Summer Wedding Dresses

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Summer Wedding Dresses Are Simply Gorgeous!

Summer Wedding Dress

Summer Wedding Dress

Summer wedding dresses, so many choices. Brides who are planning to wed in the summer months are lucky – there are loads of fresh flowers in bloom, the sun will likely make an appearance, and the summer dresses are simply gorgeous! This is probably the most popular season that brides choose to get married in by far.

Everyone seems to take their vacation time in this season, so most people are available to come. The weather generally seems to cooperate a little bit better than any other season as well. Although sometimes it can be a little too hot and sunny, lace parasols can help keep things a little shadier. All the sexier gowns that are strapless and short can come out and enjoy the heat.


Stay Cool with your Summer Wedding Dress!

Summer brides all have one thing in common – they need to be comfortable and cool on their wedding day! Do you really want to wear a gown that weighs 30lbs with tonnes of fabric and layers when it’s 105 degrees out and you are getting married outside? Take advantage of the season you are getting married in, you can wear something light and sexy and be comfortable all day. There are so many different choices out there for the perfect summer wedding gown, choose this style and also save a lot of money. Gowns that are traditional with lots of fabric and layers are generally more expensive than a breezier style wedding gown.

Summer Wedding Dresses

Summer Wedding Dresses

For a casually elegant look, why not wear a gown that’s a little shorter than the standard sweep-the-floor length? Tea-length wedding dresses, which fall between a brides knee and mid-calf, are experiencing a huge resurgence. You’ll stay cool and won’t need to worry about a bustle.

Choose fabrics that won’t make you sweat: charmeuse is a great lightweight option, and so is classic cotton. These fabrics are perfect for summer wedding dresses. Light, sheer fabrics like chiffon, linen, crepe, tulle or lace are all fabulous warm-weather options – you don’t want to be sweating up a storm on your wedding day. Summer wedding dresses are always in style when it’s hot!


Be Summery!

In the summertime, brides can afford to show a little more skin in their summer wedding dresses! Look for gowns with simple necklines like spaghetti straps with scooped or square necks. Strapless gowns are stunning on nearly all body types, but if you need a little more support on top, choose a dress with a funky asymmetrical one-shoulder strap, or a halter top.

Citrus inspired summer wedding dress 2024

Citrus inspired summer wedding dress 2024

Brighten up your look a little by wearing fabulous fresh flowers in your hair! A bright green sash will take any wedding ensemble from lukewarm to hot, hot, hot! Other summery colors include citrus-inspired hues like lime, citron, or orange. Or show off your feminine sides with lilac or rose! Don’t be afraid to use color with summer wedding dresses.

The most important thing when shopping for a summer wedding dress is to choose one that you truly love – and that you’ll be comfortable wearing! Remember, most brides wear their wedding gowns for between five and seven hours. Tie the knot in style with a look that’s as fresh as the season!


How To Choose a Summer Wedding Dress

If the wedding is taking place in the summer, you can definitely not opt for heavy gowns because you know it will not be ideal in hot weather. So, here are some options that you can choose for summer wedding dresses.

Breathable Fabrics

For the brides, summer dresses in natural or cotton fabrics can be very good. These kinds of fabrics can be very comfortable and can give you classy looks. Here you can pick an organza, voile or something like this. Silk fabrics are also good for summer weddings and this goes for the bride as well as the guests. You can also choose elegant pieces that are made from chiffon or crepe. Georgette or similar fabrics will make you sweat a lot, so it’s better to avoid them.


Of course, we all know that white is the favorite color for wedding dresses, but if you wish to be exceptional or wear something that no one else wears, you can choose other pastel hues such as lavender, pink and other softer shades such as yellow, lemon or light blue. You can also go for wedding dresses in a combination of colors such as sage purple and a tinge of pink, white and yellow, lemon yellow and red and some other.

Dress Styles

While choosing the dresses to wear to a wedding in summer, you can always pick sundresses and gowns that are not too heavy. Let yourself remain sober and simple. Maxi dresses can be great in summers. If it is a beach wedding, you can pick wedding dresses that are of tea-length. Sleeveless patterns dress having slanting hemline, short summer dresses and princess-style wedding dresses can be very good for you. Laces and frills can always add the extra feminine touch! Strapless gowns or halter-neck dresses can also be good, especially for beach weddings.

Use accessories

So what if it is summer? You can always pick the cool accessories such as neckline, waistline, or similar things. But you need to ensure that over-doing with the embellishments or footwear is not a cool idea for the summer. So, keep it restrictive but do wear accessories! If you have something like sleeve-less, you can always go for a cool neckpiece. Otherwise too, you can give a finishing touch with thin chain-line neckpieces that will look good and will also not look over-done.

So, all these ideas can be used for deciding the dresses to wear to a wedding in summers.

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