Cheap Wedding Dresses Doesn’t Mean You Have To Compromise On Style!

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Cheap Wedding Dresses Doesn’t Mean You Have To Compromise On Style!

Cheap Wedding Dresses

Cheap Wedding Dresses

Cheap wedding dresses are sometimes a more realistic choice. More and more couples are opting to put their money down on a mortgage rather than an extravagant wedding – and that means choosing less expensive options for everything, including finding a cheap wedding gown. But don’t fret! With a bit of know-how, you can still feel like a million bucks in your wedding gown – even if the cost was a fraction of what some brides spend! Just take Bonny wedding gowns as an example. Yes, they do an expensive line, but they do a much more reasonably priced line as well.

When I found my gown and looked at the price I couldn’t believe how cheap it was, it was just a little over $500 USD. Even with shipping and currency exchange, it was over $1400 cheaper buying it online. I probably put in about 40 hours of browsing through dresses online before I found it. One tip, I became so confused about remembering where I had seen each dress after so much research. I know this is an obvious tip but BOOKMARK IT. I didn’t do this at first and it was a real challenge trying to find the gowns again.

Shop Around

The best piece of advice for finding cheap wedding dresses of your dreams with a lower price tag? Shop around! If you’ve fallen head over feet for a wedding gown at a bridal boutique, don’t put your credit card down yet. Instead, head home and turn on your computer. You can find some fantastic deals online. Most brides don’t think of shopping for their gown on the internet, but that is a huge mistake. You will find the exact same gowns that you are trying on in bridal salons, yes the exact same one’s designer dresses for sometimes up to eighty percent off of the bridal salons.

That is a substantial amount of money, you would be amazed at what $1000 gets you online as opposed to going to the salon. You can have your dream wedding gown for substantially less than what you thought you would have to pay for it. Luckily more and more brides are realizing this, they are going to try on their dresses in the store than coming back to their computer with the designer, size and color in hand purchasing for hundreds if not a few thousand less than what they would have paid in the store.

They have money in their pocket left over for more important things, like upgrading their honeymoon! Don’t be one of those brides who hand over your hard-earned money for a sales lady’s commission. (yes we realize they have to make a living to, but the commissions they make as well as the store are substantial) Wouldn’t you prefer to keep your money and shop wisely?

Armed with a style number and the size you’ll need, you’d be surprised at the fabulous rates you can get from online warehouse websites. Just make sure you read the fine print and order your cheap wedding dresses in advance! Because with a little effort and research you can have your cake and eat it too, all at a reasonable price.

Buy Second Hand

Purchasing a gently used wedding gown can save you a serious bundle – and with the internet at your fingertips, there are loads of options available to you! Visit online auction sites, as well as local classified sites. On foot? Head to a local consignment shop to look for cheap wedding dresses, many of which specialize in cheap wedding dresses! Sometimes even checking at your local dry cleaners. You can find cheap wedding dresses here at a deeply discounted price. They will sometimes take on consignment gently used wedding gowns. Afterall unless you jump in the ocean as is a tradition these days if you marry by the beach, most stains a reputable good dry cleaner can get them out.

So a dress is almost good as new once you have it professionally cleaned. Just as I mentioned stay away from one that has been in the water, wedding gowns are meant to be dry clean only for the most part. There is really nothing you can do to revive a dress once it has been in the water, especially salt h20. So only go jumping in the ocean or running along the shore in your dress if you have no intentions of trying to sell it afterward….because there won’t be any takers once it’s taken a dip. 🙂 A ruined dress is not a bargain at any price. So if you find one damaged by water and someone’s telling you oh just take it and get it cleaned….run in the other direction, to a different dress.

Buy off the Rack

Many bridal boutiques have sale sections where you can purchase cheap wedding dresses straight off the rack. Find out when the sales are, and be sure to inspect your gown carefully before purchasing it.

Buy off the Rack Wedding Dress

Buy off the Rack Wedding Dress

If you are having a casual wedding, you might find a gorgeous dress at a non-bridal shop – even some cotton maxi dresses would be appropriate for a wedding. You can dress them up with elegant jewelry, and you can even add your own personal touches, such as special brooches or ribbons.

Just because you plan to purchase a cheap wedding dress, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style!


Cheap Wedding Dresses:

Let’s Recapitulate With These #7 Tips about How to Score a Cheap But Gorgeous Wedding Dress


Get set to get gorgeous, without getting spendy!

For many women, the idea of paying a huge sum of money for a dress they’ll only wear once, and for a few hours at that, just doesn’t make sense. Everyone has their own attitude towards this, and fortunately, regardless of how much or how little you want to spend on your wedding dress, there’s a dress out there for you. If you’re on the hunt for a cheap wedding dress, we’ve got money-saving secrets to share with you.

So now let’s take a look at how you can score a stunning but inexpensive, not cheap, wedding dress, shall we?

