Columbine Flower

Columbine Flower – The Symbol Wisdom and Intellect

Even though the Columbine flower is delicate, it is a flowering plant that is hardy. Columbine is so easy in growing perennial as well as it makes it as a very beautiful addition in any of a flower garden.


Columbine Flower History

Columbine Flower History
Columbine Flower History

Columbine (* Aquilegia ) is native in Asia, North America as well as in Europe. It can grow best when it is in a partial shade likewise in well-drained soil. Planting these flowers is very effective as an edging or it can also be in the rock gardens. This is Colorado’s state flower. Sometimes this is also called the “Rocky Mountain Columbine”.



Columbine Flower Colors
Aquilegia Flower Colors

It’s scalloped, has blue-green foliage, as well as its blooms, are light and airy, having conical petals. These plants can grow for about 15-20 inches. The flowers can come in different colors; there are whites, purples, blues, reds, pinks, and bi-color combinations. They start blooming in late spring till early summer. These flowers are the favorite of the many hummingbirds because of their shape as well as their nectar. If you’re a lover of the hummingbird, surely, Columbine will be exceptional in your giving of maintenance in the flower bed.


Growing the Columbine Flower

So, if you are planning to grow Columbine flower in your garden to add some attraction, then you can freely do it. It’s just easy to grow these plants. The seeds for these plants are just so easy to grow. You can directly plant it to your flower beds. They should be apart from each other for 16-18 inches. Wait for the flowers to bloom.

Once they have bloomed enough, it’s time to harvest them. But when harvesting, don’t dead the flower’s head. Rather, just leave it intact. Its petals will just fall off causing to pour seed pods. Wait for the seed to turn brown. Try catching the seeds before they will automatically open and drop the seeds.

Columbine Flower Farm
Columbine Flower Farm

You can harvest the seeds through cutting off its whole seed pod which is already dead. Gently rub seed pods so it will break. If you are not planning to plant it immediately, you can store these seeds inside the freezer. Just get them when you are about to plant them.

See, it’s just very easy. Your flower garden will surely be loved by your family members, relatives, and anyone who visits your house. They will be delighted with the various colors of the Columbine flower. You must be proud of yourself that you have gone this far. Just maintain the beauty of your flower garden.

And when you’ll be an expert, sooner or later in gardening, you can put up a little business out of this. You can sell Columbine flowers and also other flowers that you like.

It can be used as a decorative flower at events, or even in the wedding bouquets.

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