5 Tips for Creating Timeless and Romantic Wedding Stationery

by Maki Sharda

A wedding is an auspicious occasion that seems like a fairytale event with a smooth process. But, there is a lot of research, hard work, and planning behind the success of a wedding. It is not as simple as it seems when the couple is on the wedding stage.

Selection of the right event planner, deciding on the menu, finalizing dates, buying dresses, setting the venue, occupancy, guest lists, etc., are some of the most time-consuming and hectic works while planning wedding functions or ceremonies.

But, one of the most effort-consuming activities in a wedding is designing wedding stationery.

With modern designs and developing technology, a person has plenty of options for choosing their wedding stationery.

Nowadays, the workload of creating timeless and romantic stationery has increased manifolds. However, there are many stationery providers who can help a person create perfect timeless stationery. A person can also visit this site to get a wide variety of options.

Even after being a tough task, designing romantic wedding stationery can be a fun activity. There are various tips that can help get this task done without any time wastage. The following section covers the most notable tips and tricks for creating timeless wedding stationery.

Have A Look At The Ways To Create Stylish Timeless Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery is the first impression on the guests of the function. It will give an idea to the guests about the attractiveness of the wedding. Therefore, it is essential to create the stationery with proper focus and ideas. The following points highlight the most effective tips for making timeless and romantic wedding stationery.

1. Selection Of Style

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The style of the wedding invitation holds an integral part in the whole wedding invite. It is the starting point of any wedding stationery. There are various categories for setting the tone of an invitation. With innovation and creativity, these styles have increased tremendously. But, only a few trademark styles are popular. The most widely used style categories are shown hereunder.

• Traditional & Elegant styles include the classical and evergreen templates. These are flexible as they can be used for various wedding types, i.e., formal and informal. Sometimes, when a planner opts for an extra modern look of the wedding card, they disappoint the old generation of the family.
• Art Deco is the trademark traditional style of cards. These give a vintage vibe to the guests and the onlookers. This style might not work well when most guests fall in the ‘young adults’ category. However, these give a more royal look to the cards. Primary colors like black, golden, silver, etc., are used in these invitations.
• Simple retro has an old-school design from around the 1950s with a flavor of modernity. It incorporates modern colors, designs, and patterns to make its impression on modern-era weddings.

2. Choosing The Right Font

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Font and its color make a wedding invitation card attractive and unique. A person should choose a font different from the commonly used font styles. Many people prefer Caslon fonts when they have enough time for printing. On the other hand, some people also opt for the Allura style for its eye-catching texture.

However, the choices of different fonts narrow down when the wedding is theme-based. People should also plan out the style of fonts. In other words, they should decide whether they have to choose a formal style or go with a funky and informal font.

Apart from the font style, the weight of the style is a crucial factor in creating timeless wedding stationery. The couple should decide on the italicized and bold letters and their weight. The best idea is to highlight or italicize some words or letters in the wedding card and normalize the other words.

3. Getting The Right Card Dimensions

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A person will have to prioritize either the card size or the card’s theme. If they prioritize or fix a specific card size, they will have to compromise on certain things such as theme, font, style, etc.

On the other hand, if the wedding planners prioritize the other factors such as content, theme, or decoration, they will have more flexibility. But in this case, the cost will increase. People who take wedding stationery lightly or give it the least importance usually select square-sized invitation cards. These come in the size of 5.25×5.25 inches. However, nowadays, many people prefer large invitation cards depending on their budget.

4. Creating A Solid Color Combination

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Colors are what make a wedding card complete. It gives a unique touch to the invites. The selection of color combinations will also determine the theme of the couple’s wedding. A person can use these colors to plan the setup of the wedding (counters, stage, etc.).

In order to find the best color palette for the invitation card, a person should understand color theory. They should try and test different contrasting color combinations. They should ensure they do not give too much brightness to the card. Moreover, they should strike a balance between integrity and modernity in the stationery.

5. Right Amount Of Content

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When a card is printed, it is crucial to keep it short and simple. A person should not overshadow the importance of the designs, patterns, and colors. There should be enough space between the time, venue, and necessary details to make it clearly visible to the guests.

When there are too many words in a limited space, guests will not go through the whole card. It will not please the guests to grace the occasion. Therefore, know the right amount of content to include in timeless wedding stationery.

Key Takeaway

There are many things a person should plan out while executing a wedding function. They might overlook certain aspects, including wedding stationery. Many people haphazardly make stationery without knowing its importance. But, a timeless and romantic wedding requires a lot of planning in creating the cards or invites. The tips mentioned in the above guide are crucial for attracting guests to a romantic wedding.

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