Casual Wedding Dresses

by K M

Casual wedding dresses are for those ladies that don’t want to involve themselves into too much elegant stuff


In fact they look elegant because it’s practically a wedding dress, but it’s really comfortable and you definitely don’t have to go on a diet in order to fit it, because it isn’t that tight on your body.


Here you have some gorgeous models of such dresses and we hope that you consider at least one of these…. The dresses we want to talk about firstly are short; let’s say to the level of the knees and these are not that tight on the body.




The first model we want to talk about is sleeveless and it has a sweetheart cleavage line. Also exactly on the bust area, it has some ruffled parts which go really great with the rest of the dress. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that it has a straight skirt and underneath the breasts, one can see a bow detail made in a different fabric. Let’s also not forget about the pocket details that are interesting too….

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The next casual wedding dress that we want to present you have a V neckline with two medium-sized sleeves. Underneath the breasts, you can observe some slightly ruffled areas and also there is a waistline created with the help of another piece of fabric, which is shiny and goes around your body. The skirt is straight and we think that this dress inspires innocence and if you add a hairstyle accordingly to this motif then you’ll definitely go great with the rest of the picture.

The next model of the casual wedding dress looks pretty as well. This one has an A-shaped model and it has a flower motif on the left side and this floral symbol is continued on the skirt too. The top of this dress has straps created by the material and the model of this dress is important too: it doesn’t have sleeves and the cleavage is straight.

You may adopt a wedding dress that has a rural motif or style: with large sleeves and a thin material that feels really great on you. There are also those variants in which the dress resembles pretty much with a normal dress that you would wear in your day to day life, although this time it has a white color and some precious details on it, like lace embroidery or a shiny belt or something like that.




This type of dress is definitely perfect for a wedding that takes place in open-air spaces: garden, forest or beach. These casual wedding dresses are perfect when it comes to a windy sunny day or something like that: you won’t sweat in it and it won’t make your skin itch at all, because it isn’t fixed on your body.

These are models that we recommend, at least for those brides that want to make their wedding day special with other details and not with the things that they’re wearing.

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