Wedding Catering & Caterers

Choosing a good caterer is essential to hosting a successful and memorable wedding, special event, business meeting or corporate event. When you make your decisions about catering your event, here are a few things to keep in mind.

There are many quality caterers to choose from, you’ll want to select a caterer that will provide the appropriate catering service for your specific event. You may want different types of catering for an extravagant wedding with several hundred guests, a business meeting of twenty powerful execs you need to impress, and your mom’s 50th birthday party.

Caterers can serve an event in a variety of ways (sit down service, buffet, food stations, etc.), so talk with your caterer about how you would like the food served. Ask your caterer if they have any creative catering suggestions. You’ll also want to discuss the server to guest ratio with your caterer so you’ll have the necessary level of service for the way the food will be served.

If you’re working with a new caterer, make sure you arrange a tasting visit to evaluate their culinary style and presentation. Caterers will usually provide the dinnerware (if necessary) so your visit will allow you to check out the dinnerware to ensure it is appropriate for your event. It’s also a good idea to check a caterer’s references.

Remember to include entertainers and other event staff in the headcount that you provide to your caterer. You should also think about where the event staff will be served if you would like the caterer to serve them separately from your guests.

Caterers will often provide decorations as part of the catering package, depending on the event. If your caterer is providing decorations, make sure you discuss any event theme with them so any provided decorations will coordinate.

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