How to Pose during Your Wedding Photoshoot

by Maki Sharda

If you’re having your wedding photos taken by someone other than a friend or family member, you might be unfamiliar with posing techniques. If you’re taking the pictures, you can still use these tips to help your subjects look natural and relaxed instead of stiff and awkward.

Here are some of the best ways to pose during your wedding photoshoot:

1. Casual


It’s your wedding day, and you want to look natural in your photos, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to pose. Here are casual poses that will help you look great in your wedding photos:

• Sit on the edge of a chair with your legs crossed. This simple pose is perfect for relaxed images.
• Lean against a wall or door frame with your arms crossed. This pose looks effortless and carefree.
• Prop yourself up on one arm while lying down. This is a great way to show off your dress or suit while looking relaxed.
• Sit on the ground with your legs and arms around your knees. This is a great way to show off your shoes!

2. Power Posing

We all know how important it is to feel confident on our wedding day. After all, it is one of the most photographed days of our lives! So, how do we ensure we look our best in all those pictures? By power posing! It is a technique that helps people build confidence and improve their moods by adopting an open and relaxed posture.

When people feel down or stressed, they often hunch over and cross their arms defensively (i.e., the fight-or-flight response). Conversely, when they feel strong, they expand their bodies by pushing out their chest, leaning back slightly with hands behind them or in front of them on a desk or table (i.e., the power response).

In addition to looking more comfortable during your photoshoot with this pose, you will also be more likely to smile since smiling has been proven to boost happiness levels.

3. Natural Poses


Avoiding stiff, posed shots is the best way to look natural in your wedding photos. Instead, try to capture moments that reflect your true personality. Here are some tips:

• Get comfortable with each other before the camera comes out. Take a few minutes to chat, share a laugh, or relax together. • This will help you feel more natural when it’s time to pose.
• Don’t try to copy poses you see in magazines or on Pinterest. Being yourselves is crucial, and finding what works for you as a couple.
• Be aware of your body language. Avoid crossing your arms or legs, as this can make you look closed off.

4. Love

When it comes to wedding photos, one of the most important things is ensuring you and your spouse are correctly posed.

After all, you’ll want to cherish these memories for a lifetime! Erie wedding photos can help to get the right click. Visit Erie photography and enjoy your poses.

Here are some tips on how to pose during your wedding photoshoot:

• First, make sure you face each other, and your shoulders are squared off. This will create a more intimate feel in the photo.
• Next, take turns holding each other close while looking into each other’s eyes. This is a classic pose that always looks beautiful in photos.
• You can also try leaning in close for a kiss or holding hands while looking into the distance.

5. Playful


You and your spouse can have some fun with your wedding photos! Be playful and interact with each other during the shoot. You can even pretend to whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ear or share a laugh. This will add some personality to your photos and make them more memorable.

6. Hipster

The hipster pose is one of the most popular ways to take wedding photos. To do this pose, the bride and groom stand side-by-side with their hips pushed out.

The photographer then takes the photo from above, ensuring the bride and groom’s faces are in the frame. This pose is excellent for couples who want to show off their fun and quirky side.

7. Couple’s Selfie


Posing for a selfie with your spouse-to-be is a must during your wedding photoshoot! But don’t just go for a standard pose; make sure to switch it up and have fun with it.

Try different angles, hold each other close, or even give a sweet kiss. Whatever you do, ensure you enjoy yourselves and each other’s company.

8. Have Fun

One of the best ways to get great wedding photos is to have fun! Be yourselves, interact with each other, and let your personalities shine.

The more natural and genuine your smiles are, the better. Also, don’t forget to take some candid shots throughout the day – those often turn out to be the most cherished memories.

9. The Kiss


A wedding wouldn’t be complete without a photo of the bride and groom kissing! This is a must-have for your wedding album. But how do you make sure you get the perfect shot?

Here are a few tips:

• First, relax and take a deep breath. If you’re feeling tense, it will show in the photo.
• Next, tilt your head slightly to the side and close your eyes just before your lips meet. This will give you a more natural look.
• Once you’re in position, lean in slowly and close your eyes before your lips touch. This will help ensure that you don’t blink at the wrong moment!
• Finally, don’t forget to smile!

10. Engagement Session Posture

You’ll want to avoid any stiff, awkward poses for your engagement session. Instead, try to be natural and relaxed. Here are some great ways to achieve this:

• First, make sure you’re comfortable with your photographer. If you’re not satisfied, it will show in your photos.
• Next, loosen up! Don’t be afraid to move around and experiment with different positions.
• Try sitting on the ground or leaning against a wall for a more casual look.
• Get close to your fiancé and wrap your arms around each other. This will create a more intimate feel.
• Another great way to be natural is by laughing and having fun!


For some brides, standing in front of the camera is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the wedding planning process.

Even if you’re excited to take your wedding photos, you might be worried about how you’ll look or what poses will flatter your body type the most. Knowing how to pose during your photoshoot can help alleviate some of this anxiety and result in photos that truly represent who you are as a couple and as individuals.

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