4 Perfect Wedding Color Combinations & Ideas All Brides Will Love – 2024 Guide

by Jack Kurosaki

Have you finally decided that it is time to get married with the logo of your life? If you have, I can only imagine just how excited you are. But, this special and complicated day will not just get you excited, but a little bit scared. However, there is nothing wrong with that, everyone gets a little bit scared for this special day. Especially, because all of us just wanted to be as perfect as possible. To reach that certain level of perfection, you will need to find that perfect wedding color combination and ideas.

However, with so many different combinations and ideas that have already been done, it can be difficult to find something that will make your wedding unique. Although, if you get inspired by a certain color combination that you find online or you have seen in pictures, there is nothing wrong with copying that same idea. It does not make your wedding lesser or not is unique in any way. My advice is to just forget about reaching a certain level of “uniqueness” and just tried to pick the things that you like and love.

To make things for the bride and the groom a little bit easier, I decided to write this article and share some of the most interesting wedding color combinations and ideas I managed to find online. I am sure that you will love at least one of these or you will get inspired by several of them.

1. The ultimate combination – pink and blue

Source: pinterest.com

To me, this is probably the best possible combination of colors for a wedding. It might be a bit classic and something that you usually see in movies, but you simply cannot ignore the fact just how well light and blue can go together. But finding the right flowers, picking the right dresses, and making the entire atmosphere flow from this one color to another, everything will look amazing.

For a lot of people, this is simply the ultimate combination. It will make your wedding seem like a dream. Although, if you like this option but you also want something a little bit more, you can also experiment with adding a few other colors. For example, I think that a nice and light orange will go great with the pink and blue. But, that is just my opinion and you could always experiment with something else.

This is your day and you have the freedom to try everything you want. With enough trial and error, I am sure that you will come to some kind of conclusion.

To make the atmosphere even more fun and interesting for your guests, you should also consider altering the lighting as suggested by ohbestdayever.com. LEDs that shine in pink and blue colors are definitely possible. By implementing that kind of lighting, they could really change the feel of the atmosphere.

However, be careful not to overdo it with pink and blue. It might be too much.

2. White and pastel green

Source: blovedblog.com

This is another classic and a great combination of colors that always look well at weddings. Obviously, white elements will fit with everything considering that this is a wedding. I assume that you will be in a white dress which means that all of the elements will also combine great with your look. It also is a great combination if your husband-to-be is going to wearing a black suit with a white shirt.

The pastel green should be there to break the monotony. It is not supposed to take over the atmosphere but just add to it. Most of the elements should be white, but a bit of pastel green in a middle to break things up a little bit will make your wedding day look amazing.

However, just make sure that you pick the right green otherwise you might not achieve the look that you are searching for. It has to be exactly the perfect kind of pastel green if you want this to work.
Although, as I said previously, in the end, it all depends on your taste and opinion.

3. Black and purple

Source: nuagedesigns.com

I managed to find something a bit more unique, something that you probably have not seen in movies or on TV. It may be a bit difficult to execute, but with enough dedication and the right contacts, I think it is more than possible.

Of course, I am talking about implementing black colors for your wedding day. I know, this can be difficult to process for a lot of people because many of them connect black with something dark. But, that does not have to be the case. Black is a beautiful color and can be combined with so many different shades and elements.

This time, I believe that purple will go great with black. Of course, you do not have to make everything be in black and purple. If you want, you could still keep most elements white and use black and purple as accents.
If you are brave enough, you could also get rid of the white entirely. But, that is definitely very experimental. Although, if you are willing, go right ahead.

4. Gold and blue

Source: pinterest.com

When it comes to wedding days, there is always some room for gold. Gold is a color that can be combined with almost everything. It is especially beautiful for this special type of occasion. But, if you truly want the perfect combination, I suggest putting gold and blue together. These colors look so good when you put them side-by-side.

Obviously, you will not be able to find any golden flowers, but you will definitely able to find blue flowers. Blue Irises, poppies, hydrangea, and many more options are available. Those flowers with golden decorations will make everything look like out of a movie.

Play around with different flowers and decorations, and am sure you will come up with something that looks beautiful.

There are probably thousands of other color combinations and ideas available, but I believe that these four ideas I mentioned are truly perfect, especially for your special wedding day as a bride.

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