Pink Wedding Dresses

by K M

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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day you’ll look back on and remember for years to come. You’ll create a photo album that you’ll share with friends, family members, and, eventually, your children. Though white is the traditional color for a wedding dress because it symbolizes purity and innocence, that trend is changing.

As influences from other cultures, including India and China (where white was never a wedding color), take hold, the trend is to incorporate more color into wedding dresses. In fact, pink is expected to be “the” color for weddings in 2024.

Pink wedding dresses are still a new concept. Anyone can have pink bridesmaid dresses. But how many brides are really going to wear pink? A pink wedding dress will make you stand out in the minds of your guests, your bridal party, your groom and your wedding photos. If you want to make sure your dress is extra special, donning pink is one way to do that.


Why Pink Wedding Dresses?

For many women, pink is a favorite color. Some women want their bridesmaids to be in pink, but others go up a notch and make sure they look pretty in pink, too. Others want the whole wedding to be in pink: with a wedding dress in one shade of pink, bridesmaids in another shade, and flowers to really set it all off.

Today, weddings that incorporate color in more than just the flowers and the bridesmaids’ dresses are becoming more and more common. Pink, especially light pink, is an almost-natural step to brighter and bolder colors in wedding dresses. These colors are likely to be seen in the future and are already a part of many Asian weddings, particularly Indian and Chinese weddings, where red is the most common color.

Although white is often chosen because it symbolizes the purity of the bride, a light pink wedding dress can be just as innocent and just as sweet-looking. It also has an extra push for the romantic aspect of the day and is reminiscent of little girls dressed as princesses.

pink wedding dress guide

Pink Wedding Dress Guide

Many brides choose to look for pink wedding dresses for their second wedding. But ideally, you’ll only be getting married once. So why wear white when you’d rather be in pink? Whether you choose a bright magenta or a subtle rose, it’s your day and you should wear what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. Wear the color you want the first time? Make sure your day is as special and unique as you are. There’s no reason not to make your wedding as perfect as it can be.


How Do I Find a Pink Gown?

All your life, you’ve probably imagined walking down the aisle to a nameless, faceless groom who changed appearance regularly depending on the hottest movie stars and your current crush. In those fantasies, you wore a beautiful white gown. Probably because that’s what you thought you could wear. Whoever heard of a pink wedding dress? And where would you even find one?

Well, the times they are a-changing’. Today, many major wedding dress designers are showcasing pink dresses. And the smaller designers are following suit. If you go to a wedding dress store, you might find some dresses on display in pink or learn that the store has bridal dresses available in pink.

If you want a pink dress, call up the bridal stores in your area and find out if they have any dresses in pink or if they can order them in pink. Even if they tell you they only have a small number of pink samples, or that they’re not in-store, but they can get them, make an appointment. You can go in, see what they have and try them on. If you don’t try them on, you’ll never know what you like and what looks nice on you.

At this stage, the shape is just as important as the color. Wearing a pink dress might be hot, but if it doesn’t look on good on you, the color won’t matter. No one will be impressed.

If you already have an appointment scheduled, talk to your wedding dress consultant when you go in. Tell him or her that you want a pink wedding dress. The consultants should pull dresses for you that can be made in pink, even if they don’t have any in the store. Some stores may have the option for all their dresses to be in pink, while others may have only a few. Any store that carries dresses by designers that are going pink should have some at least a few sample dresses in stock (though the samples may be in white, they can show you a fabric swatch to give you an idea of the color).


How Does Cost Compare?

Buying pink wedding dresses doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, in most cases, it should fit into the budget you’ve already set aside for your wedding gown. A small bridal shops or bridal shops that cater to women with a smaller budget, you can find dresses, even in pink, for $200-500. At more expensive bridal shops, you may be looking at considerably higher prices. With any wedding dress, prices can go higher than $30,000. Pink wedding dresses are not an exception. In some cases, they may be a little bit more, but it should only be a nominal fee.

Another option you can consider is doing what they did before the dress shops carried pink. This involves going to any store that sells prom dresses and choosing a pink one you like and would like to flaunt on your wedding day. However, your options may be limited in terms of style. With the options available today, you might be better off going to a wedding dress store.

There, a consultant can help you select styles he or she thinks will suit you best based on your shape, your budget and what you say you want. You won’t spend any extra on the consultant and even if you don’t find anything, you may be able to narrow down your choices and learn what options are available in your price range. But if you don’t like whats in the shop, you can always go the other route.


Pink Wedding Dresses: What Are My Options?

When it comes to wearing pink for your wedding, your options are numerous. You can go all pink, throw in a little bit of pink or use pink highlights. The choice is yours. Even if your favorite color is pink, don’t let friends or family members talk you into wearing pink if it’s not what you want or if you’re not comfortable with going all pink.

However, if it is what you want, consider the shade you want. Do you want a bright pink? Hot pink? Light pink? Light pink wedding dresses are the most popular this season, but that doesn’t mean the other options aren’t available to you, too. When you go in to try on the dresses, see about the shades they have and learn what shade looks best on you. If you have a favorite, find out if they do a shade that’s more similar to the one you prefer. However, that may not always be an option.

