What is a Theme Wedding?

by K M

What is a Theme Wedding?

I got asked this question a few days ago. Our definition may be different from yours but the basics are the same – a wedding tailored to your dreams. I thought it was obvious but perhaps some clarification is needed on how I see it. A theme wedding is no different than any other wedding you have been to or seen.

What makes the weddings we present in our book different is that we have categorized different ideas to incorporate one consistent look and feel to your wedding. This happens at weddings all the time. For example, usually, a bride selects her most favorite color and uses this singular color throughout the whole wedding. From the bridesmaid dresses to the invitations design, to the flowers ( bouquets, arrangements ), to the tablecloths, etc.

This was my wedding. Lavender was our color so we used it everywhere but then how do we use color for other things? We had it a golf course so we added a putting event for us to kiss and we were going to Africa for our honeymoon so we named our tables after African countries.

When done with my wedding, I just felt it was all over the place. Being in corporate event planning at that time, I thought why didn’t I do my wedding like I have done countless corporate events and other weddings and tie one subject together instead of having many things that didn’t correlate together.

For example, a client was having a customer conference and their message to their customers was that they had the ability to level the “playing field” between them and their larger competition. I took one part out of their message “the playing field” and ended up doing a football scheme for their conference. The wedding invitations were made on a grass turf football field design, awards were football tickets and all the decorations were subtle made this sport feeling.

The conference’s theme was not about football but we just added this element to tie things together. So, that is where I came about doing the same for weddings. My wedding just didn’t make sense, what did Africa have to do with golfing and really after awhile that lavender color was just making me want to puke.

So, to answer the question? It’s a wedding plain and simple with a special subject matter tying it together whether that is a bee, the sea or the ocean, traditional or anything the heart dream about.


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