Beautiful, radiant and wonderful for your Wedding Day

by K M

How to have a wonderful wedding day

The big day approaches and you will be the star of the night. Learn the best secrets of beauty to shine and to leave everybody open-mouthed. Your makeup, your hairdo and figure deserve the best.

Getting ready for your wedding day should be fun and exciting, nerves will not defeat your look and you can beat them by welcoming the beauty techniques and latest fashion on hairstyles as well as some secrets to getting a perfect figure.


How to have a wonderful wedding day – Wedding Makeup Tips for A Stunning Face

If you have enough time, it is more convenient to leave yourself in the hands of experts so they can see what is the most suitable makeup and hairstyle for you.

Bear in mind your dress design for these steps. The makeup should be in light colors like pink or ochre, or golden colors are options depending on the tone you have chosen for your wedding dress.

Try a facial on the previous months to your wedding day so your skin will be ready and bright.

If you want to bring out your eyes and looks, use a combination of eye shadows of cold and warm color tones so you will get a depth of color. Keep in mind your eyebrows and let the experts give you a waxing according to your face shape.

Step by Step

    1. Clean your skin with special products.
    2. Use a special gel on your face so that the wedding makeup lasts longer.
    3. Use a concealer or an eye-concealer to disguise rings under the eyes.
    4. Use a cream foundation with a color similar to your skin color.
    5. Pressed Powders will be needed to prevent any bright on your face.
    6. Use blue-toned make up to bring out your natural coloring. Avoid pale colors. Pink and peach colors are the ones for the season.
    7. The eyeliner must be natural and looks better just used on the upper lid. However, if you want an intense look you can try a darker color on the lower lid also.
    8. Mascara must be waterproof. Maybe you will shed some tears and you do not want your face covered in mascara.
    9. Lips must be not outlined. You can go for some bright color on them – it will give them more volume.
    10. In the end-use, a face primer, remember you will have hours and hours to enjoy and look perfect.


Wedding Hairstyle Tips: An Impeccable Hairstyle

Hair is really important and if you are wearing a headdress everything changes. Be sure that the dress design will not lose focus due to your hairdo.

If you prefer loose hair try straight hair or curls with less volume to bring out your face.

Women with short hair may have a younger and fresh look and take advantage of wearing a small accessory.

Try several hairdos to choose what is the best option for your day, and ask for advice from experts on this issue.

More Wedding Makeup and Wedding Hairstyle Tips here: Wedding Hair&Makeup


Wedding Fitness Tips: A Perfect Body

Do not try to lose 20 pounds in the previous days to your wedding. Have a healthy fat free diet and reduce sugar and flour.

  1. You can start with a light breakfast, with fruit cereals juices and fiber.
  2. Do not forget salads and meat for lunch, avoid sodas.
  3. For dinner try Light meals, and try not to eat before you go to sleep.


✓ Keep in your pocket some sunflower seeds, peanuts, fruits or cookies, to eat between meals.

✓ Drink green tea, or flavored fruit drinks from fruits like tangerine, apple or peach, they are easy to make at home and will help you to handle stress.

✓ You will have to say no to alcohol, those drinks are very sweet, you could get fat, and – Horror – you may get acne!


How to have a wonderful wedding day – Keep fit

Do some cardiovascular exercises. If you can lose some weight before the wedding, great! But no more than that – do not force yourself to a hunger routine or endless exercise routines.


✓ Try aerobics. It is a good way to keep fit.

✓ Spinning is ideal to lose weight.

✓ Swimming will not hurt you and it is good exercise.

✓ Work on your back, arms and abdomen.

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