An Ethnic Wedding Dress Pays Respect To Your Heritage!

by K M

Respect To Your Heritage!



An ethnic wedding dress is a great way to include your heritage into your wedding. Many brides find themselves wanting to add a little something special to the traditional bridal gown – why not wear a stunning ethnic dress instead of the traditional white frock? And it goes without saying that the food at your wedding could also benefit from some ethnic flair. It’s even better if you have two completely different cultures combining.

You can learn and grow so much from inviting a different culture into your life and continue to grow and be open to all ideas and ways of thinking.

Ethnic Wedding Dress - Lehengas

Ethnic Wedding Dress – Lehengas

Maybe one of you has a heritage you’d love to highlight. Maybe you met in a foreign land and want to give it a cultural nod on your wedding day. Whatever the case, adding a bit of ethnic flair to your gown is a definite “do”! Joining two completely different cultures with your hubby to be. Have fun with incorporating creative ways to add both sets of traditions to your wedding day. Everyone will be happy and have a good time.

Ethnic Details

You can wear a traditional white wedding gown – with a bit of ethnic detailing! One way to add ethnic details to your gown is to look for a dress that features embroidery – or purchase a gown that can be professionally embroidered!

African Ethnic Wedding Dress

African Ethnic Wedding Dress

You can then add Aztec symbols, African-style geometric patterns, or Asian characters to the hemline for a striking addition to your gown

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Turning a simple wedding dress into an ethnic frock! Embroidery isn’t your only option – you can add a special sash, cape, or jacket to your wedding day ensemble. Are you thinking of having your wedding in Morocco, Moroccan wedding is considered as the symbol of the continuity of the community and the basic foundation of the family unit. The marriage is celebrated in Morocco following a ceremonial with roots in ancient traditions. This might just give you some great ideas for your wedding.

Full Ethnic Dress

Some brides choose to wear a fully traditional ethnic wedding dress to either their ceremony, their reception, or both! You can shop online for traditional wedding wear from all over the globe

Indian Ethnic Wedding Dress

Indian Ethnic Wedding Dress

Shop for stunning red and gold Indian Saris or classic Japanese kimonos from the comfort of your home! If you are part of a local community, there is likely a way to purchase this kind of dress directly from the country you want to represent!

Including a culture you love into your big wedding day is a beautiful way to show your respect for a specific region or heritage by wearing an ethnic wedding dress!

Whether you wear an ethnic wedding dress for part of your day or simply add a few ethnic touches to a traditional western wedding gown, your efforts will be appreciated by all who attend your special day!

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