Bohemian Wedding Dresses

by K M

Bohemian Wedding Dresses For The Free-Spirited Bride!

Boho White Wedding Dresses

Boho White Wedding Dresses

Bohemian Wedding Dresses

A bride is always stunning in her white dress with all the trimmings, but not everyone dreams of the traditional satin and lace available in most dress shops. Every once in a while you want to let your inner wild child express herself and what better way to do that than with a bohemian dress?

Let your free spirit shine in one of many bohemian wedding dresses available today.

The phrase bohemian traditionally was applied to the alternative lifestyle that many artists, musicians, and actors lived in Europe many years ago. Today it still applies to the spirit but the bohemian wedding dresses exude anything but poverty. You can go with the 1960’s era bohemian style, stay away from all things artificial, and embrace nature. You might wear your hair long and flowing decorated with a few sprigs of naturally occurring flowers and chooses bohemian wedding gowns made of natural materials such as hemp.

Don’t think you must stick with the traditional white dress when creating your bohemian dream wedding either. Flowers and art deco are also acceptable styles for bohemian dresses. Consider lovely lavender painted design with a strapless design created out of the finest silk.


 bohemian flower wedding dresses available today

bohemian flower wedding dresses available today

To create the perfect bohemian wedding you do not have to merely decorate with vintage or antique pieces you should remember the underlying desire of the bohemian lifestyle and that was to wear what you liked instead of dressing up to impress others! It’s just not the down to earth mother nature attitude way. In true bohemian style stay true to what you love and feel comfortable in. And always stay in touch with a piece of nature.


How To Bring The Bohemian Spirit Into Your Wedding Dress

There are so many ways to bring it to your wedding. From the obvious one of being outdoors to intertwining natural flowers or seashells, or anything else from mother nature into your theme and decor. And of course the beverage of choice made from natural wholesome grapes, drumroll is… at your wedding. The ultimate celebratory drink for all occasions.

Are you thinking about a barefoot wedding on some far-flung Greek Isle? There are perfect bohemian dresses for this occasion as well. What do you do while in Greece? Dress like a Grecian goddess!

Try out a flowing cream silk dress with black accents along the hem, bodice and sleeve edges. The plunging neckline and cinched waist are absolutely beautiful to behold. You will look fantastic whether your nuptials are performed in the Greek Isles or a local beach!

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Feeling a bit more like a wood sprite? Check out these bohemian dresses, vintage fairy hippie chic with vest Woodstock floral lace gown. This dress is light and airy and will make you feel like skipping through the woods or down the aisle.

As you can see, there is no right or wrong answer when you are considering bohemian wedding gowns. You can go fun and flirty with short tea-length dresses in lace and taffeta or long and glorious silks with gorgeous painted floral or nature scenes on them.

The beauty of the bohemian style is you are wearing what you like! Through traditional ideals out the window and express, yourself with any one of the many bohemian wedding gowns available.

So you want to choose from one of the bohemian dresses for your wedding.

First of all, we can go over how to dress bohemian. The description bohemian can include a whole number of different styles and also techniques in shopping. Not only is it in the look to dress bohemian but also in the price of the actual product. The true bohemian style is a sort of hippie, free-flowing and natural essence.

The White Boho

Since this is for a bohemian wedding, you might want to find some bohemian dresses, maybe in the color white.

It all depends on the bride and the type of which of bohemian dresses she will go for.
You can pair a tunic with a skirt or if you have an array of bohemian dresses in mind, you can choose whichever you like. A good thing about true bohemian dresses and its style is that it does not have to come from some “high end” manufacturer, or with a “high end” price tag. You can shop at different second-hand stores, thrift shops, or maybe in your hippie neighbors closet.

Boho Wedding Dress Greek style

Boho Wedding Dress Greek style

A good tip to remember is also to keep it simple. A big influence in the boho style is natural and natural fabrics and stylings. A full flowing dress, with a simple sash tied around the waist, could work perfectly for any type of engagement, especially a bohemian wedding. Loose, but form-fitting dresses that compliment your body type are good things to look for, something natural that makes you look the same. Simple, natural, and elegant are great words to describe this style.

The bohemian style is one that you can have fun with. It’s not the old traditional, one dress, type of style. You can have fun with your outfit, on your wedding as well as in everyday dress. You can mix and match different tops with skirts and bottoms to come up with the perfect ensemble that fits you perfectly. Boho is about expressing who you are, without having to conform to the “traditional” dress or style.

Be it with a bohemian dress or just in your everyday life. There are no rules and that is what makes the bohemian dress such beautiful.

Being in touch with yourself and nature, and expressing it in the ways you dress is the true meaning of being a bohemian. Just remember these tips and you will be able to choose from bohemian dresses the one for the perfect bohemian wedding.

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