Top 7 Wedding Tips for 2024

by K M

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I. Wedding Tips 2024: Wedding Makeup


Q1: What can I do to help my make-up last throughout my wedding day?

To help your make-up last it’s important to choose the right formulations. Look out for oil-free moisturizers and foundations. Setting a foundation with powder will help keep it in place and prevent creases from appearing. Another good tip is to look for any product that states it’s waterproof as this makes products resistant to heat, sweat and even the odd tear of joy. For long-lasting lips apply a lip pencil all over the lips and then a little lipstick or lip gloss on top.


Q2: How can I give my skin a radiant glow?

Start by really looking after your skin in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Get into the habit of regularly exfoliating your skin and drinking lots of water and making sure you get your beauty sleep. On the day you can achieve a sunkissed effect by applying a bronzer to your cheeks, temples, and shoulders. Crème blushes also create a very natural flush of color.


Q3: Is it wise to have a facial just before the wedding?

It isn’t a good idea to change your usual skincare routine just before the wedding. Try to book a series of facials in the run-up to the wedding to prepare your skin, it’s also a great way to relax and enjoy a bit of pampering. Choose a gentle facial that isn’t designed to bring out any impurities as this can encourage spots, your beauty therapist will be able to advise you on the most appropriate facial for your skin type.


Q4: I’m getting married abroad; can you recommend which kinds of products are best in the heat?

Less is more in the heat, so opt for a natural look and use lightweight products. If you are going to be standing out in the sun then a high SPF is essential. Avoid using a foundation if possible, instead, choose a lightweight concealer to hide any blemishes or dark circles under the eyes. Then use a crême or gel blusher followed by a little powder dusted over the T-zone. Powder eyeshadows last well in the heat and for lips try a lip pencil all over, then lip gloss on top.


Q5: Help! I don’t normally wear make-up but everyone says I should for my wedding day, how can I avoid looking too made-up?

It’s a good idea to wear some make-up to define your features and avoid you looking washed out in your photographs. That’s doesn’t mean to say you need to look dramatically different, a light, natural make-up would be perfect. I suggest applying a sheer foundation and then using neutral colors for a subtle effect. Have a few practice sessions before the wedding so you can find a look you’re happy with.

II. Wedding Tips 2024: Wedding Etiquette



Q1: Should I have a receiving line at my reception?

The traditional etiquette is to have a receiving line, it is seen as good manners and is the perfect way for the bride, groom and their families to greet their guests. Whilst tradition dictates the line should take place at the beginning of the reception, it is more practical to have the receiving line as the guests walk into dinner.


Q2: Is it necessary to state a dress code on my invitations?

If your wedding is taking place in the morning or early afternoon everyone will traditionally assume it is morning suits and hats so you don’t need to state this. However, with later wedding guests may be confused so you should stipulate either morning or evening dress. For informal ceremonies state lounge suits on the invitation.


Q3: Will it be seen as impolite if I enclose a copy of my wedding list with the invitations, lots of my friends have done this but my mum doesn’t approve?

If you want to follow tradition then your mum is right. Traditional etiquette is for guests to contact the bride’s mum for advice on buying gifts. However, many guests are no longer surprised to see a gift list enclosed alongside an invitation. My advice to avoid offending anyone is to enclose an information sheet listing directions to the venue and places to stay and just add a line stating who to contact for gift ideas and then this person can advise as to where the list is being held.


Q4: Should I buy a hat to wear to my friend’s wedding?

There is no hard and fast etiquette rule on this one. It is considered good etiquette to ‘dress up’ for a wedding showing the hosts and bride and groom that you consider their day special. This is where the hat tradition developed, generally, hats are not something we wear every day and are therefore considered ‘dressy’. Most of us enjoy the excuse to wear a hat but if you do not like them or don’t suit a hat then you do not have to feel obliged to wear one. As long as your wedding attire looks special, you do not have to worry.


Q5: Is a toastmaster essential to ensure the smooth running of my wedding day?

At a wedding, a toastmaster will announce the guests during the receiving line, announce the meal, cake cutting, speeches, and toasts as well as the first dance. He may also say Grace if you request it. For a larger wedding (more than 150 guests) with a receiving line, I would say that a toastmaster is essential to keep things moving smoothly and on time. I would also think one necessary if your wedding entails a lot of moving from one location to another ie drinks in one room, dinner in another and fireworks outside. A toastmaster will direct everyone and get them moving quickly! If you feel a toastmaster is too formal for your wedding, the banqueting manager at the reception venue may offer to step into the role.

III. Wedding Tips 2024: Wedding Fashion


Q1: I don’t know whether to go for a white or ivory dress, are there any guidelines I can follow to find what will suit me?

The important point is to choose the color that is most flattering to your skin tone. Generally speaking, the majority of English brides are best suited to an ivory color so I recommend this as a good starting point. As soon as you start trying dresses on you’ll see whether the color suits you or not. If ivory makes you look too pale try a warmer color such as a rich cream or subtle blush pink. If it makes you look a little yellow opt for white, pure white dresses look amazing against warm olive tones and dark skin.


