Wholesale Fresh Flower Suppliers Adapt Old Traditions To Modern Convenience

by K M

Wholesale Fresh Flower SuppliersĀ 

For as long as people have been observing special events, and milestones in life, flowers have been a part of the traditions of every culture.

Wholesale Fresh Flower Suppliers Adapt Old Traditions To Modern Convenience

Wholesale Fresh Flower Suppliers Adapt Old Traditions To Modern Convenience

Today, as always, flowers can be found present at all major celebrations, from births and weddings to funerals, graduations and holidays.

Wholesale Fresh Flower Suppliers Today

Although flowers have always been a part of celebrations and made popular gifts, they have not always been as easily procured as they are today, which may have directly influenced their original popularity.

Many years ago if a person wished to have fresh flowers for his or her home or for a gift, he or she had two options; either to grow flowers in a flower garden or visit a flower market.

The only option for having flowers in the winter was to dry flowers in earlier months.

A typical flower market was held only once a week and a visitor could expect to find a selection of locally grown flowers in season. In some places, the traditional flower market still exists, most notably in Europe and Great Britain where flowers and flower markets are such an ingrained part of the culture.

However, U.S. flower markets are not nearly as common. The more common experience for most Americans flower lovers would be to visit the local florist shop or to order wholesale fresh flowers online.

A modern florist shop offers a selection of seasonal fresh flowers similar to that found in a flower market, but also offers exotic flowers from around the world. A florist can typically provide nearly any type of flower at any time of the year if given sufficient notice, regardless of the season.

This is made possible by the introduction of the wholesale fresh flower trade supported by institutionalized greenhouses. Greenhouses are capable of forcing flower varieties to bloom and grow in areas of the world and in seasons that would normally be impossible.

The majority of fresh flowers in florist’s shops are grown in greenhouses and distributed by wholesale fresh flower suppliers.

Another modern distribution channel for fresh flowers is the local grocery or convenience store. These outlets usually feature mixed flower bunches as well as roses, also provided by wholesale fresh flower sellers, and are typically much less expensive than flowers purchased from a florist shop.

However, the selection is drastically limited at these outlets and often the quality of the flowers is inferior to those found in florist shops. Buying wedding flowers from a grocery store lacks the charm and ambiance of a flower market but is a convenient way to pick up a bunch of fresh flowers without going out of one’s way.


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