agapanthus wedding bouquet

Agapanthus: Though available in white, this flower is most often seen in a pale purple-blue shade. Dozens of star-shaped blossoms collect into the appearance of one round flower on a bright green, leafless stem. It’s a hearty flower that can be used in centerpieces. Blooms in summer.


Alstroemeria wedding bouquet

Alstroemeria: Also called Peruvian or Inca lily. These small, bright, freckled lilies bloom in clusters and are available in yellow, orange, pink, red, purple and white. Blossoms often contain several colors. Naturally blooming in spring and summer, these flowers are now available all year.

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Amaryllis Wedding Bouquet

Amaryllis: Very large blooms. With two flowers per succulent thick stem, Amaryllis is a dramatic addition to any table. They can be featured in bouquets, though their size limits the number that can be used. Colors include white, red, pink, orange and salmon. Also available in striped varieties. Year-round availability.


Anemones Bridal Bouquet

Anemone: Available in white and vibrant shades of blue, red, violet and yellow, these flowers resemble thick-stemmed poppies. They are widely available from spring through fall.


Anthurium wedding bouquet

Anthurium: Also called Tailflower. This dramatic, tropical flower consists of a single, glossy petal in the shape of an artist’s palette with a bright yellow stamen rising from the middle. Most commonly seen in bright, fire engine red, they are also available in pink and white.

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom wedding bouquet

Apple Blossom: The white blossoms of the apple tree are available for a short time in early spring. These delicate flowers are usually presented on a branch and are prone to drop easily. The lovely branches are best used as room decorations in places where they cannot be moved or knocked over.


Apple Blossom wedding bouquet

Artemesia: This green foliage with a strong fragrance is generally used as filler in table arrangements. The green is usually available year-round for a nominal charge, though florists often include it gratis in their arrangements.


Aster: A small-bloomed flower, similar in look to a daisy, asters are usually available in white, pink, rose and purple. This is a well-priced, hearty summer flower.


Astilbe wedding bouquet

Astilbe: This flower is generally used as a filler, and can last up to about ten days. Its color ranges from a creamy white to a variety of pinks. Available year-round.


Azalea wedding bouquet + white lily

Azalea: A small bush producing vibrantly colored profuse blossoms. Azalea is usually seen as a garden border plant but can also be presented in pots as location decoration. The plants bloom in late spring and early summer. The most common colors are fuchsia, a range of pinks, red and white.

Flowers that start with B

Baby's Breath

Statice Wedding Bouquet ( Plus Baby's Breath )

Baby’s Breath: Fine, delicate, white flowers usually used as filler. The flowers bloom from a profusion of tiny branches growing off a central stem. An inexpensive flower, baby’s breath is available year-round at any florist.

Bachelor Button

Bachelor Button

Bachelor Button: Available in white, pink, red and blue. They resemble tiny bright carnations and are used to punctuate larger arrangements. Available in summer.


Begonia ( Pendula Pink )

Begonia: Usually seen as a garden border plant, begonias are available in a wide range of colors. The thick waxy leaves and stems are usually a purplish-red and the blooms are commonly pink, though they are available in red, orange and white. They are best for decoration and can also be used in centerpieces. Available spring through fall.


Bells-of-Ireland wedding bouquet

Bells-of-Ireland: These flowers grow in evenly-spaced clusters along a single, tapering stem. The flowers are the color of a granny smith apple and are shaped like bells. They are very sturdy and long-lasting. Watch out for the occasional thorn!


Flower of the Birch

Birch: A tree whose branches and logs usually feature a beautiful white bark. Young switches of birch can be a deep purple and serve as lovely location decorations alone or as part of large flower arrangements.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise wedding bouquet

Bird of Paradise: Each of these large, bright-orange tropical flowers is reminiscent of a bird’s wing. The orange blooms are streaked with purple and white and sit atop thick, sturdy stalks. Because of their size and weight, these flowers are far better suited for table arrangements than bridal bouquets.

