Ideas to Choose Iris Wedding Bouquet for Your Wedding

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Ideas to Choose Iris Wedding Bouquet for Your Wedding

If you are planning a very unique, refined, distinctive, unconventional and more causal, intimate, romantic and meaningful wedding, why not go with a charming iris wedding bouquet! This type of flower is truly enchanting, feminine, stylish, graceful, chic and stylish, and truly one-of-a-kind.

Ideas to Choose Iris Wedding Bouquet for Your Wedding 2

Ideas to Choose Iris Wedding Bouquet for Your Wedding 2


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If you thought that the choices in wedding flowers and bouquets are only divided into orchids, roses, tulips, gerbera daisies, and calla lilies, you were definitely wrong. There are so many unusual or simply unused types of gorgeous real flowers available out there that you can incorporate in your bridal bouquet, all you need to do is pay attention to what has been left on the outside.

So, if you want to look different, outstanding and incredibly fancy and charming, choose a splendid iris wedding bouquet to complement a beach wedding, a blue themed wedding, a winter wedding or a summer casual romantic and sleek wedding. Among all the shades available for iris – white, yellow, purple, light blue, dark blue and bicolor white and yellow the blue color seems to be the favorite one among modern brides.

Iris makes an excellent choice for weddings because its deep symbolism can really transform a simple wedding into a more meaningful and profound wedding event. Iris stands for spirituality, innocence, freedom, desire, femininity, style, class, refinement, delicacy, innocence, good taste, sensuality, lightness, grace, affection, warmth, love of nature, majesty, mystery, a new beginning, tolerance, acceptance, integrity, and nonchalance.

Wedding With Iris Flowers

Now you can see why a striking and yet dainty and sweet bouquet can be perfect for a wedding day or for complementing a pure white bridal look. When it comes to choosing the most suitable color for iris, you should keep in mind the general theme, color scheme, formality, season, location, and character of the wedding. But you must also keep in mind that all white weddings are coming back, so you can decide to keep the pace with the latest tendencies in weddings and opt for a pure white iris wedding bouquet. For a more intriguing, enchanting, vibrant, feminine, playful, sleek and creative atmosphere, you can opt for a white wedding bouquet with yellow. If you’re planning a destination wedding on a beach or on a tropical island, opt for a purple yellow or a white blue iris wedding bouquet.

Keep the arrangement simple, casual, loose, stylish and chic. You can carry the iris wedding bouquet as a presentation wedding bouquet – also called the arm sheaf wedding bouquet, for a more dramatic, elegant, select and sophisticated look. The hand-tied iris wedding bouquet is also popular among simple and trendy arrangements or bouquet styles. Combine iris with roses, peonies, orchids, lavender, jasmines, anemones, magnolias, gladiolas, sunflowers, tulips, daffodils, lilies of the valley, gerbera daisies or chrysanthemums.

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