Okay, okay, for the sake of clarity, we are going to call these Cheap Wedding Dress Tips even though we promised never to use THAT word again, but this will be the LAST time!


Cheap Wedding Dress Tip #1

Hunt around on the online auction site Amazon. There are almost always truly stunning wedding dresses up for sale there at super-cheap prices. Some of the dresses have been worn, and some may even be brand new (wedding got canceled, etc). Even if the dress has already been worn, its not a big deal, after all, it will only have been worn for a few hours, so that’s hardly used at all! Start watching the auctions now and be prepared to watch regularly until you find a dress you love.


Cheap Wedding Dress Tip #2

Find a fabulous looking full-length bridesmaid dress you love, and order it in white, black or ivory. Or for that matter, order it in color if you want – these days color is “in” for wedding dresses. Just because a dress is called a “bridesmaid dress” does not mean you couldn’t wear it as a wedding dress! Who’s to stop you? And who will ever know the difference? You see, the minute you call something a “wedding dress”, the price soars right up. There are plenty of stunning bridesmaid dresses that will easily pass for a wedding dress – and cost you WAY less, simply because they are tagged as bridesmaid dresses, not wedding dresses.

Here’s a further tip – you might not want to let the staff in the bridal salon know that you are buying the dress as your wedding dress or they are apt to start coming up with all kinds of interesting extra charges to tack on to your order so that they can make more money off of you. They’re also likely to start drumming up excuses as to why it can’t be worn or purchased as a wedding dress, so just keep that part to yourself. Tell them you’re buying it to attend a gala or a fundraiser or something of that sort.


Cheap Wedding Dress Tip #3

Browse through the formal gowns sold around Prom season or even the holiday season and see if you can find something in white or ivory, or follow the modern trend and go with a color for your wedding dress. Again, because its a “prom” dress or an “evening dress”, and not a ” wedding dress”, it won’t have the ridiculous price tag. You can find awesome, amazing dresses that will make you look like a knock-out on your wedding day, and no one will ever know that the dress is not “technically” a wedding dress!


Cheap Wedding Dress Tip #4

Buy a very plain, inexpensive wedding dress (or a plain white or ivory evening gown from the bridesmaids or prom collection), and then add your own embellishments such as glimmering sequins, crystals, beads, appliques, etc. If you are worried about doing this yourself, you can send the dress to a seamstress to take care of it for you – in total it will still cost you mere fractions of what a similar wedding dress would cost you if you ordered it from a designer or manufacturer. Study pictures of wedding dresses from the current lines to get an idea of the different types of accents and embellishments being used in bridal wear, then use your imagination on how you can add such embellishments to a plain white gown to give it that super-pricey designer look.


Cheap Wedding Dress Tip #5

Hire a seamstress to make your dress. Bring a picture from a magazine of the dress you want and ask the seamstress to quote how much she would charge to re-create it. Often you can save 50% or more off of what it would cost you to order the dress from the manufacturer.


Cheap Wedding Dress Tip #6

Watch for big wedding gown sales in your local area. Keep an eye out for ads for “blow out sales” in the local paper. Sometimes you can score deals of up to 75% off the retail price at one of these sales.


Cheap Wedding Dress Tip #7

Rent your wedding dress. Many cities have wedding gown rental shops where you can rent a dress worth a thousand dollars for a couple of hundred bucks. This lets you have your cake and eat it too! Look awesome and feel fabulous wearing an amazing, expensive wedding dress, but pay only a fraction of what the dress costs because of its a rental. Wedding dress rental shops have tons of styles and sizes to choose from, so that chances are excellent that you’ll find a dress you LOVE. You’re only going to wear the dress once anyway, right? And truth be told, regardless of how sentimental you are, chances are you’d rarely ever at your dress again, so do you really need to be able to keep it? You may be better off having pictures of you looking awesome on your wedding day wearing the dress of your dreams, than having a cheaper dress you loved less gathering dust in a box under your bed for the next 30 years!


Inexpensive, not Cheap!

Now that you know the secrets to scoring a cheap wedding dress, we’re not going to use that word anymore. What word? CHEAP.

Let’s face it – you don’t want a “cheap wedding dress“. What you want is a gorgeous, stunning, classy wedding dress… at a super-low price. You may even want an inexpensive dress, but you don’t want cheap!

The word cheap has negative interpretations. It implies a lack of quality, class, or style. This is your wedding we’re talking about, right? Its got to have class, its got to have style (as we’ve demonstrated in our tips above, class and style don’t have to cost a lot). So forget cheap! What you’re looking for is an inexpensive, not cheap wedding dress! If you think “cheap”, you’ll have a “cheap” mindset, and that is the image that will ultimately be reflected at your wedding. You don’t want that.

It’s all in the attitude. Instead, think class act, ultra-stylish combined with super-savvy shopping skills, and no one will ever guess how little you paid. Remember, cheap is an attitude, its a state of mind – and so is style.


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