5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Catering

by Maki Sharda

Organizing weddings can be quite expensive. It is necessary to pay for the space for the ceremony, decoration, suits, etc. The list of expenses is growing over time, so we suggest you start planning as early as possible. That way, you’ll be able to save a lot of money. However, there are a few more ways you can save. Food is an important part of your special day, but it is also an opportunity to save money. The cost of a wedding can vary. Everyone should first look and act reasonably, because there are big differences in prices. So, not everything has to be too expensive.

1. Start planning early

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The sooner you book a place, a flower shop, catering – the better. You will get a better price, especially if you are flexible with time or location. There is one interesting fact, and that is that late planning can also help you save money. It’s a great option for all people who can’t stay responsible and stick to a budget. The later you start planning, the less time you have to waste money. You won’t even remember all the crazy things you would spend money on. Time planning brings you many other benefits.

For example, you will not be exposed to stress because you forgot to perform several important tasks. It is best to start planning as soon as you decide to organize this event. It’s not too late if you do it 6 to 3 months earlier. Otherwise, you will be in a hurry and constantly afraid of deadlines. In such organizational conditions, it is very difficult to find the right services, especially if you have chosen the season of the celebration.

2. Invite as few guests as possible

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Choose a priority. Determine in advance what is most important to have – food, photographer, dress, and tailor your budget so that you still get that one thing for sure. In that case, it is desirable to keep a small list of guests. It is the safest way to save money, and to avoid conflicts, cut out entire categories – children, colleagues and others. That way you will need twice as much space, food, drinks and everything else.

You should insist on confirmation of arrival when it comes to a wedding in a restaurant in order to avoid excess food, drinks or free seats. In “normal” conditions and circumstances, wedding invitations should be sent 4 to 12 months before the big day. If, on the other hand, you decide to personally hand out the invitations, it is recommended that you do so a month, up to a month and a half before the wedding.

3. Choose a weekday for the wedding

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Avoid the weekend because then contract and event catering is cheaper. Whether you choose a location for a certain day or catering, do not decide for the weekend. Every other day is cheaper for a wedding, simply because it is less popular. Many (if not all) restaurants have a lower price if the wedding is on a weekday. Don’t worry about the cake, you should never eat a tenth. Sweet tables are now popular, which allow a good visual effect to be made with a little creativity, and the quantities to be much more meaningful than the additional 5 cakes. Today, there are countless possibilities for decoration where paying for expensive catering is avoided. Such decorations can be made in advance and can be made by the bride and friends, sisters

4. Choose quality food and drinks

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Beautifully decorated and delicious food is not always the most expensive and extravagant. This means that your guests do not need a fancy menu to be satisfied. Regular food will be an equally good choice if you decide to be a good cook.

Regardless of the price of catering, make sure you find the tastiest and freshest one. Just check countrycitycatering.co.uk and you will see how fresh food should look like. For example, ask a friend or search online. There are so many small businesses just waiting for your order. The more you get involved the better offers you will find. You can also offer a variety of foods in smaller quantities.

Opt for a buffet and let the guests serve themselves and let them combine the food they love. Depending on the caterer, you can often save, and often get more food for the amount you pay, compared to other options. If you are getting married in a big city, try to book a catering with a seat in a nearby suburb that can arrive for your event. Save by serving only specialty drinks during cocktail lessons, which can be cheaper drinks for dinner.

5. Choose a warmer time of year

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Your catering depends on the period of the year in which you are getting married. For example, during the summer, mostly newlyweds decide to get married outdoors. It is certainly a great choice, because it contributes to originality and that day will be remembered for many years to come. There are many benefits to outdoor weddings, such as nature, decoration and enchanting images. However, a great advantage is reflected in the choice of catering. Climatic conditions will determine the choice of your suit, but also the choice of food and drinks. While on colder days we will drink something warm and eat more, during the summer the situation is totally different. Provide refreshing drinks for your guests as alcohol can cause dehydration.

These can be cold pressed drinks or cocktails with lots of ice. It is also preferable to choose small sweet snacks instead of hearty meals. For this purpose, you must provide refrigerators and refrigerators in which you will keep all the necessary drinks as well as containers for hot food serving. However, this type of organization is much cheaper than catering for weddings during the winter period.


Of course, you must also make sure that your guests do not stay hungry and thirsty. However, you do not have to decide on the most expensive option. There are a million details, each of which must be perfect, but there are also a million solutions to all your problems. So pay attention to several important factors that affect the appearance, quality and price of catering.

We are sure that you will be able to find an economical solution.

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