Q2: Can you give me any advice on choosing my wedding day lingerie?

When trying on lingerie take a good look at yourself in the mirror and think about the shape the underwear gives you and whether this is the right shape for your wedding dress. The right bra, for example, can emphasize or minimize your bust depending on the effect you want. If you’re going with Hauteflair‘s open cup bra to surprise your husband after the wedding is over, then consider a closed wedding dress. Also, consider the shape of the neckline and how low the back of your dress is to avoid seeing any straps. Try on your underwear and dress together before the wedding morning so you know you’re entirely happy with how everything looks.


Q3: Help! I don’t know where to start looking for my wedding dress?

The best thing to do is to think about what style of dress would suit your personality. Do you like flamboyant designs or are you a minimalist at heart? Choose your venue before you start looking for your dress so you can picture what style of dress would suit the venue too. Compile a wedding scrapbook of pictures you like to give a clear idea of the style you want and when trying dresses on, make a mental note of what you like about each dress. This will help you narrow down the choice available to make finding that dream dress easy.


Q4: What dress shapes are the most slimming for a fuller figure?

There’s a lot to be said for showing off your curves but if you’re worried about big hips, or the size of your bottom, a princess line is an excellent choice as it is fitted over the bust into the waist and then flares out skimming over your hips and thighs. If you want a straighter silhouette to try wearing a delicate organza or chiffon coat over a straight dress for a softer line or have a straight look at the front with a full train at the back but coming slightly forwards over the hips, thus giving the illusion of smaller hips.”


Q5: How can I find the right veil to suit my dress?

Many brides worry about finding the right veil but there isn’t any mystery to it. My advice is to have an idea of how you would like the veil to look but concentrate on choosing your dress first. Once your dress has been fitted you’ll be able to see which veil looks right. The veil can be used to alter the look of your dress, for example, a short veil generally gives a modern look while a longer one adds a more traditional feel. Choose a veil that matches the dress color and think about incorporating any detail on the dress such as beading or lace into the veil.

IV. Wedding Tips 2024: Wedding Hairstyles


Q1: What is the best way to find a good stylist that specializes in bridal hair?

As soon as you book the church for your wedding day you need to book your hairdresser. Make sure you go to someone who specializes in dressing hair and has been recommended to you. Choose a reputable hairdresser and they will be able to advise and help in lots of different ways in the build-up to the wedding as well as on the day itself.


Q2: How do I get my hair in good condition for my wedding?

Plan a countdown program to ensure your hair is in top condition for the day. Go for regular trims and conditioning treatments every 6-8 weeks to give your hair strength and shine. At home keep up the good work with a moisturizing shampoo and always use a conditioner.


Q3: How many days before the wedding should I have my hair cut and colored?

It is not advisable to have your hair cut on your wedding day. Aim to have your final trim around ten days before the wedding day, you can have any color done at the same time. This allows enough time for the cut and color to settle for the wedding day and ensure you do not end up with roots showing.


Q4: How can I secure my tiara and veil?

This is down to your hairdresser, so it should not be your problem but it is always good to know. Position the tiara in the desired place and with a hairpin pinch a small section of hair and take it over the sides of the tiara. Secure by sliding the pin back over the tiara with the section of hair. Use hairpins rather than grips as these can slide off. Your headdress should feel secure when you move around, if it doesn’t, let your hairdresser know.


Q5: How can I find the best style to suit me for my wedding?

Once you have chosen your dress show a picture of it to your hairdresser so you can discuss the type of hairstyle that will complement it. Don’t purchase your headdress without consulting your hairdresser first. If your wedding dress is a romantic fairytale style dress, curls and fresh flowers will look perfect. Otherwise, a simple, sleek, classic dress will look best with smoother lines and a simple tiara.

By having a wedding hair trial with your hairdresser you will soon be able to see which styles suit you the best.

V. Wedding Tips 2024: Wedding Suits For Men


Q1: I’m looking for an alternative to the traditional morning suit, but I don’t want to look like I’m going to the office either, have you got any suggestions?

The key is to wear a modern suite with a slightly unusual cut and or fabric to make it look really special. I find that a suit with a long line jacket gives a more formal feel that’s perfect for weddings. Another important aspect is to choose the right accessories. Think carefully about all the details such as the cut of the shirt, adding some cufflinks and incorporating some color with your tie and waistcoat.


Q2: What color themes are the most fashionable at the moment?

Lilac is still the most fashionable way to incorporate some color into your wedding day look. Either go for a lilac waistcoat, perhaps with a touch of purple, worn with a white shirt or, if you’re not having a waistcoat trying a tone on tone look of a lilac shirt and lilac tie. Other popular choices color choices are ivory or gold or a mixture of both works very well.


Q3: I want to have a suit specially made for my wedding, what should I be looking for when choosing one?

