Purple Wedding Bouquets for Any Season

by K M

Purple Wedding Bouquets

for Any Season


Purple wedding bouquets are very popular with many brides today and you just might be one that loves the color as well. It is a very rich and regal color used in its darkest shade so purple that your bridal bouquet design can be majestic looking.

Purple Wedding Bouquets

Purple Wedding Bouquets

Or, you may decide a lighter shade of purple and create a lavender wedding bouquet too. Many flowers come in the various shades of purple so this makes for many designs for from for your unique bridal bouquet.


Artificial Flowers versus Fresh Flowers


Artificial Purple Wedding Bouquet

Artificial Purple Wedding Bouquet

Some people today are choosing the artificial wedding bouquets for their wedding bouquet designs for a couple of reasons. One is that the silk flowers can be found when the real version of the flower might be hard to get because of out of season.

The other reason is that you can make a keepsake out of a silk bouquet and even pass it on to other family members to use. So keep this in mind when choosing what kind of the purple wedding bouquets are right for you.

Either type of bouquets is fine to use, however, if you are making your own bouquets you might want to choose the silk ones. These will not have to be refrigerated like the real flowers do to keep them fresh for the wedding day.

Both types of flowers can be bought in bouquets professionally arranged for your convenience. The price will, of course, be more than you do your own flower arranging. Also, the artificial wedding bouquets bring their own unique touch to your wedding.


What Time of Year?

You can use the dark purple throughout the fall and winter months just fine at your wedding. For spring and summer, the lighter lavender might fit the season better. Of course, this all depends on how much you like a dark purple.

If this is the color you must have in your spring or summer wedding then do it. Rules on colors are often broken today as to which color for what season is concerned.


Formal or Informal

The darker shades of purple wedding bouquets lend themselves quite nicely to formal weddings. Remember purple is considered a regal color even used by royalty. The lighter shades of purple such as lavender can be done in informal wedding bouquet designs quite nicely.

What Flowers Come in Purple?

Many flowers can be found in shades of purple, some of which include:

Sweet Pea
Cone Flower
Bachelor button

Find More: Wedding Flower Glossary


To set off the purple shades especially the darker ones use white flowers along with the purple ones. This will make the dark purple pop out to the eyes more than just using all purple together. This is just a handy design tip for you.

Whether you do purple wedding bouquets or lavender wedding bouquets, your bridal bouquet design is up to you. Whichever, the season of the year your wedding happens to be in remember that there is a shade of purple that will work for you.

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