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Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart wedding bouquet

Bleeding Heart: A flowering plant usually seen in border gardens but also used in potted arrangements. The plants feature deep-pink, drooping, heart-shaped flowers. These would be lovely as location decorations particularly for a wedding set in a garden.

Bluebell: These bell-shaped flowers grow 12 to 24 inches high, with the blooms clustered closely together. The flowers bloom in spring and usually die off by mid-to-late summer. Due to the fleeting nature of the blooming time, these flowers are not easily found nationwide.



Bouvardia: A small tubular flower with a starburst of petals. Usually found in brilliant snow white, bouvardia also comes in pink and red varieties. This flower is most often used as an accent or background flower in bridal bouquets. Available in spring and summer.


Boxwood bridal bouquet

Boxwood: Often referred to simply as box, this greenery is used as filler for table arrangements and bouquets. Branches of sturdy box bear small, dark-green leaves and can work well to support heavier arrangements.

Flowers that start with C

Calla Lily

Buy Calla Lily Wedding Flowers

Calla Lily: These flowers have a thick, white, cone-shaped petal with a yellow stamen. They occur one bloom to a stem and may last for several weeks with a change of water. The stems are thick and bright green. A smaller variety is also available, occurring in hues from pink to cranberry and yellow. Available from spring through fall.


bridal bouquet with Calcynia

Calcynia: Tiny, white, star-shaped flowers occurring among dark-green leaves, these delicate flowers add a light touch to a bridal bouquet. Available year-round.


Camellia wedding bouquet

Camellia: With beautiful dark-green, waxy leaves and rose-size blooms, the camellia is a stunning flower. Available in a wide variety of colors, the white and pinks are most commonly found. Use the blooming flower as well as the bud in your bouquet for a different texture. These hearty flowers grow well in pots and can be used on tables or to create colorful borders around the event location. Available from spring through fall.

Camellia Leaf

Camellia + Camelia Leaf Bridal Bouquet

Camellia Leaf: These beautiful, deep-green leaves accent any arrangement beautifully. They are shiny, waxy, very sturdy and last a long time. They are very useful as a support green in any bouquet. Available from spring through fall.


Campanula bridal bouquet

Campanula: The bell-shaped flowers of the campanula give it its common names of bellflower and canterbury bells. The flowers bloom from a long stem with colors including blue-purple, pink and white. They bloom in summer and are best used in table arrangements.


Carnation Wedding Flower

Carnation: Also known as dianthus, carnations are available in almost any color and in several sizes. These are hearty, long-lasting flowers, and can be dyed to match your color scheme. Purple carnations are particularly fragrant. They are available year-round and are usually inexpensive.

Cattleya Orchid

Cattleya Orchid: These orchids are usually found in shades of white, with pink or lavender in the center of each petal. They are larger than more common orchid varieties. Available through florists year-round. Very expensive.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom: The blossoms of a cherry tree are usually presented as full branches. The small pinkish-white flowers fall very easily and are available only briefly in the spring.


China-Berry Flower

China-Berry: Small yellowish-red, hard berries found on branches of the China-berry tree. Thin branches of these brightly colored berries are often included in bouquets to add an accent of color and a distinct texture to the arrangement.


Chrysanthemum Bridal Bouquet

Chrysanthemum: With multiple blooms on each stem, this flower is available in almost every color including white, yellow, red, orange and purple. The versatile chrysanthemum comes in many shapes and sizes and lasts up to two weeks. Available at any time of year.


Clematis Bridal Bouquet

Clematis: Ranging in color from pink and white to the deepest purple, this flower of a climbing vine makes a dramatic addition to any bouquet or arrangement. The larger blooms make interesting boutonnieres. Available in summer.


Columbine Flower

Columbine: With dark-green or gray-green leaves and petals ranging in color from red-pink with soft green tips to yellow, blue and white, the columbine is a sturdy perennial that grows 24 to 30 inches high and blooms in summer. Its flowers feature spurs of various lengths depending on the variety.


