5 Wedding-Day Beauty Tips To Get A Picture-Perfect

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5 Wedding-Day Beauty Tips

To Get A Picture-Perfect Smile On Your Wedding Day


Your heart races as the moment is near. You can picture him; standing there with butterflies in his stomach, waiting for you to stand by his side, waiting for you to hold his hand through life. And then you see him, your eyes meet. Suddenly, the anxiety and apprehension melt away and abroad, a jubilant smile erupts on your lips!

Ah! The bridal smile, so full of happiness and hope. It is infectious, it is beautiful and it is the apple of every photographer’s eyes! Every bride wants to flaunt a perfect smile on her wedding day, one that looks great in photographs and communicates the happiness she feels. So, how do you get that million-dollar smile? Inner mirth gets half the job done, but for perfection, a little extra help needs to be called upon.

Here are a couple of things you can do to ensure that your ear to ear grin stays picture perfect and irresistible:

#1 Healthy is Pretty!

smile 2-1

Wedding-Day Beauty Tips

When you smile or laugh, your entire or at least a large part of your mouth will be on display. Hence, oral hygiene is very important. Get your gums and mouth checked up by a dentist many days before the wedding. This will give you sufficient time to carry out corrective measures suggested by the dentist. Also, introduce a good dental cleaning routine into your day. Ensure you brush your teeth twice a day, gargle with mouthwash and refrain from consuming foodstuffs or drinks that discolor your teeth.

#2 Whitten and Brighten

Bride Perfect Smile

Bride Perfect Smile

Not all of us have pearly white teeth. But, a perfect smile calls for clean, unblemished teeth. A dental procedure called tooth bleaching or teeth whitening can help you get white, stain-free teeth in minutes. However, avoid undergoing this treatment just before your wedding or you might end up with very white, almost luminescent teeth. It makes sense to whiten your teeth at least a week or two before the wedding as this will give you sufficient time to modify the shade in case you’re dissatisfied with the results.

#3 Flawless Lips

Wedding Flawless Lips
Wedding Flawless Lips

Perfectly painted lips will add oodles of charm to your smile. So, ensure that you select a lip color that complements your skin tone and emphasizes your lips. Also, steer clear of smears and splotches as these will ruin your smile. Opt for long-lasting, smudge-free lipsticks so that your pretty pout stays pretty looking throughout the day, and night. Carry along with the lipstick you’ve used and touch up your lips with it whenever required.

#4 Perfect Pose

Wedding Photography PERFECT POSE

Wedding Photography Perfect Pose

This will take a healthy dose of both awareness and practice. Everybody has a flattering angle, that is, from certain angles; your features and smile look the best, especially in the wedding photographs. So, try out a couple of poses and click some selfies. Now, figure out which poses and angles flatter your features. You could also rope in some of your girlfriends to help in the photoshoot. They’ll be able to give you a third-person perspective on the angles that best suit your face cut. Now, try to hold these poses whenever you’re being clicked!

#5 Feel It!

The Smiling Bride

The Smiling Bride

The best kind of smile is one that lights up the eyes. But, that happens only when your smile is genuine and full of feeling. Unfortunately, there isn’t a formula to create emotions because true happiness can only be felt and not manufactured. So, just be yourself and enjoy all that is going on. Don’t let stress or nervousness get to you. Soak in all the blessings and good wishes, the laughter, the jokes and just have a good time. You’ll automatically feel happy and well, smile!

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Well, with these bridal makeup tips, you’re sure to flash the brightest and prettiest of smiles on your special day.

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