5 Tips for Hosting a Last-Minute Engagement Party

by Maki Sharda

For many, the act of engagement is one of the most beautiful memories and the most important moments in life. The period that follows after this, the organization of the wedding, is extremely demanding and implies a maximum commitment to the organization of the ceremony. That is why the engagement should be celebrated as soon as possible and close friends and family should be informed about this happy news.

However, some things in life simply cannot be predicted, and a situation in which everything has to be organized asap can throw us out of our comfort zones. It’s nice to be able to plan and arrange everything on time, but if something unpredictable happens, and you need your engagement party to be thrown in the shortest possible time, you need a sober head.

For this very reason, we have decided to give you some tips about throwing a last-minute party, that will help you stay on track, and make sure it’s an event everyone will remember. Continue reading to see what we have prepared…

1. Date and Venue

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Since it’s a last-minute party, the first thing you need to go searching for is the venue. But for the venue to be booked, you need a specific date. Since we’re talking last-minute parties, there will probably not be so many choices, and you would need to be flexible when it comes to the venue. However, when you finally book it, you’ll be ready to start planning other things like decoration, music, etc.

Here are some of our suggestions when it comes to picking the perfect venue for your party:

• A night out with your friends, in your favorite cafe. Most often, future newlyweds reserve a couple of tables in a cafe, club, or restaurant, invite friends and thus celebrate their engagement. This is a simple and easy way because it does not require a large organization of events. It is enough to invite friends, reserve tables in your favorite cafe or club and the party can begin.

• Host a party at your place. If you would like your engagement party to stand out from the rest, you can do a little more to organize the celebration itself – a more intimate and beautiful atmosphere would be when you could have a party in your home, of course, if you feel like tidying up the space before and after the celebration.

Both of the above-mentioned solutions can still contribute to throwing a party everyone will remember. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. If you decide on this type of party, under your own direction, when organizing, you should take care of all the elements of the celebration: the list of guests, music, adapting the space to this purpose, and food and drink. Since you’re doing a last-minute party, this can be tiring. There’s a solution to this too, though. Read it in our tip no. 2, below.

2. Use all the help you can get

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Since there will be work to do, why not gather your friends in a chat group, and see if someone’s willing to help you. There will surely be at least a couple of them who would love to get involved. Once you make a list of those who do, create a task list, a delegate accordingly. This way all you have to do is check the progress from time to time.

3. Decoration shortcut

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One of the most time-consuming tasks you’ll be facing when throwing any party is the decorating task. When you have enough time, it is fun, but if you’re reading this article, time is what you do not have. But worry no further, because we have a very practical solution to offer. In case you didn’t know, all your decorating troubles are just a click away. You can simply choose custom party favors at kraftedparty.com, and order literally everything you need for the party. This is a time-saver, in a situation like yours.

4. Inviting guests

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Here’s it is very important to determine who you’d like to celebrate your engagement with? Will your party include a wider circle of friends, or will you keep it intimate inviting only those closest to you? When you’re facing a lack of time, then it’s best to keep things as intimate as possible. After all, there will be a wedding to which you can invite a bunch of people.

For those who do not like big celebrations, but want to celebrate intimate moments only with their closest ones, the right choice is a beautiful, festive dinner. You can prepare it in your home or restaurant and you can invite your closest friends and family to it.

Apart from celebrating the engagement in this way, it is also a great opportunity for all your guests to get to know each other. After all, they are your future mutual family friends and family members.

If you decide to host the dinner at your home, take care of the number of guests you will invite. You don’t want it to be crowded, and if you can’t narrow down the guest list, then maybe the restaurant is the right choice for you.

5. A party for two

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Definitely the most intimate of all ways to celebrate an engagement is to do it alone with your partner. This is certainly the least complicated variant, and for many, it is the most beautiful. You can celebrate this act with your partner in an unlimited number of ways, and together you will surely reach an agreement that is the most beautiful. Take a trip down a memory lane, remembering all the things you’ve experienced together, especially those that made you fall in love with each other.

Last-minute parties can be a source of great stress, however, if you apply our tips, you will avoid getting stressed over it, and make it one beautiful night to remember. After all, it is how it should be.

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