Tiny Stephanotis Flower, Big Impact: Featuring Stephanotis at Your Wedding

by K M

Tiny Stephanotis Flower, Big Impact: Featuring Stephanotis at Your Wedding


Classic Stephanotis, Modern Stephanotis, Elegant Stephanotis. The tiny stephanotis flower lends itself well to many styles and purposes but one thing remains stephanotis=marital happiness.

Stephanotis Flower

Stephanotis Flower

Stephanotis is indeed the perfect wedding flower since it is unique so beautiful and glossy that it almost looks artificial. Stephanotis matches well with all elegant flowers, especially with the floral queen of romance: the rose.

Stephanotis pairs perfectly with roses of all colors although the most popular combinations are red roses with white stephanotis or white roses with white stephanotis.

Stephanotis Flower with red roses bridal bouquet

Stephanotis Flower with red roses bridal bouquet

You will, therefore, most likely want to combine this lovely little flower among other flowers for a modern look. You can, of course, have a bridal bouquet composed entirely with stephanotis but these are not accessible for most brides. Pure stephanotis bouquets project a pure and opulent look but can be very expensive due to the labor involved in wiring, taping and arranging stephanotis!

The delicate stephanotis flowers grow on a vine and this is why they do not have individual stems. These small trumpet-shaped flowers need an artificial stem and a source of humidity to stay perky and pretty. This delicate flower does need a little special care to remain beautiful for the entire duration of your wedding and prefers a temperate climate.

How to Feature Stephanotis at Your Wedding for Maximum Impact

1) When you receive your bundle of 25 stephanotises (they usually come in a clear plastic box or bag), keep them in the fridge until you are ready to work with them. Keep them away from fruits especially, vegetables too. Mist them with water if they appear dry.

2) Soak & insert a stephanotis stem (you can buy these through your local florist, online or at a craft shop) through the heart of each stephanotis from the bottom until the green stamen pops off. This will provide constant humidity for many hours out of the fridge. Try not to touch the star-shaped top of the flower since oils from your fingers may stain the flowers. You can float the stephanotis as you work with them to ensure full hydration.

3) Insert your stephanotis stems evenly throughout your rose bouquet. Use a hot glue gun on the artificial stems to make sure they stay in place.

4) Be-jewel some or all of your stephanotis by inserting bouquet jewels or pearls through the center of the flower, in or beside the stephanotis stem.

Whether you choose to include the stephanotis bloom in your wedding to bring your marriage good luck, to project a traditional floral selection or in order to be surrounded by its intoxicatingly sweet scent on your special day, stephanotis is available—year-round and can be ordered from here: Stephanotis Flowers Online.

Delight yourself & your guests with stephanotis: a classic, yet rare and exquisite accent flower in today’s weddings

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