A Pink Wedding Bouquet Sets the Stage

by K M

A Pink Wedding Bouquet Sets the Stage

for a Romantic Wedding

A pink wedding bouquet can be done with a wide variety of shades of pink in different flower choices today. Flowers colors can range from hot pink to light pink. Mauve is even in the family of pink color-wise. Just think of all the combinations that can be done.

You can have a pink wedding bouquet at any time of the year you want too. In the winter you might want to mix some red roses and hot pink roses together for Valentine’s Day wedding. In the spring and summer, you can use pale pink with other pastels for your bouquets.

In the fall mix a bit of light pink or mauve flowers with some orange flowers for some unique wedding bouquet designs. If you use mauve and cream together it gives the bouquet an antique feeling, which will go well with a Victorian-style wedding dress or something similar.

Pink Mauve Wedding Bouquet

Pink Mauve Wedding Bouquet


You can find pink flowers in tulips, roses, carnations, and peonies just to mention a few. There are tropical flowers in pink too like the hibiscus and orchids. So you can have many different looks depending on the flowers you use. Remember you can always add a variety of colors with pink too.

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The artificial wedding bouquets made from pink flowers are a choice you could decide on too. These are definitely a cheaper choice if you are doing a tropical theme compared to real tropical flowers.

Silk flowers are much cheaper in general than any real flowers and you have the option of making your own bouquets too with them. The artificial flowers are not as delicate as real ones either.

If money is no object, you can go to a professional florist and see what wedding bouquet designs they have to offer. The florist will have package prices that include the attendants’ bouquets, your pink wedding bouquet, the groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres along with all the flowers for the church and the reception. Your florist can also show you all the flowers he carries in pink and may be able to order ones that he does not normally carry in stock.

For the budget-conscious bride, a stroll through a local craft shop during a big sale will be the way to go. This works very well if you’ve allowed yourself several months to a year in advance. You can shop during season-ending sales and make bargain purchases for the following year when you plan to have your wedding.

Whether you choose to go with fresh or artificial, or hot pink, light pink or mauve, have the groomsmen’s boutonnieres done in the same shade as the bridesmaids’ dresses and each bridesmaid can carry a pink wedding bouquet that coordinates seamlessly with entire wedding color theme.

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