4 Ways To Make Your Wedding Special – 2024 Guide

by Jack Kurosaki

Are you planning to get married soon? Or organize the marriage of someone close? Every day close to 115,000 couples get wedded. Within such a huge number of people. How would you get your wedding to stand out and be remembered?

Then there are 4 main ways on how to make that special day all the more memorable.

1. Keep it interactive

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Having an interactive wedding is going to be something every single guest will remember as much as you. Remember to take song suggestions from every single invitee while sending out invites.

Add these songs to your playlist during the wedding, this will keep the dance floor alive and the guests feel heard and enjoy the wedding as much as you.

Having a photo booth organized can keep the party going for both the old folks and the kids. They’ll get to keep treasured memories of the occasion making it all the more memorable.

A couple-dance will be an interesting addition to add to the mix. Having something for all the couples to enjoy will be quite a lasting memory. Won’t it?

Having food freshly prepared in front of your guests could add to the experience. All the better if it’s traditional and still fits well with the vibe of your event. Events like having a Turkish ice cream stand and freshly grilled food could make it quite exciting for the guests.

Putting up a bouncy castle or setting up near a duck pond can keep your guests entertained and can prove a great place for post-wedding photoshoots.

2. Keep it minimalistic

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This doesn’t mean – to be miserly. This is a style to keep the wedding from looking excessive. Making sure the wedding is set up in the exact style you planned is great, but also keep in mind that you shouldn’t give off the impression that you’ve overspent on the decorations.

Making sure you go for a well-styled, personally themed wedding with efficient use of space and keeping it very clean is not only environmentally conscious but also quite pretty.

Open garden scapes and clean simple looking halls can work incredibly well for a wedding, provided it fits your theme. Keep in mind, not all wedding themes can be minimalistic, some rely on being showy to be heard.

3. Have interesting invitations

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Working with the conventional wedding invitations with a white or pink background with a standard gold border just doesn’t cut it anymore. Having a personalized invite card with some of your best memories or locations on it is a great way to make it stand out.

There are many companies that offer to make custom designed wedding cards, but few like Greetingsisland can make the perfect card. With a combination of artistic skill, great memories, perfect wordplay, and beautiful packaging the right team can turn a bland wedding invite into something truly magical.

Spending the time to ask invitees their favorite songs can make it quite a pleasant experience for them to partake in. If you plan to do this, remember to attach a stamp of the due fees so that they can reply without going too much out of their way.

Another way to make it more interesting would be to make personal notes to each invitee explaining the role they played in your life in a short concise manner such as a poem or a haiku. This makes it a lot easier

4. Customizing the littlest things

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Playing around with every small and normal thing generally ignored can add fascinating effects to the overall wedding theme. From fancy tablescapes with little decorations and their miniature themes, such as naming and decorating them after a memory with your partner, A custom bouquet, and color schemes.

  • Making a custom table design is something that is sure to take away the breaths of all your invitees. Working with very detailed tablescapes requires professional effort and care which can be hired.
  • Using local flowers for your bouquet and decoration can help make the wedding fit in a lot better with the environment and a lot prettier at the same time. This can also significantly reduce expenses for you, especially if you plan to use a lot of flowers.
  • Use a minimal bouquet or a lavish bouquet. Using either is a great idea as long it fits in with the theme of the wedding. A minimalist bouquet can look lovely with a surrounding minimalist look, however, you might want to pick a more exquisite bouquet if you are going for a fancier look.
  • If you don’t know what to do with empty spaces, use neon! Neon doesn’t only look pretty but can add a touch of modernity to a very traditional wedding. But always remember to think twice when working with neon, as well as it can turn drab walls into something spectacular to look at, it can just as well ruin pretty hedges.
  • Add Family traditions and local treats to the menu. This might seem rather odd as family traditions are something you would eat every weekend, however, most of your guests wouldn’t have tasted your grandma’s perfect apple pies or your dad’s grilled duck.
    This gives you a chance to show the guests and your companion and their family more about yours.
    A treat of local food from wherever you are conducting the wedding would also be quite a treat for your guests. It will also give a strong local flavor to the wedding, both literally and figuratively. Adding a twist of exotic food can make a boring wedding much more impressive.

A wedding is a time for you and your lifelong companion to take the sacred vows. It is a special moment and weighs significantly on your life. Make this occasion much more memorable by making it more interactive, adding a touch of your own color while keeping it down to earth, sending out personalised custom invites, and making your own subtle changes.

Following this guide can turn your wedding into the perfect few days of your life.

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