12 Stunning Wedding Flowers And Their Symbolism

by Maki Sharda

If you are getting married, you’d want your wedding to look as chic as possible. And this entails choosing the perfect wedding dress and shoes and having your hair and face look stunning. You must also ensure that your bridesmaids look beautiful but do not surpass you. After all, it’s your big day.

What about the type of flowers you choose? Flowers have meaning, so you must ensure that the flowers you choose show your love for each and are to bring only good things in your life.

Let’s look at different flowers and their meaning as they will help you choose the perfect flowers for your wedding bouquet.

12 Wedding Bouquet Flowers and Their Symbolism

Flowers make your wedding look stunning, and more stunning is having the right flowers in your bouquet.

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1. Rose

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The rose is a pretty stunning flower with a wonderful fragrance. There are different roses, with the red rose being the most popular and fit for a wedding. It signifies love, beauty, and romance; that’s why you see lovers giving their partner roses not only on special occasions but any other day.

You can also use the white rose, as it’s a sign of a new beginning and pure love, and the pink rose symbolizes grace and appreciation. At the same time, the orange rose signifies passion and zeal.

While you can have all the rose colors in one bouquet, choose two colors to complement each other.

2. Lavender

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This purple hue flower is an excellent addition to your arrangement. Lavender symbolizes devotion and virtue, which is what every couple should show their partner.

Lavender also means happy marriage, love, and devotion. Many people love placing lavender in their house, and some use lavender essential oils to promote calmness, peace, and overall well-being. So having lavender in your bouquet ensures that your frayed nerves are soothed, allowing you to enjoy your big day.

You can also place some all over the wedding venue to calm your guests and keep them in a good mood.

3. Baby’s Breath

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This is a festive flower, and it’s included in a wedding bouquet as a centerpiece filler.

A baby’s breath symbolizes everlasting love and innocence. Apart from that, it makes your bouquet pop. You can also give a baby’s breath to new and expectant mothers.

4. Anemone

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Is it a wedding bouquet without Anemone, which signifies anticipation?

All couples getting married are filled with anticipation on their big day from start to finish, so it’s only right to have the delicate bloom in your flower arrangement.

5. Calla Lily

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Calla Lily is popular among brides as its trumpet shapes give it elegance.

The flowers symbolize fertility and beauty, so be sure to have a blessed marriage with this bouquet.

6. Orchid

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If you want your guest to be wowed by your bouquet, you best add an orchid. It’s the flower of opulence and is often gifted to people to wish them success.

The orchid is a timeless flower that signifies love, beauty, and luxury.

In ancient Greece, the orchid was associated with virility, and women believed that if their husbands ate new orchid tubers, they would give birth to a boy.

7. Lilac

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If you are marrying your first love, then lilac shows it best. This flower only blooms a few weeks each year and has the most tantalizing smell. Lilac comes in three colors, pink, purple, white, and magenta.

White lilacs symbolize innocence and purity.

Purplish white lilacs are associated with spirituality, while magenta signifies love and passion.

8. Lily

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This beautiful flower is a staple in a wedding bouquet. Lily symbolizes modesty and purity. They are long-lasting and come in various colors, including

• White lilies are the most popular and symbolize new beginnings.
• Red lilies symbolize love and passion.
• Pink lilies symbolize love, femininity, and admiration.
• Yellow lilies symbolize joy, loyalty, and sunshine.
• Orange lilies are associated with warmth and brightness.

9. Peony

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The peony is a shrubbery flower that symbolizes love, health, romance, beauty, and joy. When included in your flower arrangement, they will attract happiness and wealth in your marriage. Peonies are one of the flowers included in Meghan Markle’s bouquet.

10. Chrysanthemum

If you are getting married during summer, this is one flower in your flower arrangement. Chrysanthemum is a fluffy flower.

It comes in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

A white chrysanthemum means loyalty, love, and devotion. And red signifies love. Generally, the chrysanthemum is a favorite among brides as it symbolizes happiness, love, and longevity.

11. Cherry Blossoms

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Cherry Blossoms are the main attraction in Japan, and they bloom between March and April. You can also see these flowers in some parts of the United States. They only bloom for a few weeks. These delicate pale pink flowers show people how fragile life is.

So if you are holding your wedding in spring, take advantage of cherry blossoms, and since they are freely found, they will significantly reduce your floral cost. They symbolize love, good fortune, and wealth.

12. Freesia

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Freesia is a beautiful flower that symbolizes friendship which is a good thing to have between couples. It also represents loyalty and trust. Freesia comes in various colors, including red, pink, yellow, and purple.

Pink signifies love and femininity, and yellow represents happiness and positivity. Purple represents royalty and beauty; as usual, red is the color of love.

Flowers To Avoid

Although flowers are beautiful and emit wonderful fragrances, not all have a positive meaning. Some are meant for mourning, while others symbolize different feelings, such as hate, disgust, and unrequited love. So when choosing flowers work with an expert to avoid starting your married life on a bad note. That said, avoid these flowers on your wedding day.


White Carnations signify innocence, pure love, and fidelity. This beautiful flower blooms into five different petals that have various colors. However, it would be best to avoid yellow carnations as they have a negative connotation, meaning disdain and rejection, which is not equivalent to your big day.


Petunias have a double meaning as they show resentment and anger while simultaneously love, femininity, and hope.

Final Thoughts

Flowers add a lively and chic vibe to your wedding but choose only those that bring good things into your life. In our list, there are 12 common flowers used in wedding bouquets and their meaning. You can use one type of flower and combine several when making your bouquet.

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