7 Thoughtful Tips to Make a Great Wedding Video

by Jack Kurosaki

Every wedding videographer aims to capture the magic of the day. The ceremony is the culmination of a love story. As a videographer, it is your job to document the day so the couple can cherish it for the rest of their lives.

But wedding videography, for beginners especially, is not an easy task. It requires foresight, preparation, and even a bit of networking.

Wedding Videography Tips: 7 Thoughtful Ways to Make a Great Wedding Video

If you are looking for wedding videography tips, you’ve come to the right place. From choosing the proper lighting to getting a lay of the venue, here are ways you can make the couple very happy.

1. Have Your Back-Ups Ready

You never know when your equipment is going to misbehave. Have your extras ready at hand, so you don’t miss out on the crucial moments.

Your camera may run out of juice, meaning that backup battery packs will be a basic necessity.

Compiling the perfect wedding video also requires sorting through many videos. Keeping this in mind, you should take a sufficient number of shots during the wedding. You will need these clips for the editing process.

However, these videos will surely take up a lot of memory, and your camera can run out of space. Pack several memory cards along with the batteries to avoid such a situation. You can even lug in an extra camera just as an extra precaution. You never know what a wayward glass of champagne might do to your equipment.

2. Talk to People

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But preparation does not mean only having your equipment ready at all times. Communication with the team is essential if you want to produce remarkable footage.

Make it a point to talk to the planner, the host, and the venue staff before the event begins. You can get a lot of helpful information about the best angles for photos and surprises this way.

Some of the best moments in a wedding are often unchoreographed. Tips from the team will help you be ready beforehand so you can capture these candid moments from the best spots.

3. Have a Shot List Prepared

Reach out to the couple personally to know their requests. There are always moments or people they will want to be captured on video without fail.

Prepare a list of these names and moments and coordinate how, when, and from which angle you’ll capture them. Another essential wedding videography tip is that the traditional wedding shots should never be missed. Moments like walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, and the first dance are an absolute must.

4. Capture Candid Moments

One of the best wedding videography tips is capturing candid shots between the posed ones. Some of the most memorable footage is born when people are unaware of the lenses.

The couple is sure to appreciate your professionally-done, elegant shots. But chances are, their favorite moments on the clip will be of a parent letting loose on the dance floor or a nephew sneaking a wedding cake.

5. Be Prepared for Lighting Changes

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Lighting can make or break your wedding video shoot. Wedding videography for beginners can be daunting because a sudden change in weather or venue lighting forces you to reconfigure your camera settings.

Lighting is even more of a problem if it is an evening ceremony. In addition to the dark, the venue and the flickering party lights will make the shoot a difficult one.

The type and quality of your equipment are crucial in such situations. Some cameras can shoot high-quality videos in even low-light settings.

But you need to bring additional lighting if your camera does not possess this support. Make sure the lights are bright enough to capture clear footage but mellow enough not to be jarring to the guests. In addition, clear communication with the DJ and the venue team will make your work easier.

6. Capturing Enough Footage

One of the best wedding videography tips is to never delete footage on the spot. Instead, make sure you have sufficient footage captured and hold off on the delete button.

More videos mean more editing time. But it also means a higher chance of getting better footage. More footage gives you more options to choose from when compiling your final video.

All these clips may be heavy on your camera space, but here’s where those extra memory cards will come in handy.

7. Audio is as Important as Video

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The wedding vows are the most emotional moment of the entire wedding. As a videographer, you capture all the charged moments of this particular time.

But scratchy audio will ruin even the most gorgeous shots. It’s always a good idea to use equipment that will capture the sound in pristine quality.

Putting mics near or on the couple, shooting from a low-noise area, and using a soundboard are all things you can do to ensure the audio is as good as the video.

Keeping Up with Trends

As a videographer, repeating the same old tested methods can make you lose customers. One of the most innovative wedding videography tips, therefore, is to stay atop trends.

For example, given the green light by the influential Brides magazine, weddings-over-call are gaining popularity.

Due to age, health, or personal reasons, many essential guests cannot attend the ceremony. In such situations, a hybrid wedding is called into order. The guests who can attend in person do so, but there is also a live-stream facility for those who cannot.

It often falls onto the videographer to arrange for this service. A reliable, easy-to-use screen video recording software is necessary in such cases. Not only must this software support live streaming, but it must also record the call in high-quality audio-visuals. You may be new to these programs, so it is essential to choose user-friendly software.

Programs like OBS and Movavi combine a clean, hassle-free interface with top-notch recording resolution. Using such software helps satisfy your clients and keep your skills at the top of their game.

The wedding videographer market is lucrative, with The Knot predicting 2.6 million weddings to take place in 2024 alone. With so many ceremonies also comes more competition. But with the help of these wedding videography tips and software recommendations, you are all set to take on the challenge.

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