Cosmos Flower

Cosmos: Most commonly available in pink, this flower is reminiscent of a very delicate daisy. It is a very thin stem that allows many flowers to be gathered into a single bouquet. The colors also available include white and the full range of pinks and purples. The chocolate cosmos, available in a deep reddish-purple hue is particularly attractive, appearing to be almost the color of chocolate.

Crab Apple Blossom

Crab Apple Blossom

Crab Apple Blossom: The white blossoms of the crab apple tree are available for a short time in early spring. These delicate flowers are usually presented on a branch and are prone to drop easily. The lovely branches are best used as room decorations in places where they cannot be moved or knocked.

Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid Bridal Bouquet

Cymbidium Orchid: Breathtaking, but very pricey, cymbidium orchids are often used to accent a bouquet. The colors range from chartreuse (a vibrant green) to white; to hot pink. The centers of the flower also vary in color. Due to their price and fragility, these flowers are more suitable for bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages than for table arrangements.

Flowers that start with D


Daffodil Wedding Bouquet

Daffodil: This widely-available yellow flower can add a cheery feel to any event. If you’re a daffodil fan, you should note that they’re generally not available after the first few months of spring.


Dahlia Bridal Bouquet

Dahlia: These affordable, full-blossomed flowers are available in a wide range of colors from pale pinks to dramatic, dark reds. They are inexpensive and are perfect for small bouquets and bright centerpieces. Available summer through fall.

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Daisy Bridal Bouquet

Daisy: Usually white or yellow with yellow centers. These popular flowers with very little scent are inexpensive, any time. Daisies are very hearty and can last more than a week. Available summer through fall.

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Day Lily

Day Lily Bridal Bouquet

Day Lily: Usually available in shades of cream, orange, red and yellow with a variety of stem lengths. This flower is not ideal for bouquets but perfect for use in centerpieces and other decorative arrangements. Available spring through fall.


Delphinium Bridal Bouquet

Delphinium: Usually found in blue, white, rose or lavender. Long stocks covered with delicate blossoms and lacy foliage. Delphinium requires a lot of water and is particularly lovely in vase arrangements. Many brides include some delphinium in their bouquets as part of the “something blue” tradition. Available spring through fall.

Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium Orchid Bridal Bouquet

Dendrobium Orchid: Available in colors ranging from pinks to purples, this orchid grows in long branches featuring dozens of perfect blooms. The least pricey and heartiest member of the orchid group.


Dogwood Bridal Bouquet

Dogwood: Like apple and cherry blossoms, the dogwood flowers are available only for a short time in early spring and are very delicate. Ranging from light pink to white, they are usually presented on a branch and would serve best as room decorations rather than as centerpieces because of their delicate nature.

Flowers that start with E


Eucalyptus Leaf Bridal Bouquet

Eucalyptus: The leaves and small branches of any of the eucalyptus varieties make excellent greenery for flower arrangements. Certain varieties such as baby blue are extremely fragrant. Seeded eucalyptus, which resembles non-blooming lilac, makes an excellent filler addition.


Euphorbia Flower

Euphorbia: Small white flowers with open, white blossoms. They gather in a round grouping and are usually used as an accent in bouquets. Be careful, the sap of this plant can irritate your skin. Available year-round in warmer climates.

Flowers that start with F


Forsythia Wedding Centerpiece

Forsythia: A woody green bush often trained into hedges. Blooms in early spring with vibrant yellow blossoms. When blooming, these tall branches can be cut and used for location decoration. Unlike the blossoms of fruit trees, these branches are very hearty and long-lasting when cut.


Fern Bridal Bouquet

Fern: A versatile green non-flowering plant with long leafy fronds. Add greenery to any location or bouquet with this plant. They are hearty and will last for months if properly watered.


