8 Tips How to Organize Your Venue For Your Outdoor Wedding – 2024 Guide

by Jack Kurosaki

We’re all well aware of the fact that organizing a wedding is a process that is daunting, time-consuming, and quite stressful. Nonetheless, everything gets even more difficult if you choose a venue for an outdoor wedding. Why? Well, mostly because there are more things that you’ll need to consider and do.

This is probably one of the reasons why you might be wondering – what are some of the tips that I should keep in mind when organizing a venue for my outdoor wedding? Fortunately for all individuals, this article might help. Let’s take a closer look at the things you’ll need to consider and do:

1. Choose The Period Wisely And Carefully

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Before we go on to some other planning tips, this is a thing worth mentioning – choose the month for your wedding carefully and wisely. First of all, unless you live somewhere where the sun is shining during the entire year, it is likely that you won’t be able to organize a wedding outside.

Spring and autumn are both possible, however, it can be sunny during the day, but it can also get extremely chilly during the evening, hence, you’ll need to worry about that. This is why most couples plan their weddings for the summer. Keep in mind, you’ll need a backup plan in case it starts raining, but we’ll be discussing this later in the article.

2. Your Guests Must Be Comfortable at All Times

It is an outdoor ceremony, which is why one of the most important things you need to do is to ensure that all your guests are comfortable. If you are planning on a beach ceremony, ensure that you provide hand fans, cold beverages, protection from the sun, as well as some slippers so that your guests don’t ruin their shoes.

On the other hand, if you are, for example, planning on having a wedding at a park or vineyard, you should ensure that you are protected from the wind, sun, and rain, and you should also provide umbrellas in case it starts raining and you and your guests need to move inside. Guaranteeing your guests remain comfortable at all times will help you have a perfect wedding day.

3. Decor, Decor, Decor

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The best thing about choosing an outdoor venue is that it is already beautiful, which means that you won’t need to decorate as much. Of course, you’ll want to choose what suits your needs and style, hence, if you, for example, want a stone outdoor table and some mesmerizing centerpieces on them, ensure that you find exactly what you like since it’ll make the entire day even more special. In case you want to learn more about outdoor stone tables, click here. To finish up the look, there should be quality tablecloth linens from CV linens to style your tables and chairs.

Some other things that you might want to get are an arch where you can say your vows and take photographs with your guests, later on, you can add mesmerizing and cheap strings of light that will create a romantic feeling in the evening, and you could even choose to add torches that will illuminate the paths and area.

4. Always Have an Emergency Plan

Why would you need an emergency plan for your special day? Well, you’ll want to have a place where you can continue the celebration even if the weather gets bad. There are really two options that you can choose from. First is choosing a venue that has an indoor celebration area, hence, if it starts raining, you can all move inside.

On the other hand, you could also choose to install a tent over the celebration area. Although it might be a bit more expensive to do this, it will ensure that your guests, food, band, and decoration stay dry, which is something that is quite important, especially if you don’t want your wedding to be ruined.

5. Carefully Opt For The Menu And Refreshments

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In the case of a summer ceremony, you cannot really serve something that is greasy or that will make your guests feel ill, hence, you must ensure that you carefully choose the menu for your special day. Additionally, you must avoid ingredients such as mayo since it can easily go bad under the sun.

Of course, there will be alcoholic beverages, however, it’ll be hot, which means that you might want to serve lemonades and punches as well. Ensure that you also have a lot of water and ice too. It is all about keeping your guests refreshed and cool, which will allow them to feel comfortable and enjoy the celebration.

6. Insects May Be a Huge Problem

Yes, you should provide your guests with all the items mentioned in tip number 02, but, what about battling the annoying insects? Mosquitos are probably going to show up at some point, hence, ensure that you use some citrus-scented candles in order to deter them. Also, install several zappers around the venue since it’ll keep the insects at bay.

7. You Might Need a Permit

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No matter what outdoor venue you choose, you must contact your local government in order to learn whether or not you’ll need a permit. Besides ensuring that you obtain the permit on time, you should also use this situation for inquiring about different regulations and rules that are connected to removing the trash after the ceremony, whether or not you can light torches and candles, and so on. Doing this can save you a lot of trouble later on.

8. A Sound System is a Requirement

When you imagine yourself walking down a sandy aisle during your ceremony, you probably don’t think about the waves crashing around you or the strong winds. This is why you need to get a proper and high-quality sound system, especially since it’ll ensure that everyone can hear you while saying “Yes!”.


Organizing an outdoor wedding is even more difficult than organizing one indoors. However, if you choose to follow some or all of the tips mentioned in the article above, you’ll be able to make the entire process easier, more time-efficient, and more importantly, less stressful for everyone involved in the planning.

Hence, now that you’re aware of all the things you’ll need to do and consider, you should really not lose any more of your time. Instead, return back to the beginning of the list above and start with the first tip we mentioned – which is determining whether your wedding will be during spring, summer, autumn, or in some cases, even winter.

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