Having a suit specially made for your wedding is a great idea but the higher price tag means you’ll probably want to be able to wear it again and again. If this is the case opt for a classic style and then focus your attention on adding colorful accessories. The great thing with having a suit made is that you can specify the exact fit you want and choose a really good quality fabric that will stand the test of time. The finishing touches like choosing the buttons you want and the color of the lining all give the suit its individuality.


Q4: What is this season’s most stylish suit shape?

If you want a modern suit I suggest going for a single button jacket that’s tapered to the waist for an up to the minute look. The trousers should be flat fronted with a straight leg that’s is slightly wider than last season. Square toe black leather shoes are the perfect choice of footwear for this look.


Q5: I’ve bought my wedding suit but I’m unsure how to coordinate the rest of my outfit, can you help?

Lots of men have trouble styling the complete look so don’t be afraid to ask for some professional advice when shopping, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. A good starting point is to think about the kind of look you want to achieve, whether you want to look at the cutting edge of fashion or to follow a particular theme. Most grooms choose the same color scheme as the wedding flowers or bridesmaids’ dresses for a coordinated look.

VI. Wedding Tips 2024: Wedding Photography Tips


Q1: My fiance and I would like relaxed reportage style pictures of our wedding but my parents still want to have traditional line-up photographs, how can I keep everyone happy?

You must get the wedding pictures you want. I suggest you contact a selection of photographers whose work you have seen or have been recommended to you and ask about line up shots. Most reportage photographers will be happy to take a few group shots if you agree in advance how many you want and get someone such as your best man to find and organize the guests required for each picture.


Q2: I can’t decide whether to go for black & white or color photographs, is it possible for one photographer to do both?

Yes, talk through with your photographer whether you want the majority of pictures in black & white or color. Many photographers will work with both as lots of couples want to say an album of black & white photographs with some color pictures for framed prints, also it’s becoming very popular to have an album combining both types of film. Black & white pictures printed from color film won’t give you the same quality as using a specialist black & white film so it’s essential for the photographer to have two separate cameras.


Q3: How can I avoid looking posed in my wedding photographs?

A lot of brides worry about suddenly being followed everywhere by a photographer when they aren’t used to it. The secret is to meet your photographer before the wedding to get to know each other a little bit so you don’t feel like you’re spending the day with a stranger. The other thing people tend to forget is that on the day so much else is happening that, especially with the more informal styles of photography, you’ll probably forget that your photographer is even there and this is often when you get the best shots. So just relax and enjoy the day and it will show in your pictures.


Q4: Will I have to buy all the pictures my photographer takes whether I want them or not?

No, most photographers charge a set fee to take the pictures on the day and included in this fee are all the film and processing costs for a set number of pictures. Is this just a general guideline and everyone has slightly different ways of charging for pictures but as long as you agree in advance exactly what you will be getting for your money there won’t be a problem.


Q5: Can I expect my photographer to record the entire day right through to us leaving our reception?

Most photographers will come to your house in the morning to either photograph you getting ready or to take some shots of you with your bridesmaids and parents before you leave for the ceremony. After the ceremony, they will follow you to the reception as most couples like to have pictures taken on the grounds of their venue. If you want anything else it’s important to discuss this with the individual photographer. Make it clear if you want them to stay to take pictures of the speeches or your first dance.

VII. Wedding Tips 2024: Wedding Cake


Q1: I don’t like fruitcake, but my partner does so can we mix the fillings?

Yes, you can, most couples wanting to do this just have the top layer made in sponge so that the lightest layer is on top. It’s also a good idea to have two fillings to give your guests a choice too. If you want to do this check with your cake maker because sponge layers can only be made a few days before the wedding and they will need time to decorate them too.


Q2: I would like fresh flowers on my wedding cake, will my cake maker or florist organize this?

Wedding cakes with fresh flowers are very striking and are perfect for summer weddings. You’ll need to discuss this with your cake maker to decide on the look you want and then talk this over with your florist so they can provide flowers to match your bouquet. Some flowers and foliage are poisonous so be careful which you choose. If you are having a flower garland around the cake the florist will need dimensions too.


Q3: How long before the wedding should I order my wedding cake?

Good cake makers are always in demand so if you want something quite specialized you will need to allow at least four months and for summer weddings even up to six months. You won’t have to choose the exact cake design at this stage if you are still deciding on wedding themes but it helps to be as organized as possible.


Q4: Our wedding is on quite a tight budget; can you suggest a way of keeping down the cost of our cake?

A good idea is to have a sponge wedding cake, this can then be served as part of your dessert course. Lemon Madeira with a raspberry coulis or a chocolate Sache torte and ice cream are just a couple of suggestions. Alternatively, supermarkets have a limited range of wedding cakes at very reasonable prices that you could decorate yourself for a more individual look.


Q5: My Mother would like to bake the fruitcake for my wedding, as it’s a family tradition. Is it possible to get a professional just to ice it?

Yes, most cake makers will offer a decoration service if that is all you want. However, it’s is important to remember that most of the cost involved in making a wedding cake is in the time it takes to decorate it. This would, of course, vary considerably on how decorative you want the cake to look. Talk it over carefully with both your mum and a cake maker before you make any decisions.

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