Red Wedding Dress

by K M

Red Wedding Dress is a Passionate Choice for the Saucy Bride!


Red Wedding Dresses are incredibly dramatic and bold. Wed in Red! Would your friends describe you as dramatic and passionate? If so, a red wedding dress might be just the gown for you! It is a color full of energy and heat. The perfect choice for the bold bride. Color has been popular for wedding gowns for years. I remember in the eighties looking at bridal magazines and seeing many dresses with color. Mostly they were pastel colors though. Never bold striking colors like red.

Princess Diana - 1983

Princess Diana – 1983 / Source: Glamour

These colors became more in vogue in the mid to late nineties. Not everyone wants to marry in light colors. But red for me has always been a fiery passionate color. Think of Valentine’s day, what color comes to mind. First red followed by pink than maybe purple. Want to buy a hot red dress online?

Bold or Subtle

For the daring bride, a bright red dress might be just the ticket. Designers everywhere are bidding farewell to the traditional white wedding gown and showcasing gorgeous colored gowns. Make a statement by wearing a traditional wedding gown but in a bold scarlet color.

Red Wedding Dresses Styles

Red Wedding Dresses Styles

You don’t need to go all the way through. A traditional white gown with burgundy or red embroidery is striking and is a gorgeous way of incorporating a traditional style with a contemporary flair. A red sash to match cherry-colored bridesmaid dresses is another chic way of adding color to your gown.

Seasonal & Sensational

A red wedding dress can be worn at virtually any time of year, although for western brides it tends to be worn closer to Christmas or Valentine’s holidays.

With its dark tones and rich colors, it is perfect for a winter wedding. The autumn bride can mix rich reds with harvest gold, burnt orange, chocolate brown or cream to create a stunning fall feel.


Red Wedding Dress Fall Bride

Red Wedding Dress Fall Bride

Love red but are planning a spring or summer wedding? No problem, you can use this bright, vibrant color any time of year. Red wedding dresses are always in style.

In the summer, consider using a brighter version of the color and pairing it with bold primary shades of yellow or blue. In the springtime, red wedding dresses can stand alone, or pair it with soft pinks and lavender for a breezier look.

Dramatic Flair

Many brides choose to wear red on their wedding day to show off their personal style, work with a theme, or give a nod to their heritage.
Since the color is so dramatic, it calls for an equally bold gown. Look for intricate embroidery, fitted corsetry, and gorgeous dress fabrics like taffeta and raw silk. Accent your gown with bold, stylish metallic hues like silver or gold for an elegant touch.

Boho Red Wedding Dress

Boho Red Wedding Dress

Work with the color to cultivate your overall style: it can be bohemian, sophisticated, gothic, or even casual. Play up your gown by painting your lips a matching deep red.

Go for Red Wedding Dress!

You can add red to other elements of your day as well to bring your theme to life. Red roses are an obvious choice but black calla lilies will look stunning with red wedding dresses, or choose a highly contrasting color like cream.

Red Wine Wedding Dress

Red Wine Wedding Dress

Red touches in your linen selections, floral arrangements, invitations, and even your cake will add to the event. The drink of choice? Red wine, of course! My personal favorite beverage of choice! Red wine is for any occasion.

Maybe you are having a mixed culture wedding. Perhaps you spent time in an exotic country and fell in love with their traditions. Or maybe you just love the passionate complexity of red. You can add red to your traditional white wedding gown in subtle ways, or wear a completely crimson gown. Red wedding dresses show your flirty, vivacious side. So go all out red! There is no shortage of red wedding dresses to choose from nowadays as well, Mia Solano does some fabulous red gowns.

Edgar Cayce once said, “It can be a fascinating game, noticing how any person with vitality and vigor will have a little splash of red in costume, in a room, or in a garden.


Show off your vitality and vigor on your wedding day by choosing a gown that’s as vibrant and passionate as you are! A red wedding dress fits the bill.

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