Orange Flower Arrangements

by K M

Orange Flower Arrangements for your Wedding Day


Orange is a warm color that inspires fertility at the same time. You may want to adopt this color on your wedding day at least for the flowers. This is indeed a touch of color and we think that it can look really great if you want to.


orange-flower-arrangements (1)

Beautiful orange flower arrangements

The first example of wedding floral arrangement in orange consists of beautiful roses, which have beside them a touch of white made in really small flowers. On the margin of this round bouquet, you can observe the roses’ leaves that look really fresh and perfect in combination with these orange flowers.

Also, this type of bouquet can be arranged in the middle of the table and you can apply for a simple glass vase made in transparent material and this vase is filled with water…. Simple, yet refined at the same time, what more could you wish for?

The next arrangement that we want to suggest is also orange and it involves orange roses too. These roses can be fresh or made of silk, and that depends on you. Place these roses in a big cylindrical vase. Around this vase, you may place some golden threads or something similar that looks really in great combination with these flowers. Let’s not forget also that this vase can be filled with small rocks or something similar and make sure that these have a yellow-orange tone.


orange flower arrangements idea

Orange can be combined with other colors too. You can have for instance a vase made of glass and in a square-shaped. This vase is transparent and it’s filled with water. Apply for some orange lilies and roses and combine these with pink carnations and roses. Here and there you can observe their leaves as these penetrate through the buds…. This is quite an exquisite looking flower arrangement and it can be placed in the middle of the table together with some other such ornaments and decorations and these definitely create an interesting effect.

We continue with the same shape of the vase, which is this time filled with other types of flowers and in another manner. There’s that square vase made of transparent glass, which is filled with orange gems. The next step is when this vase is filled with a nice looking bouquet of flowers in different color tones, like orange, yellow, red or green.


Wedding orange flower arrangements 


There is a nice combination of orange roses with carnations, daisies, yellow-green chrysanthemums, and many other flowers. On the margins of this vase, there are nice looking leaves, in a really green and vivid tone that look really great together.


Wedding Orange Flower Arrangement Idea


We find all these examples exquisite and we just hope that you may apply for at least one idea of these suggested in these articles. Just keep in mind that a touch of color will not spoil your wedding festivity and that everything will be perfect as long as you know to combine these details.

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