Foxglove Bridal Bouquet

Foxglove: A funnel-shaped summer blossom of soft golden-brown and white, with certain varieties featuring pink highlights. The leaves are olive-green to medium-green, and the plant grows from 30 inches to four feet high, with a one-foot spread. An unusual addition to any arrangement.


Forget-Me-Not Bridal Bouquet

Forget-Me-Not: A dainty blue flower with yellow or white centers. Perfect for small posies and delicate table arrangements. This flower is available for a short time only and is often difficult to find. Available in spring.


Freesia Bridal Bouquet

Freesia: These very fragrant small flowers are often used in wedding bouquets and table arrangements. There are usually found with several blooms per stem. Their color range is wide, including purple, yellow, white and pink, making this a versatile wedding flower. Once cut, freesia can live between 5-10 days.

French Tulip

French Tulip Bridal Bouquet

French Tulip: This is the largest of all the tulips, and like its smaller cousins, these flowers are available in almost any color you can imagine, including striped varieties. Though they are quite delicate and sensitive to heat and lack of water, French tulips are used widely in wedding arrangements. They last 7-10 days.

Flowers that start with G

Galax Leaf

Galax Leaf Wedding Bouquet

Galax Leaf: Shiny, waxy dark-green leaves used as filler in arrangements or as accents in any bouquet. The leaves are sturdy, long-lasting and always available.


Gardenia Bridal Bouquet

Gardenia: Each gardenia is a single white bloom about 3-4 inches across and surrounded by dark green leaves. They are extremely fragrant, and the petals bruise very easily. Quite expensive. Available in spring and summer.

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Geranium Flower

Geranium: A hearty green plant with vibrantly colored blooms ranging in color from white through pinks and the classic bright red. The blooms occur in round collections at the end of the stems. The broad mid-green leaves are often used as a fresh-smelling base in bouquets.


Gerbera Bridal Bouquet

Gerbera: Also called gerbera daisy. This large bloom has a single or double ring of thin petals, and a sturdy, bright-green stalk. Available in almost every color imaginable, from the hottest pinks and yellows, to reds and oranges, just to name a few.


Ginger Bridal Bouquet

Ginger: A dramatic, large, tropical flower occurring in a brush-like fashion at the end of a sturdy, thick green stalk. Best for tall flower arrangements. Ginger is most often red, but also occurs in pink. They may be pricey in colder regions.


Gladiolus Wedding Flower

Gladiolus: A great flower for cutting, gladiolus is notable for its sword-shaped leaves, which explains its other commonly used names, sword lilies and corn lilies. Gladiolus comes in virtually every color except blue, and can be bi- or tri-colored. The plant can grow from two to six feet in height, while the flowers range from one to eight inches in diameter. The flowers are readily available in summer and generally last seven to ten days.


Goldenrod Wildflower Bridal Bouquet

Goldenrod: For years this bright gold plant was only seen as a weed to be avoided because many people are allergic to it. If allergies aren’t a problem, these fluffy flowers make a bright addition to your bouquet.

Grape Leaf

Grape Leaf Bridal Bouquet

Grape Leaf: A large triangular green leaf with textured veins and ruffled edges. They are very decorative simply placed on tabletops or used in arrangements. And a bonus! They’re edible. Available in summer.

Flowers that start with H


Heather Bridal Bouquet

Heather: An evergreen shrub, with certain varieties reaching two feet high, featuring small leaves and spikes, and tiny flowers. Heather blooms from summer until late fall. The flowers come in many different shades of pink, from a purple-pink to rose-pink to mauve.


Hyacinth Bridal Bouquet

Hyacinth: A spring blossom with bright green leaves and a very thick stem, grown from a bulb. The cluster of blossoms begins mid-stalk and tapers toward the top. Extremely fragrant, hyacinth is available in shades of pink, white, blue, yellow and red.


Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

Hydrangea: A shrub featuring flowers in the form of large globes made up of clusters of small blooms. Most commonly seen in hues of purple and blue, the colors vary to include white and bright red. Some varieties have two-tone petals, some are speckled or striped. Depending on the variety, the flowers bloom from mid-summer through the fall.


Buy Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

Flowers that start with I


Iris Wedding Bouquet

Iris: Available in white, blue, violet, yellow and orange. A single bloom appears at the end of each long stalk and features several large petals. A very hearty flower appearing in the spring and blooming all summer long.

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Ivy Flower

Ivy: An inexpensive, climbing, trailing plant with shiny leaves available throughout the year. Ivy leaves vary in size. They usually appear in a deep green, but also occur in a variegated variety with a creamy yellow border. Some ivy produces yellow flowers in the fall.

Flowers that start with J


Jasmine Bridal Bouquet

Jasmine: A sometimes-climbing shrub, with tiny yellow, pale pink or white star-shaped flowers famous for their fragrance. Both the flowers and the trailing leafy vines are often used in bouquets and table arrangements.

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Flowers that start with K


Kale Wedding Bouquet

Kale: In the same group of plants as mustard, broccoli and cauliflower, ornamental kale is a flowering plant with blooms of rose, cream, white or purple. This plant is most useful in table arrangements and is seldom seen in the bridal bouquet.

Flowers that start with L


Larkspur Flower

Larkspur: These vibrantly colored blossoms appear along with tall green spikes. They are available in white, pink and blue, with some varieties having an overlay of a second color, such as yellow. Larkspur blooms in early to mid-summer, and the leaves are soft green to bright green. Some dwarf varieties grow to only 18 inches high, and certain strains reach eight feet in height.


Laurel Bridal Bouquet

Laurel: Dark green leaves of a shrub that are used as greenery in bouquets and table arrangements. Available year-round.


Lavender Wedding Flower

Lavender: A fragrant mauve flower with dusty green leaves. Its buds grow in the shape of small cones. Lavender is available in several varieties and is a wonderfully fragrant addition to any bouquet. Tiny pots of lavender are sometimes used as guest favors.

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Lemon Leaf

Lemon Leaf Flower

Lemon Leaf: Leaves of the lemon tree add a bright green touch to bouquets and arrangements. They are hearty and long-lasting, with the bonus of a wonderful citrus scent.


Lilac Wedding Bouquet

Lilac: Usually available in white or lavender. Sturdy wooden stalks with many tiny flowers. This wonderfully fragrant flower is only available for a brief period in the spring.


Lily Bridal Bouquet

Lily: Usually white or cream with tinges of pink or lavender. There are many varieties of lilies, with stargazers and calla lilies being those most commonly used in wedding arrangements. Available spring through summer.

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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley: Tiny, white, delicate bell-shaped flowers appearing in clusters on the end of bright green stems, amid broad flat leaves. As fragrant as they are expensive. These rare flowers are available only for a short time in the spring.


Lisianthus Bridal Bouquet

Lisianthus: With the appearance of delicate, papery tulips, these surprisingly hearty flowers are seen in bouquets of all styles. The blooms are available in white, pink and purple-blue. They are available virtually year-round, but peak in the summertime.

Flowers that start with M


Magnolia Bridal Bouquet

Magnolia: Large white or light pink, 8-petal blossoms appearing for a short time in early spring. Magnolias are quite dramatic when used in bouquets and arrangement, but beware, they are very delicate.

Maidenhair Fern

Elegant Wedding Bouquet with Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern: Used in many commercial floral arrangements, this feathery fern is usually used as a base over which the flowers are arranged. Available year-round.



Marigold: This familiar flower features large blossoms in varying shades of yellow and orange, with soft green leaves and short stems. Marigold blooms in summer. They are easy to grow, and bright addition to any arrangement.


Muscari Bridal Bouquet

Muscari: Also known as grape hyacinth, these delicate succulent stems are often gathered for small hand-carried bouquets. Dozens of small blooms begin mid-stem and taper towards the top. Available in white and deep purple-blue.


