Wedding Themes – Vintage Wedding Theme, Beach Wedding Theme , Carnival Wedding Theme , just to name a few…


Which wedding theme are you? Apricot vintage wedding, blue beach wedding? Maybe a green garden wedding with a wine theme is more your style. Your options are endless! It may be a bit overwhelming at first, trying to decide on the theme that best suits you and your groom, but it’s a great opportunity to showcase your personalities on one of the most important days of your life.  There are so many to choose from and I’m not just talking about colour or style.  You can really incorporate anything you like into your wedding theme.

Colour Schemes

Colour is probably the first part of the wedding theme that will come to mind.  No doubt you both have favourite colours that you tend to gravitate towards. Greens are relaxing, reds are bold and daring, pinks are soft and romantic (unless you go for a bright and bold hot pink!), purples are sensual, blues and silver are classic, black and white makes a statement. Add a splash of colour to a black and white theme for a fresh feel – I’m thinking big, bright flowers. Yellows and oranges sing of happiness and cheer. All white says pure and innocent (if you can get away with it…) You really need to pick a colour scheme that speaks to your guests about who you both are.  Let your personalities shine through when deciding on this aspect of your wedding theme.

wedding colour trends

wedding colour trends

Maybe a colour scheme is enough for you. Maybe you want to push the boundaries and incoporate more of a theme across the whole of your wedding. Styling your wedding day will take a lot of time and effort. You’ll need to plan everything down to the smallest detail so that it all comes off as expected.  Inspiration boards are a great way to get things moving from the get go.  Print out colours and pictures you’re drawn to and lay it all out to study before you start the planning process.

Vintage Wedding Theme

Vintage is a very popular theme at the moment and this can be incorporated in many areas from your wedding dress, jewellery and hair accessories, to the table decorations and wedding bomboniere, to how the photos are developed by the photographer. You could scrounge around old secondhand and antique stores finding little mix matched goodies to bring the whole vintage theme together.

Beach or Vineyard Wedding Theme

With summer just around the corner and spring well under way, there are many themes that match our climate perfectly. If you’re in the northern part of Australia, how about a beach themed wedding? Even if you’re in the middle of Australia and the ocean is kms away, it could easily be pulled off with the amount of beach themed accessories and bomboniere available to brides these days. If you’re in the southern part of Australia, a wine theme may be more to your liking. Actually get married in a vineyard, the food and wine will be the focus of the day and little decoration will be required with the beauty of the surrounding vineyards at your doorstep.

Carnival or Circus Wedding Theme

Here’s a theme that would be sooo much fun to organise and have for your wedding day (one for your guests to remember for sure!) – a Circus or Carnival theme! I have come across quite a few blog posts recently where couples have gone all out with such crazy and fun ideas. Do you love lots of bright colours, are you a bit quirky and like to shock people? Then why not do something a bit different and celebrate your wedding day in Cirque style…

wedding theme idea carnival

wedding theme idea carnival

These are only a handful of the possible wedding themes you could decide upon for your wedding day. If you love the idea of a larger than life wedding theme and want to test it out on other brides to be, go ahead and use the comments section below as a sounding board. I’d love to hear your ideas and I’m sure others would too.

Happy wedding planning 🙂