Feathers, lace, tulle and flounces can all be dyed pink. Really, anything that you can get in white, you should be able to find in pink. You can also incorporate pink into your headpiece (whether or not you choose a veil), your shoes or your other accessories.

If you want pink, but don’t want to commit to an entirely pink dress, consider incorporating a little pink into a white dress or a little white into a pink dress. You can do this by selecting a pink belt or something more original, like a pink lace overlay. You could also ask if they can dye the tulle or the organza beneath your skirt. This could be particularly stunning if part of it shows through dramatically. (You can also do the opposite with a pink dress.) Some dresses have pink strands woven into the fabric to form flowers or another design. This is one subtle way to include pink in your wedding dress.

Pink is romantic, feminine and unique. It may be a popular wedding dress color for 2011, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make your wedding dress stand out and become more unique. Pink dresses are available at many wedding dress shops or can be made to order. They don’t necessarily cost any extra and you may be able to find a pink wedding dress that’s light, dark, bright or muted. Do something original that can make your day truly memorable. This year, consider pink wedding dresses. You’ll be glad you did.

Pink Wedding Dresses Are For The Ultra Feminine Bride!


Pink wedding dresses are a soft beautiful choice. Something old, something new, something borrowed something pink! For the ultra-feminine bride who loves the color pink, nothing could be better than adding this rosy tint to your wedding day ensemble! It’s got to be one of my all-time favorite colors.

Pink Wedding Dress

Pink Wedding Dress

I remember when I first started browsing through wedding magazines back in the eighties, pink was one of the most popular colors for a wedding gown besides white. And always the big giant skirt and puffy eighties-style sleeves.

Perfect in pink

Perfect in pink


They’ve come a long way in designing gowns…you can spot the eighties gown a mile away. But they were absolutely beautiful at the time, and I would clip them out of the magazines to save as my “future” wedding gown to be! I had a folder of about 200 gowns at one point. I wish I had of kept them, it would be fun to look at them now. Styles and tastes change so much. But I still love pink!

Lucky for you, color-infused wedding gowns are making a huge splash! You’ll be the perfect blushing bride wearing a gown that is all about your personal sense of style.

Rose Colored Gowns

Pink is known to be a nurturing, calming color. Mostly a very feminine color, it comes in shades that range from bold and flirtatious to vibrant and daring. Pink wedding dresses are also available in every shade of pink too. Lucky for you that gives you lots of options if you opt for pink! Choose the shade that best suits your skin tone, your theme, and most important of all your personality!

Rose Colored Gowns

Rose Colored Gowns

Selecting a completely pink wedding dress is a modern, stylish choice. If you rarely wear white and find the color too harsh for your skin, a pale shade of pink, for your pink wedding dresses can be extremely becoming.

Or, if you want to make a style statement that shows off your daring style, choose one of the richer, brighter shades of pink wedding dresses that are popping up everywhere from local boutiques to designer shows. Pink wedding dresses are styling!


Perfect in pink

If you are planning a spring wedding, a pale pink wedding gown is a perfect choice! Many designers are coming out with variations on the traditional white wedding gown in soft colors like rose, pastel pink, or even bold fuchsia. You’ll give new meaning to the term blushing bride when you walk down the aisle in the shade of rose you love the most!


Pieces of pink

If you love the traditional look of a white wedding gown, but also want to add a bit of girly flair, consider wearing a traditional white gown with pink adornments. Add color to your wedding gown by wearing a sash in the shade of your choice (this can be worn during only the reception if you prefer an all-white gown for the ceremony!)

Wedding Dress with Pieces of pink

Wedding Dress with Pieces of pink

Other ways to add a splash of pink? Look for floral appliques, embroidered hems, and colored underskirts. You don’t need to wear a completely rose-colored gown to showcase a bit of your favorite color on your special day.

For a perfectly coordinated look, bring a fabric swatch to the makeup shop to find the perfect lipstick shade that matches the gown. You can smile pretty knowing you’re a picture of romantic beauty!


Pink Accents

Bring the pink theme into your bridal day attire with gorgeous accents. Pink rhinestones in your hair, pink shoes, and a gorgeous bouquet of pink roses or Gerber daisies, all ways to add a bit of cerise to your wedding day. And they’ll go fantastically well with beautiful pink wedding dresses.

The days of pink being a ladies-only color are gone! Make your men match by wearing pink ties and boutonnieres. Pink wedding dresses go fabulous with pink ties! For the fashion-minded groom consider matching Italian leather pink shoes!


The most important elements of your dress? You need to love it. While color is an important consideration in your gown selecting journey, do not forget about other important factors, such as fabric, style, and comfort level. Your dress needs to deliver in all areas.

A soft rose gown is a lovely romantic touch, and from ethereal pales to full-bodied darker hues, there is a shade of pink that’s perfect for you!

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