Mint Wedding Bouquet

Mint: A fragrant, delicious herb with small ridges along with its blue-green leaves. Used to brighten the taste of food and drink, or add a wonderful fragrance to the bridal bouquet. Mint is ready for plucking in the spring and is available through the fall.


Myrtle Bridal Bouquet

Myrtle: A fragrant branch-like herb with small flat leaves and white blooms. Myrtle is often used as a dramatic green filler in both bouquets and table arrangements. Spring and summer.

Flowers that start with N


Narcissus Wedding Bouquet

Narcissus: Resembling white daffodils, single narcissus blossoms appear at the end of tall, sturdy stalks. They are very fragrant and are readily available in the summer and fall.


Nasturtium Flower

Nasturtium: Bright orange or yellow flowers grown on vines as ground cover. These vibrant, papery flowers on thin stems are edible and have a peppery taste. Perfect for cake decoration. Summer and fall.

Flowers that start with O


( Tropical ) Oasis Flower Arrangement

Oasis: A malleable, foam-like sponge that serves as the base for flower arrangements. It is soaked in water and retains moisture to nourish flowers. Stems are poked in the oasis directly.

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom Bridal Bouquet

Orange Blossom: Small clustered white blossoms from orange tree branches. They are very fragrant, though the smell of orange is not pervasive. Orange blossom is a very traditional wedding flower. Spring and summer.


Orchid Bridal Bouquet

Orchid: Usually white, or in shades of pink, lavender or yellow. Expensive, but popular and easy to locate. Available year-round through florists. (See also Cattleya, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis).

Flowers that start with P


Pansy Bridal Bouquet

Pansy: Small to medium in size, velvety blooms, often with a “face” of darker color inside. They are available in mixed colors, though purple and yellow are most common. Pansies can be found year-round, and since they are edible, they’re ideal decorations for the wedding cake.

Parrot Tulip

Parrot Tulip Bridal Bouquet

Parrot Tulip: Slightly larger and more costly than conventional tulips, these are distinguished by their ruffled, feather-like petals. Available in an array of solid colors, usually in hues of red, yellow and orange, as well as two-color varieties. Most are readily available in the spring and early summer.


Peony Bridal Bouquet

Peony: Large ruffled, round bloom with soft, feathery petals. The colors range from white to a variety of pinks to deep red. These pricey blooms are available in the spring and summer.

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Pepperberry Bridal Bouquet

Pepperberry: Available as small branches with yellow-tinged red berries. This plant is often used as a colorful filler for bouquets with a wilderness look. Available year-round, this is a particular favorite at holiday weddings.


Periwinkle Bridal Bouquet

Periwinkle: An evergreen shrub with small five-petal blooms. Similar in look to stephanotis without the high price tag. They are available in mixed colors throughout the spring and summer.

Phalaneopsis Orchid

Phalaneopsis Orchid Bridal Bouquet

Phalaneopsis Orchid: Beautiful, elegant phalaneopsis plants can be used at the center of any table if the budget allows. The blossoms are available in several hues of pink and yellow, though white is most often seen. The petals are broad and flat, making these ideals for boutonnieres.


Phlox Flower

Phlox: A small, thin-petaled flower that blooms in large clusters. They are available in mixed colors throughout the spring, summer and fall.


Pittosporum Flower

Pittosporum: A green shrub bearing fragrant tiny white flowers that are often used in bouquets as accent and filler. Available spring through fall.


Poppy Bridal Bouquet

Poppy: Various sized blooms featuring bright, papery petals. The single or double blooms appear individually upon very thin stalks. Poppies are available in mixed colors, but are most commonly found in red. Also available are the orange California poppy and the rare blue Himalayan variety. They first appear in spring and bloom through mid-summer.

