How to Order the Proper Catering Portion for Your Wedding?

by Emanuela Easton

Be it a birthday party, a retirement function, or a wedding celebration, food plays a central role in every gathering. People may not remember what you wore at your wedding or how beautiful the decor looked, but they will remember the taste of the food they had. It is the reason ‌party hosts often get anxious about serving the gatherers the best food.

If you are also pondering ordering the appropriate catering size for your marriage, you are in the correct place. This article will give you answers about the right time, budget, portion size, food style, and more when ordering food for an event.

5 Easy Tips to Help You Order the Ideal Catering Portion Size:

When ordering the ideal catering portion for a group, you may wonder if everyone will be happy and full, options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, what side foods and drinks to order, how many types of drinks will be enough, and more can come to your mind. And if it is your wedding, it is your job to ensure the catering portions are correct.

Since this job can be very stressful, here are some quick tips to help you with the procedure:

1. Always Consider Uninvited Guests


Wedding functions are one of those places where you can always expect uninvited guests to show up as a plus one. That’s why you should always make room for them in the food order, as it is better to have everything a little in excess that to have less. You wouldn’t want people to talk behind your back, saying that the food was not enough for everyone.

If you aspire to make the catering of your marriage successful and simple, rounding up is the best strategy to follow. It will let you have enough food for people while not wasting too much of it, just in case very few uninvited guests show up.

For instance, if 90 people are attending your function, you can order at least 100 headcounts to steer clear of last-minute stress, due to lack of food to fill everyone’s stomach. For making an ideal portion choice, rounding up is a good option as it helps avoid wastage of food.

2. Duration of the Wedding Ceremony


To decide on suitable portion size for the catering meals, looking at the time of the occasion is a crucial factor. Assessing this factor is essential because it influences the order.

For instance, if the wedding ceremony is going to be a short and quick one, there is no point in ordering a whole meal. You may stick to the starters or quick bites to fill everyone’s tummy and ponder over the ‌drinks. Having small but fulfilling portions with options helps satisfy the guests while not digging a hole in your pocket.

Contrastingly, if the ceremony is going to be long-lasting, ensure to include wholesome and enough food according to the headcounts. Since prolonged events give people enough time to relax and take multiple help, they may frequently have meals and drinks throughout the event. So, always remember to gauge the duration of an occasion if you want to obtain the ideal catering size.

3. Examine the Length of the Occasion


The length of a function is parallel to the amount of food you serve the visitors.

In simple words, if your wedding ceremony is of a longer duration, you will require more food to keep the visitors entertained and well-fed throughout. But if it is a quick one, you may stick to appetizers, quick bites, and a few drinks.

As a rule of thumb, you may put yourself in the shoes of the visitors to determine the appropriate catering portion size. It will help you plan the event more accurately without causing wastage and keeping the guests half-fed.

4. Follow a Pre-determined Standard


The catering industry has a pre-determined standard for deciding the ideal portion size for an event. If you are looking for a full-service wedding catering NJ to create a memorable event, find them at

For instance, if you add meat, poultry, and seafood to the primary meal, it must be six or eight ounces if you present your visitors with more than one meal. Besides, grain and rice must be around 1.5 ounces. Veggies should be 4 ounces, yams 5, and pasta and beans should be 2 each. With these standards in mind, you can cater to the perfect party!

5. Contemplate the Time of the Event


Considering the time when your wedding ceremony will peak up is crucial when ordering the ideal catering portion size for your guests.

For instance, on occasions such as weddings, the primary concept is to include dining food in your options. So, plan to feed your guests a fulfilling meal. Contrastingly, if it is an engagement ceremony or a pre-wedding celebration, there is no point in including dining food on the menu.

Since these occasions are not as grand as a wedding, and people usually attend them to celebrate the spirit and not the union of two people, you don’t need to order heavy meals. It is better to concentrate on the quick bites, snacks, drinks, and appetizers because the time of these events is also not around meal time. In other words, you must keep the catering portions simple and small.

Parting Thoughts

When planning for a function as personal as a wedding, deciding on a suitable portion size is tricky and crucial. The catering department must take care of several aspects when deciding on the menu to carry out everything perfectly.

If you are among the people who always overlook the importance of portion size in an event, it is high time you start giving it some consideration. Deciding on the quantity of food to order according to the guest list may seem unnecessary, but you will realize its importance if you talk to someone who has been through the catering process.

We hope the above tips help you make the right decision when ordering food for a wedding.

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