Wedding Dress & Bridal Shoes

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Wedding Dress & Bridal Shoes

In this article you will find best tips for the Wedding Dress & Bridal Shoes. Celebrate The Best Day of your life with the leading Wedding trends.Your wedding day and the memories will last a lifetime.  It’s the little things that will make your Wedding Day special, and that’s where we come in. 

Wedding Dress – What To Choose?

Should the wedding dress necessarily be white or perhaps a different color?

I think not, it depends on the nature and imagination of the bride. Now the wedding dress can be bought in virtually any color. Personally, I would not dare myself to be red or graphite. But for the brave … why not. I had an ecru dress and thought it was a beautiful color. Of course the gown is to emphasize the bride’s assets. Therefore, when choosing, it is important to pay attention to what color fits our complexion, body and temperament.

Unfortunately for the first day I do not have a specific model yet, but I think of a simple strapless dress, without gloves and only with fine decorative accents.

How to choose the right wedding dress

To choose the right wedding dress, take a picture (even a cell phone) during a warm-up, so that it will be easier for you to choose accessories, not just shoes. Well make a note (style, material, color) before the store races, it will refresh your memory. Also take into consideration wedding salons that offer both dresses and shoes.

Each bride is supposed to be a celebrity star to be remembered by guests for years to come.

The wedding gown is a dream come true since every little girl is pictured in a wedding dress.

The bride should feel in the dress beautifully and extremely. Choosing your wedding dress:

Perfect wedding dress

– The Wedding dress is the most important dress of every woman, it must be perfect – says Xinzheng Zhang. – It is important to dress and not dress up, so it is important to have professional advice. We guarantee it to our clients. Equally important is the uniqueness of the pattern.

The personality of the Bride. Therefore, we always try to talk to the future bride to know her expectations about the wedding dress.

Trends in wedding fashion

– This season, the variety of designs is huge. From very simple and delicate to royal, says

the owner of, Jennifer H. – Dominate the dresses in full. The corset and skirt separately have long since disappeared. They like to dress up to the hips line, adhering to the body, and also the princess type – wide, airy. In the previous season also increased interest in short dresses. There is a dozen of us in the studio. Some of them are universal and original. At the wedding ceremony, the bride appears in a long dress and plays in the same short, and it happens after a single button or lock.

Very trendy is draping on dresses, hooks in the lower part of the dress and recent asymmetry at the neckline. When it comes to extras, silver dominates, and they are Svarowski stones, beads, and lace trimmed with silver thread.

Best Fabrics for the wedding dress: Noble fabrics

The unique features of the creation are noble fabrics, among others. Taffeta, silk, atlases,chests, mikado and pig iron materials. We go to trade fairs to get to know the latest trends – says Jennifer H. – We made contact with the largest wholesalers all over the world, so we have access to the best materials and accessories needed for wedding dresses.

Not every bride wants to sew a dress. In our offer, we have a huge selection of dresses for hire, as well as 200 models. For everything to be perfectly matched, we also dress bridesmaids and little girls going to the wedding retinue.

Wedding Dress & Bridal Shoes – How to find the perfect wedding shoes

Many women find that finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes is just as difficult as finding the perfect dress, but it does not have to be that. You are looking for elegant shoes that will not only fit into your wedding dress but also to your liking. In addition, in which you will feel good and avoid unnecessary pain.

1. Find a model that fits your personality and taste.

For this purpose, the internet will be very useful, thanks to which you have the opportunity to check what the season is fashionable. Search for information on websites, wedding forums, blogs and fashion sites.

2. Take some time to find the right shoes at a good price.

Base on several styles to see what will fit best and consider buying in different stores, you will have more room for maneuver. If you find shoes matching you in the store and the price is stunning, you can always look for this model in the online store, so you can save a lot.

Take a companion, friend or witness. Which you can trust in style sense (especially since she probably saw you in a wedding dress) her advice may prove invaluable.

3. Traditional wedding shoes are white or ivory.

Choose a shade that fits your dress. If you want to approach the subject in a classic way. Then they are shoes from traditional kabie material such as satin, silk, lace or velvet.

Nobody has said that you have to stick to classics, you can opt for gold, silver, which will only add elegance. Shoes in a metallic shade will only give you more style on this special day.

4. You are an expressive person every day

You are an expressive person every day, so important that you take into account your wedding day. Instead of looking for traditional shoes, go for colors. Find the color that will fit your wedding pattern, such as decoration, make-up, flowers.

5. Remember what you are doing every day.

Do not get caught with a hoe in the sun, if you walk 4cm every day, look for shoes of this height as well. And it guarantees you that you dance in those shoes all night. It’s good to have a well-checked pair of shoes in stock, it’s better to dance that night than sit at the table.

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