How To Choose My Wedding Flowers in 2024

by K M

As a professional wedding florists, we take for granted all the experience and knowledge we have regarding wedding flowers. As it turns out, many brides-to-be find the process of choosing their own wedding flowers overwhelming and time-consuming. Today, I will present you 8 tips about how to choose your wedding flowers.

What Bridal Bouquet Shape Should I Use?

Many brides would be surprised to find out how many different shapes there are. From big and round to small and simple, there is a wide assortment of bridal-bouquet types. Do you want to draw attention to your flowers of choice? DO you want your bouquet to be almost unnoticeable? Is there a particular shape that fits your wedding theme? Take into account these questions and learn more about bouquet types on the images below:

Do I Use Fresh or Fake Wedding Flowers?

This one is all about personal preference. When it comes to prices, many times silk flowers end up being more expensive, so affordability isn’t usually the real concern. If you want to keep your bouquet for a long time, you can use silk flowers or better yet, use fresh flowers and have them preserved after the wedding. Again, it is all about personal preference, but most brides prefer the look, scent and feel of fresh wedding flowers.

What Colors Should I Choose For My Wedding Flowers?

Many times it is hard for brides to decide on the colors they would like to use for their wedding, but it usually comes down to two options: theme-matching colors or accent colors. Would you like your flowers to match the rest of the decor? If so, choose the wedding colors according to the overall color scheme. Use the invitation, accessories and bridesmaids colors as a guide. On the other hand, would you prefer to make a statement and add contrast with your wedding flowers? If this is the case, choose a color that you haven’t use on your wedding. In that way, you can add that element of surprise!

What Type of Flowers Should I Choose for My Wedding?

As many flowers are not available in certain colors, narrowing your search down to preferred colors or palette can make it much easier to choose the wedding flower types. If you buy from a local florist, keep in mind that flowers have restricted availability depending on the season. However, if you purchase your wedding flowers online, it is less likely that you’ll run into this problem.

What Sizes of Wedding Bouquets Should I Use?

You can easily answer this question keeping into account two factors: how much emphasis you want to give your to your wedding flowers and how much do you want to spend on them. Naturally, bigger bouquets will accentuate more and increase the cost of the overall wedding decoration.

Choosing Wedding Flowers According to Their Meaning?

This doesn’t necessarily refer to an arbitrary meaning that others have attributed to flowers, but rather to what different flowers mean to YOU! For instance, Asiatic lilies were thought of being the appropriate blooms for funerals, yet many brides have chosen these flowers for their wedding. Obviously, these brides overlooked the arbitrary meaning of Asiatic lilies and focused on their large size, bright colors and soft fragrance. Remember that this day is all about you and your future spouse: choose the flowers YOU love. Has your fiance always given you roses? Did your mom used to grow hydrangeas in her garden while you were growing up? Think about these things as you choose the type of flowers you want for your wedding!

What Bouquets Should My Bridesmaids Use?

Many brides choose a bridal bouquet that is different from the bridesmaids’ bouquets. This decision can be made taking into account the budget, the bridesmaids’ dresses and colors and/or the overall wedding theme. Additionally, brides can add mementos to each bridesmaid bouquet, to remind them why they are special to the bride. Something like a little ribbon with the number of years they’ve known each other for or the name of the place they met written on it!

Should I Include Accessories In My Wedding Bouquets?

Think about incorporating special accessories, such as pins, pearls, ribbons or brooches into your wedding arrangements. These accessories can be used to highlight the flowers themselves or to simply include an accessory with a special meaning for the bride or bridesmaids. The wedding centerpieces can include different accessories as well, like the table where the bride and groom are seating can have a centerpiece with pins or pearls, thereby accentuating the sweetheart table.

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