Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

by K M

Vintage Style Wedding Dresses For The Sophisticated Bride!

Vintage Style Lace Wedding Dress

Vintage Style Lace Wedding Dress

Vintage wedding dresses are a popular choice with brides that love the glamour of days gone by. There’s something elegant and stunning about an old-fashioned wedding dress. I loved watching old civil war movies with all the fashions of the era, particularly if there was a wedding in it. I have always loved vintage clothing, and this little christening outfit had such incredible detailing in all the stitching. Most definitely it took many hours to make by hand, craftsmanship that is infinitely rarer these days. So handmade vintage wedding dresses for your wedding is extra special indeed.


High-Neck Vintage Wedding Dress / Source: Hitched

I had a fascination with the civil war…it was my favorite period in history for the longest time. Huge hooping skirts of yesteryear were vividly brought out in my imagination with many novels set in this time period. But you don’t have to go back quite that far in time for vintage. The dirty forties style and turn of the century gowns are also considered this style as well.


Where to Shop Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of wearing a vintage style dress, you’ll need to start shopping early. If you’re comfortable shopping online, only spend time researching different websites that offer vintage wedding dresses. Do you have a particular decade that you want to wear a dress from, such as the 1920s or the 1950s? Will you be having an entire theme wedding, or do you simply love the old-fashioned wedding dress styles?

White Wedding Dress Vintage Style

White Wedding Dress Vintage Style

You can also visit antique shops and dealers, special antique fairs and events, and shops that specialize in vintage wear! Depending on where you live, you might need to travel to find such stores. Why not make a vacation out of it – who wouldn’t love to wear a vintage dress you found on a trip to Paris?

Vintage dresses are fun to go hunting for if you want to add some authentic history to a romantic wedding!


What to Watch Out For When You Buy a Vintage Style Wedding Dress

When you’re shopping for a vintage gown, there are certain precautions you’ll want to take. First off, be very careful about sizing – many sizes from years ago are quite different than the numbers we use today. For best results, go by actual measurements, not size numbers.

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It’s also important to carefully inspect any item before you make a purchase. Watch for stains and tears in your vintage wedding dresses– and make sure the price is adjusted if you will need to alter the gown!

If you love vintage style wedding gowns, it doesn’t mean you need to wear an antique! Gowns from long ago inspire many designers – so you might find just what you are looking for at your local bridal boutique.

Another option is to purchase a vintage dress pattern and work with a seamstress to create the vintage gown of your dreams – with fresh, modern fabric.

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