Flowers that start with Q

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace Wedding Flower

Queen Anne’s Lace: A white-bloomed filler flower usually seen in large arrangements. Not the best for bouquets, but useful in filling empty spaces when the budget won’t allow more highly-priced flowers. Available year-round at a low cost.

Flowers that start with R



Ranunculus: Large multi-petal bloom resembling a cabbage rose. Their stalks are thin and not particularly sturdy. The color range is astonishing, making them a versatile flower for bridal bouquets. They bloom from spring through the summer.


Rhamnus Flower

Rhamnus: Lovely broad, flat leaves available in a dark green year-round. These evergreen leaves are wonderful for the base of a bouquet or in table arrangements.

Rice Flower

Rice Flower Bridal Bouquet ( With Hydragea and Blush Roses )

Rice Flower: A light pink to a white spray of tiny round blossoms actually resembling rice, this flower is an elegant filler for bouquets. It adds a lightly fragrant, elegant look.


Black Magic Roses

Rose: Available in a number of colors, rosebuds appear at the end of long, thorny stems. Roses vary in size from six inches across to the miniature variety whose bud is less than one inch across. Naturally, roses are a very popular and fragrant wedding flower. Summer is their season, but they are available year-round through florists.

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Rosehips Flower

Rosehips: Small russet-colored berries presented on slender branches, rosehips work particularly well when mixed with yellow, orange, burgundy or red flowers. Available in fall and winter.

Flowers that start with S


Sage Flower

Sage: A fragrant herb with soft green to blue-silver leaves. Some variations yield trumpet-shaped blooms in purple, white, red and pink. Sage can add its soft fragrance to bouquets and enhance any table arrangement.


Salal Flower

Salal: Broad, flat, green leaves used in bouquets and table arrangements. Salal also produces small, bell-shaped flowers and berries that can add texture to a bouquet.


Scabiosa Bridal Bouquet

Scabiosa: Also called pincushion, this is a long-stemmed bloom with thin petals. A ring of ray petals surrounds an inner circle of petals and berry-like buds. Available in the deepest purples as well as salmon, pink and white.

Seeded Eucalyptus

Seeded Eucalyptus Bridal Bouquet

Seeded Eucalyptus: If you’ve seen lilac before it blooms, you’ll know the look of seeded eucalyptus. Tiny, smooth, pale-green seed pods align and branch off from a single stem. Available year-round.


Smilax Flower

Smilax: A very delicate vine with tiny, waxy dark green leaves. Smilax vines are often woven together to make beautiful garlands or used at the base of centerpieces. This is an excellent plant to incorporate into a wedding arch or Chuppah for a relaxed romantic feeling. Available year-round. Smilax is a medium to highly-priced green.


Snapdragon Bridal Bouquet

Snapdragon: A beautiful summer flower available in a wide variety of colors. The brightly colored blooms of the snapdragons occur along pale green stems which can grow to three feet in height. The more common size ranges between eight to eighteen inches. These flowers begin to bloom in late spring.


Snowberry Wedding Bouquet

Snowberry: Lovely leafy branches featuring small berries. This plant is wonderful for creating texture in bouquets and table arrangements. Available in fall and winter.


Springerai Flower

Springeraii: This feathery, prickly green is commonly used for garland and to fill large, empty spaces in floral arrangements and bouquets. Its color ranges from light to dark green. It is long-lasting, inexpensive and available year-round.

Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily Bridal Bouquet

Stargazer Lily: The most expensive of the lily group, these fragrant flowers grow two or three to a stem. The petals of these large blooms are predominantly pink with white edges. The petals are freckled with a darker pink. The bright orange pollen can stain both skin and clothing.


Statice Wedding Bouquet ( Plus Baby's Breath )

Statice: Clusters of blooms along tall, sturdy stalks. This affordable flower is commonly available year-round in white, purple and pink.


