6 Fashionable Ways to Wear Platform Heels to a Wedding

by Maki Sharda

A wedding is an occasion where you have to look your absolute best. Choosing the dress and the right way to do your hair is challenging enough. Once you add footwear to the mix, it becomes even more complicated. There are many types of heels, flats, and shoes that people are experimental with at weddings.

In this article, we will be focusing on platform heels and how they are a great fashion statement on any big occasion. Contrary to what one might think, there are multiple ways in which platform heels can change your look.

1. Go With Solid Colors

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There is one choice you cannot go wrong with while choosing the type of footwear you want. When you fix solid colors for your outfit you are making a deliberate choice of picking all of your related accessories accordingly. Footwear is easily available in solid colors so it will not be difficult to match it with the outfit you have chosen. You can easily get stylish platform heels at grrlygrrls.com.

Going with solid colors is the first step after which you have to decide the kind of heels you want to wear. You can pick platform boots that have varying length from your calf to your knees. But if it is a summer wedding, an open toed option will be a good call to let your feet breathe. Whatever you may choose, understand that you can either match the color of your outfit exactly or go with a complimentary shade.

2. Choose a Knitted Set

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Knitted outfits are becoming extremely popular for different occasions. A knitted set typically includes a top and the skirt along with an optional shrug over it. The length of the skirt and the top depends on personal choice and the dress code at the wedding. Apart from going with the knitted set, one can also choose a dress which was knitted to have a similar effect.

Dresses of shorter length go extremely well with boots that reach at least mid calf. They are perfect for giving a chic and casual vibe. Additionally, one might think that a knitted outfit is not season appropriate. However, it is a misconception as the cloth material is very brea the bill and is not intended to provide warmth.

3. Puffy Sleeves and A Simple Dress

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If you want that perfect dreamy look while looking like the girl next door, the puffy sleeved shirt with a dress on top of it will make for an amazing combination. The signature look is with a white shirt and a dress in a darker tone but you can switch it up if you want something bright.

One can go with neon colors and matching platform heels to create a more dramatic entrance. Going to a wedding is all about celebrating and having fun with your loved ones. Choosing something which makes you feel comfortable and beautiful like a short dress would work in your favor.

One can easily mix it up by choosing to just wear a white shirt with puffy sleeves and skirt beneath it. The length of the skirt should ideally be above the knees so that it can go extremely well with the platform heels you bought. You cannot go wrong with your footwear so try to make strategic choices accordingly.

4. All Black Ensemble

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Let us come to the most popular color among anyone who wants to make a bold statement. Choosing black as your go to color will be perfect at any occasion especially to a wedding you are supposed to dress in a certain manner. You can easily find black platform heels with different finishes depending on the type of outfit you are going for. For instance, it can be shiny or in a more velvety feel, either of which is good.

One thing that we can advise you while choosing an all black ensemble is that you should always go for a statement piece. It can be exaggerated jewelry like earrings or a necklace. You can also choose to add a splash of color by going with a scarf which is in a contrasting color to black.

5. Pleated Top and Skirt

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Pleated skirts have become popular in recent years because of the very shapely look they provide your lower body. When one adds a pleated top to the mix the entire outside comes together and gives just as much grace as a dress does. While wearing platform heels will not be too far fetched with a pleated skirt and a top, you can also try something different.

With this particular outfit choice we will recommend you going with platform heeled boots. Choosing boots rather than the typical heels will change your look and give it a more breezy and summery vibe. They might look too professional if you do not plan your outfit accordingly so make sure you balance it just right. Go for somewhat sober colors without choosing something that you would wear to your office.

6. Dress and Tights

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We have added the most signature look at the last. This is because if you are considering wearing platform heels you must have heard of it. Your dress should be short with your tides matching the color. The heels should match the color of the dress and all the elements can be of the same color as well depending on how bold you want to seem.

Black or beige tides work extremely well so the choice entirely depends on the type of color contrast you want to go for. The benefit of choosing this combination is that you can go with boots or open toed footwear in a variety of shades.

The Takeaway

Platform heels by themselves work as an amazing fashion statement. Choosing the right outfit matters a lot because it can make or break the impression you want to give. Since it is a wedding, going with a dress is probably the best bet with skirts being a closed second.

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