending out your invitations and helping out of town guests with accommodation. It is important to remember that the bride will also be regularly attending wedding dress fittings within the last month before the happy day.

I can’t sleep my wedding is in 4 weeks! …

With one month left it is quite easy when planning a wedding to actually forget the marriage license, so please highlight this clearly on your checklist. In addition make sure that the bride and her attendants are happy with their fittings, just a few more weeks of dieting and then the party can begin! Equally the bride should be confident that her rings fit and that any engraving is correct, remember it isn’t unusual for fingers to swell with the tension of a wedding day. It is a good idea to start writing up a list of everything that needs to be done on the day and the day before, this way you will be confident of telling everyone where they need to be and at what time.

My last week of being single!

One week to go and counting, nearly all the wedding planning will be over and you can start to relax! Hopefully, you have been able to take some time off work, because you will be surprised at how much running about you will be doing as you check the seating arrangements at the reception, calling attendants to ensure they know about the wedding rehearsal and checking the florist knows when to arrive at the ceremony venue and reception site. At this stage, you should be thanking your lucky stars that you made such a comprehensive checklist over eighteen months ago!

Time to enjoy the best day of your life!

Finally, your wedding day has arrived, no more planning wedding chores and you are confident that everything has been ticked off your checklist. It is the time to relax and enjoy the whole occasion, from the dressing up to the photographs and ceremony to a fantastic reception. As long as you have the marriage license and rings what could go wrong! Thank goodness for the checklist!

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