Stock Flower

Stock: Tall hearty and affordable flowers featuring multiple blossoms along long, thick, light green stems. The blooms are available in both single and double varieties. The fragrance of stock is quite strong but not entirely pleasant. Best used in table arrangements though it is quite commonly found in bridal bouquets. Available all year in soft hues of white, cream, yellow and pink.

Sweet William

Sweet William Bridal Bouquet

Sunflower: Large field flower with a ring of ray petals around a dark center. These flowers can range in size from two to ten inches across, making them a dramatic choice at any wedding. Available in red and yellow.


Rosehips Flower

Sweet William: This small bloom with velvety petals was a favorite in 16th century England. Available in the spring and summer in mixed colors, most commonly pink and blue.

Spray Orchid

Spray Orchid Bridal Bouquet

Spray Orchid: This dramatic plant features tiny orchid blossoms that appear along thin, tendril-like branches. This is a winter orchid and falls in the expensive range!


Stephanotis Bridal Bouquet

Stephanotis: These are white trumpet-shaped flowers that grow on vines. They are among the most popular and traditional wedding flowers. The high price of this sweet, fragrant flower reflects the fact that each blossom must be removed from its vine and specially prepared for the bouquet. The base of each delicate flower is attached to a small wire and wrapped with floral tape. Most common in summer, but also available in spring and fall.

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Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea Bridal Bouquet

Sweet Pea: A climbing vine that yields medium sized blooms available in many colors and varieties: rose, red, maroon, pink, white, yellow, blue, purple or bi-colored. This is a very vibrant, fragrant flower with a delicate look. Sweet pea is available in the spring.

Straw Flowers

Straw Flowers

Straw Flowers: Available in bright white, yellow, orange and red, strawflower is featured in many bridal bouquets. With multiple, straw-like petals around a yellow center, strawflower looks like a cousin to the common daisy. Available in the summer.

Flowers that start with T


(Dried )Tansy Bridal Bouquet

Tansy: Small button-like flowers. The yellow variety is most common. Tansy is available in the summer.


Tuberose Bridal Bouquet

Tuberose: Trumpet-shaped blossoms in pale pink and white appear in clusters along a sturdy, thick, light green stem. This variety has a sweet pervasive smell that will remind you of the tropics. One stem will perfume an entire room. Tuberose has grown in popularity and is now available year-round.


Tulip Bridal Bouquet

Tulip: Any of an assortment of bulb varieties available in almost every color. Each tall, succulent stem ends with one blossom made of smooth, flat petals. The blooms vary in size from medium to large and are available from early spring through the summer. Tulip varieties also include the ruffled parrot tulip and the large French tulip.

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Flowers that start with V


Veronica Flower

Veronica: This is a long tapered flower, dense with blooms. Veronica is available in shades of blue, red and pink and can be found all summer long.


Viburnum Flower

Viburnum: Similar in shape to hydrangea, viburnum is a light green, pompom shaped flower. Each larger flower is made up of a group of smaller blossoms. They are not the best choice for bouquets since they are quite delicate and wilt easily. They are reasonably priced and available in summer.


(African) Violet Flower

Violet: Available in white, blue, and most commonly, purple. These tiny delicate flowers have a sweet, subtle fragrance and are available in the spring. Their dramatic color makes them ideal for decorating the wedding cake.

Flowers that start with W

Wax Flower

Wax Flower Bridal Bouquet

Wax Flower: Clusters of small, waxy flowers available in reds and purples. These hearty, star-shaped blooms hold up well in bridal bouquets and are available in the spring through the fall.

Flowers that start with Z

Zephyr Lily

Zephyr Lily Flower

Zephyr Lily: Available in white, yellow and shades of pink, the zephyr is smaller than most lilies, making it a quaint addition to any bouquet. Zephyrs bloom from the summer through fall.


Zinnia Bridal Bouquet

Zinnia: Available with both single or double blooms, zinnias, with their pointed ray petals, occur in almost every color imaginable. They are both hearty and affordable and can be found for most of the year.

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